The Free World Supports Donald Trump, While The City That Never Sleeps … Sleeps!

Welcome to 2021 my friends!

You are not alone.

These posts speak for themselves!

As Americans watch a domestic Congressional election and anticipate someone being chosen as US President, the world is also on the edge, and crowds have been gathering to show support for Donald Trump. In many countries he’s considered a savior from an otherwise-inevitable fall to socialism and communism.

Thanks to Nicholas Clamorgan (@Nick_Clamorgan) for his post “The Free World supports @realDonaldTrump!” which is what led us Continue reading “The Free World Supports Donald Trump, While The City That Never Sleeps … Sleeps!”

Witch Loves Warnock – Will Alyssa Milano Ever Get Her Head on Straight?

She really is a witch … and loves warnocks.

Popular actress Alyssa Milano won’t be able to cast a spell on The Post Millennial, after today’s article titled “Alyssa Milano Ditches Me Too Movement to Boost Alleged Abuser Raphael Warnock,” in which the 8-year Charmed star digs a deeper hole with her intolerant shovel of hypocrisy. Milano has been unpopular, especially among supporters of Donald Trump, for outspoken, sometimes senseless announcements of loyalty and virtue.

She tweeted today to Democratic Senate candidate Raphael Warnock, who’s hoping to spoil a Republican Senate majority: “How’s our fundraising goal looking?” Somewhat ironically, Warnock’s pinned post today Continue reading “Witch Loves Warnock – Will Alyssa Milano Ever Get Her Head on Straight?”

NC Congressman Madison Cawthorn Joins With GOP Objectors to Electoral Voters

 Cawthorn Will Object to Electoral Voters

North Carolina Congressman-Elect Madison Cawthorn says he will be “OBJECTING to the 2020 election results. The right to vote in a free and fair election is the cornerstone of our Republic. I will not be silent!”

Cawthorn (@CawthornforNC) posted this video  Continue reading “NC Congressman Madison Cawthorn Joins With GOP Objectors to Electoral Voters”

Lara Trump Discusses Donald Trump’s Path to Victory in the 2020 Presidential Election

What Exactly is Going to Happen on January 6th?

While supporters of Donald Trump are hoping for objections to electoral college votes in Congress on January 6, there’s also a big rally planned, and it could be the biggest tailgater in history! That’s because the Mayor thinks he’s dealing with a crowd that’s incapable of eating. Nevertheless, the turnout Wednesday is expected to be impressive, if based only on Continue reading “Lara Trump Discusses Donald Trump’s Path to Victory in the 2020 Presidential Election”

I’m White! (a poem)

A Lovely Poem
about being who I am

This won’t take too long!

White, heterosexual, Catholic and skinny!

It’s an ongoing project!

I’m white.
Stop telling me that’s bad.

I’m heterosexual.
Stop telling me I have a choice!

I’m Catholic.
Stop telling me lies about my own faith!

I’m skinny.
I eat anything I want.

So there.


… to be continued …

Mark Urso

Journalism: The New Pandemic

A good friend of mine is very sick.

His name is Journalism.

He has a bug. I don’t know where it came from, some people say China.

It’s terrifying.

Normally, my friend Journalism keeps me informed about important things, but since he got sick (I think it’s a pandemic), he’s been leaving out important facts and taking sides. He doesn’t seem to have loyalty to anyone; he’s been picking on Democrats, but just last month he was saying glowing, happy stuff about them. He’s like a bad ventriloquist, always talking out of the side of his mouth, claiming he didn’t say things, blaming other people and changing things around backwards! He expects me to believe he isn’t sick, and everyone else is! Continue reading “Journalism: The New Pandemic”

A Battle Cry

It’s Time for Leadership

Hitler could have said, in the moment before he committed suicide, “Well, I won!”

That’s the kind of stubborn we’re dealing with right now in American politics.

That’s the kind of stubborn Donald Trump has been accused of being. And it’s the kind of stubborn he’ll need to continue to be, to fight the blatant criminal he’s solely face to face with.

If there’s anything Donald Trump was good at before he even became Continue reading “A Battle Cry”



My name is Doctor Anthony Fauci.

Look into my eyes!

I am not creepy.

I am not a liar.

I do not have an agenda.

You can believe me!

I am the foremost expert in the world.

People like me!

But, as a resolution for this New Year, I’d like to make some confessions. You see, being the foremost expert in the world, who people like, it’s hard to tell the truth. I know so much more than you do, I’m afraid you won’t understand the big picture, and it’s important you don’t question my authority.

I do make some stuff up sometimes. That’s not the point. The most important thing is that people believe me. Some people aren’t smart enough Continue reading “STATEMENT FROM DR. ANTHONY FAUCI, WORLD’S PREMIERE AND FOREMOST EXPERT, ON COVID HERD MANAGEMENT”

Merry Christmas from The Trumps!

A video from President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump, wishing Americans a Christmas full of joy!

The President calls the birth of Christ the “greatest miracle in human history!” The First Lady tells us “we have been inspired by the kindness and courage of citizens across this country. Communities have found new ways to stay connected to each other. Courageous first responders, doctors, nurses have given everything to save lives.” Continue reading “Merry Christmas from The Trumps!”

YouTube Restores Nurse Passing Out Video

Youtube is bucking the trend of complete unreasonableness when it comes to hushing free speech in the US. The popular web hosting service flagged a video this past week of a nurse passing out after taking the COVID vaccine, but about one day later, the video is back, after I appealed it.

Censorship in America Has Momentum

While Twitter and Facebook have much less effective process, YouTube seems to have actually reviewed my appeal. The appeal only allows me to write a couple sentences. As I remember, I told them this didn’t violate their opposition to videos that are critical of vaccines (which they admit Continue reading “YouTube Restores Nurse Passing Out Video”

Santa Calls Out Biden as Dangerous Poser

ROSWELL (AP) Santa met with aliens in Roswell, New Mexico to request assistance delivering Christmas gifts. The jolly old man also warned children to stay away from Joe Biden, who Santa called a dangerous poser.

A new Twitter poll shows strong support for Santa’s decision.

At press time, 97% of those polled believe Biden is the fake.

The debate places Biden and Santa in a classic holiday battle for the hearts of our children. The North Pole issued a press release claiming Continue reading “Santa Calls Out Biden as Dangerous Poser”

I’m Worried About Terry! (Gun Control in America and The Right To Defend Yourself)

Gun Control In America and
How To Aim Too Far Left

I’m worried about Terry. I don’t know her, but I’ve heard about her, and I may have even played a role in what I think could become a problem for her! She doesn’t know about it, which is good. For now.

Proud to be Crazy

What happened was, Terry (born Thresa Meza, 71 y-o) is a Texas Democratic State Rep. … Say that three times fast … “Thresa Meza, Thresa Meza, Thresa Meza” … maybe that’s one of her problems. In any case, she does seem to have a problem on her hands. She’s concerned about burglars.

Terry (don’t make fun of her name anymore!) is an outstanding American. She’s concerned about burglars, not at her own home, but at YOUR home. She’s SO thoughtful, she’s not even concerned about YOU, in the event of a burglary, but she just wants to make sure the burglars are not hurt.

So she’s super nice, and virtuous.

Thresa Meza
Lezza biana thesbiana
You are my champiana …
Thraisey you hazy lazy daisy … Continue reading “I’m Worried About Terry! (Gun Control in America and The Right To Defend Yourself)”

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