The New Twitter: Who are the Real Losers?

Have Republican voters been disenfranchised?

Many observers of races in Pennsylvania and Arizona would say yes, suspecting widespread organized cheating by Democrat government officials. If Democrats are cheating, one might say Republican voters have been ripped off, some standing in line for hours to vote for Kari Lake, only to finally give up when they were told all the machines were broken and they had to wait MORE hours. Votes that disappear while you’re watching the count – happens only to the GOP candidate, a phenomenon that started with the Biden vs. Trump election.

The come-from-behind-win after days, even weeks of “counting” never goes to a Republican.

Disappearing votes seems to be a clear ripoff, and the opposite of the traditional election-season advice “every vote counts!” They’ll tell us a single vote could make a difference, then in Arizona officials admitted Continue reading “The New Twitter: Who are the Real Losers?”

Compassion for Tradition

If all the other kids decided to jump in a lake, would you?

This question has a new life. A new beginning!

It’s a pertinent question amidst today’s language confusion. While rogue citizens continually make adjustments to our language, and we politely follow along, what they’re changing isn’t random at all.

The most glaringly obvious example: Sex.

Sex is a biological attribute. One definition: “two main categories (male and female) into which humans and most other living things are divided.” The Canadian Institutes of Health Research tells us “‘sex’ and ‘gender’ are often used interchangeably, despite having different meanings.” But for some reason, starting 10-15 years-ago, schools and teachers began to adopt new rules, as if afraid of the word “sex.” Continue reading “Compassion for Tradition”

Putin Kicks LGBTQ Butt

What’s a good thinking world citizen to conclude, when a recent FTX funds scandal points to money laundering through Ukraine to benefit US politicians, at a time when Americans are wondering why we’re sending billions of dollars to Ukraine; why we’re involved at all?

You’re about to see how a good narrative … falls apart!

If it’s a fake narrative. I suspect this one is the kind strewn together on-the-fly. The whole war, but particularly the picture drawn for us, the impression made for our benefit. Vladimir Putin is evil. Why? I’m not sure. Trump got along with him well enough it seemed things were under control. But now he’s the bad guy, as if everyone already knew it, and why? Continue reading “Putin Kicks LGBTQ Butt”

You Can’t Handle The Truth!

Time to bang a drum that makes no noise, beating my potential meaningfulness into the void we call mankind.

Hello Miss Understanding!

You are hereby exonerated for all the things you have done wrong.

After all, you didn’t know, and it’s not fair. Simple as that!

It’s not fair you didn’t know your child won’t be safe on the streets, with disrespected police quitting every day, nor in their schools, where creepy pervs may prey on them, courtesy of Democrats you voted for.

But you spoke for women’s rights!

Maybe.  Maybe you didn’t.  It’s hard to know.

Real Issues Were Never Important

It’s not that people don’t understand the issues.

In fact, people do even better; they under-understand the issues!

Thus, we get votes Continue reading “You Can’t Handle The Truth!”

Never Forget (Election Primer for the Nearly Aware) – It’s Time to Take Your Shot!

Midterm Elections 2022

Today’s article is best enjoyed on election day morning with a bowl of uterus-shaped breakfast cereal. This new product is a symbol of unabashed progressive boldness, and will create a perfect setting for election research.

Now I’ve got your attention, let’s talk! The cereal is real; it’s available in Sweden.

Please Participate!

It’s not too late to brush up your election knowledge with this article, intended to put things in perspective. It’s up to you to decide, not Democrat or Republican, but to decide what this election is about, what it’s for!  Is it about stigmas, reparations and unexplainable swells in racism?  Or, an exercise in understanding a cluttered landscape and fixing problems in government via change?

For some of us, this moment couldn’t have felt farther away. Up for grabs is the peace of mind that comes with knowing elections are secure; however I don’t expect we’ll win that victory. We might have to settle for Continue reading “Never Forget (Election Primer for the Nearly Aware) – It’s Time to Take Your Shot!”

The Truth is, The Truth Doesn’t Matter At All

The truth matters!

But my friends are confused!

Yes, they’re my friends. After all, they’re on Facebook, and it says they’re my friends! But I’m not sure what they think about me after today. The problem seems to be the truth. It’s a buzzkill.

Everyone was having so much fun until I showed up.

There was a post on Facebook, my favorite colloquial sandbox. Most of us have split up into groups, so we can talk about blueberries without being hassled by the raspberry people. But it’s a week before elections, and some of the fun has landed right on the public feed, right in the middle of Ye Ole Facebook Town Square.

I wasn’t afraid.

I don’t know the candidate. His name is Seth. He seems okay. He’s unaffiliated. He has a child in school Continue reading “The Truth is, The Truth Doesn’t Matter At All”

The Final Episode of The Twilight Zone

The Final Conspiracy Theory

How far am I going to go? If you’ve been reading my recent articles, you may have me peeking down, right at the edge of the rabbit hole, just a tiny slip away from reporting insanity! What I’m writing doesn’t sound like reality. It sounds more like an episode of a TV show.

I wish it to be a classy old show with genuine humanoids writing and performing … like The Twilight Zone from back in the day!

How far will I go? Just following the dots! Keep your hat on!

I don’t know if it’s true, but it sure makes a great finale …

The Battle to Save Humanity

Get ready, my friends, to balance on a cliff of credibility.

“A respiratory virus doesn’t explain why people are magnetic! A respiratory virus doesn’t explain why people are spinning around thinking they’re being attacked by demons! A respiratory virus does not explain why, when a woman is injected, her baby is murdered inside of her womb, Continue reading “The Final Episode of The Twilight Zone”

Is the Human Race Cannibalizing Itself?

“To err is human,
but to persist in error (out of pride) is of the Devil.”
-Seneca the Younger

A Quaint Beginning …

Every generation looks at its successors and thinks, “oh these namby pambies can’t figure out life! They’re just going to ruin everything we worked so hard to build!” And today it’s no different. There’s a strong argument today’s young adults are weaker and more indecisive than any in the past! Especially the ones who attend college!

I believe the axis point is believing in God. That’s where family values are supported; a fortress for good tradition and strong families.

I also believe a group of insolent, violent rebels have found what they feel is a proud cause in waging an attack on Christian values. Spurred on by consequences of covid, like being locked down while taunted to criticize others in a political fishbowl, this group is a cornucopia of evil, finding, for some reason, now a good time to coalesce. Tens of thousands Continue reading “Is the Human Race Cannibalizing Itself?”

People Dying Unexpectedly Turn in Circles and Are Afraid of Something

This story sounds like the TV show “Twilight Zone” (1959).

I started reporting news when I was 15, 45 years-ago.

This is the strangest story I’ve ever written.

So, let’s get on with it then!

Vaccines are important. They may be a simple answer to the question, have things gotten too out of control? In my Oct. 7 article, “Is the Human Race Cannibalizing Itself?” I discussed an attack on Christian values, serious trouble, so unique and distinct people are feathering through bibles for “end of time” references.

That’s the picture. Add this to it – Vaccines.

When we add the layer of vaccines to a suspicious cult wave of evil right before our eyes every day, astonishing things happen, and it’s all very bad. Despite our non-trusting posture, there’s a force that’s found its way onto your TV set, urging you to protect all humans and be responsible by allowing an experimental vaccine to be injected in your body. But even worse is how many (other) people are gung-ho in favor of trusting politicians, literally to the death, over relatives and friends.

There’s confusion out there, but instead of bonding together as a country, millions of people clearly prefer ignoring the governing agencies dancing around Covid, doing about-faces on guidance … and ignoring the easy-to-see bold face liar Continue reading “People Dying Unexpectedly Turn in Circles and Are Afraid of Something”

The Art of the Lie Revisited

There are many ways to lie, and each will kick you in the ass as time goes by.

If you’ve been following politics, deep enough to hear differing points of view, you might suspect the Democratic party in the United States has mounted a campaign around upcoming elections based on intentionally lying. Bold-faced, without explanation, as if the crowd were entirely zombies.

While extreme liberals have already begun changing the meaning of words Continue reading “The Art of the Lie Revisited”

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