Protesters Are Not Rioters. They Are Terrorists. Well … It Depends …

That headline — I didn’t make that up.

It’ll all fall into place for you soon! Let’s go to Oakland!

This is just plain fun. From a news reporter’s point of view, which is how I read all this stuff. Previous to this article, please remember if you were insensitive and confused and mistakenly called a protester who was throwing deadly weapons a rioter, you were probably a racist and should do everything possible to protect yourself and your family from imminent physical retribution. It’s all very holy. Continue reading “Protesters Are Not Rioters. They Are Terrorists. Well … It Depends …”

On Puppies and Leashes

A recent post of mine on Quora!

How to Leash Train a Dog

Question: My dog doesn’t like to wear a leash and gets a bit snappy when I put it on him. What can I do about this?

Well, as long as nobody’s gotten hurt, I already like your dog! He’s got a personality! Really, I wouldn’t like a leash, either, I don’t think!

Here’s what you can do:

Super important – always be standing up, and Continue reading “On Puppies and Leashes”

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