Three Little Birds – Sugar Featuring Izzy Malek On The Beach (Music Video)

Beach Party!

It was a great show once again by Sugar, this time for a beach concert in Groton, Connecticut. This is a very popular annual event that draws barefoot dancers, lots of little kids … and beach balls are everywhere!

I’ve got a few more from this show, which I’ll post soon. The audio suffered from my getting too close to the fire, so to speak, as I was only outfitted with a camera that fits in my pocket! And when they play Britney, I like to dance!

This band has evolved, while keeping its funky foundation. Izzy Malek is a local favorite who plays full time all around Rhode Island and Connecticut, often out on Block Island, and has his own following and repertoire! Ladies up next!

Peace out, my friends, and look out for those beach balls!


Mark Urso

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