Your Life: Invalid Click Activity, Blame the Googleoids or Join the Club (or, “An Article With a Lot of Specific Words”)

If you think the President of the United States has a lot of money and you should be worried about it; you should be worried about Google.

The history of the universe is relatively new. Dr. Evil is real. You will never find his lair, but you’ll hear stories …

Remember when the Internet was “new,” and big publishers like the “New York Times” were so stupid they didn’t get on the bandwagon, scratching their heads while going out of business as if Google had cast a magic spell upon world commerce? You remember, it was like, a couple years ago.

ny times logoThe stupidity, in hindsight, was massive; newspapers didn’t think the Internet was important and didn’t have websites for years, while us early-adopters got excited about any poor implementation of the new electonic universe, laughing that “People” magazine doesn’t understand. But us smart ones were still scratching our heads too, wondering how Google was “doing it.” Now, instead of having figured out how Google does it, we just forgot the question, buried by emotional short-lived POTUS bashing.

All that’s happening now is just the same. You could call it invisible stupidness mixed with invisible ingenuity that will change the worlds of the stupid. There’s a whole new revolution everyone’s going to miss, ‘cause our eyes aren’t big enough. We can look as hard as we want, but unless we erase our own history and memory, it’s just too hard to believe. Again.

What matters to you, really? If the POTUS is a big dumb rich guy who says stupid things every now and then embarrassing millions of people, or if YOU can make a few dollars to put food on your table? Really, what really matters to you? Right now? Every day?

Very soon, every decision that Google makes will effect your life … and every decision the POTUS makes won’t matter very much … wait – it’s already happened; you missed it. It’s too late.

I don’t get money from a website that has 15-million views, because, like most of us Internet-Communists, I don’t own the thing! It’s Google’s. They don’t have to pay me, even though I submitted all the content! I have a popular video of a French singer I’ve yet to meet, but I don’t own it, but THEY let me put it on “MY” website, Youtube. They don’t pay me. They don’t allow me to monetize any videos – but they put ads ON TOP of the videos I submitted and they make money. It’s the law now; the new law!

YouTube Logo SquareI’m not exactly sure who is supposed to be ALLOWED to use their (still own these) eyeballs and view YOUtube videos on MY so-called “Partner” channel … I think ANYBODY can except me. I was apparently in Pakistan or maybe Australia (I don’t remember the trip) when I invalidly clicked on my own ads that aren’t really mine, on my website that isn’t really mine, to get permanently banned from collecting any money, ever, from Youtube (owned by Google).

YOU can look and click though, I think. I’m a little shy about it now. Google isn’t watching my clicks (that would be hard to do), but they are at least punishing me for them, even if I didn’t do them. Phantom lawbreaking – what’s next? As a result I can’t make money from all my hard work – it took many years to build up that Youtube channel. Pity.

A real pity. But I’ll die soon, and the New World will continue.

google logoThis article (fresh this decade) says Google makes 97% of its money through the same advertising programs they ban me from.

The same article, half way in, written by several people with very long names, merges the sentence “Who wouldn’t want to work for Google” with the irresistible but unnerving phrase “Google’s people-management system,” and the article outlines Google’s leadership practices. Quoting Eric Schmidt (a “leader”), number one on the list, in-between counting how many billions of dollars you currently have, is “get to know your employees.” I’m sure along with this comes a lot of modest pride; it must feel nice to be such a generous person.

In the meantime, if you have questions about my website or my money and how much I have, don’t ask POTUS, ask Google. I don’t work for them, rather I am a victim of theirs, but I still have a quaintly personal and very informative idea of my finances I’d love to share with Eric.

Because he cares. I know he does. Like God cares.

Google is the New World Order.

YOU are too late to stop it. Not a big deal; just join. We’ll work out the rules later. Or they will. Somebody will.

credit scores logosWhat  will your credit score matter when your income is determined by world leaders who’ve already transcended age, time, race and accountability? What difference does the news matter when it’s given by a private company through their worldwide channels; a company that answers to no-one?

Google doesn’t pity US. They’d rather (and this is their ONLY view of us) we’d just get with it and become their employee, officially. Then we’d make money. Simple. There are over 60-thousand Googleoids now and growing fast, fed by, Google’s Indian CEO tells the world, a poor economy. That’s what they eat.

It’s a food fest out there right now. A bloom of hiring. Help them build their machine and make it better. They’ll pay you.

There are entire companies who used to help people get jobs, that now specialize in telling people how to get a job at Google. You have to be a very good programmer; it’s not easy.

Entire blog sites dedicated to teaching you how to design your resume for Google, which, of course, everyone is currently doing wrong!

My advice for young people to break into the new invisible frontier of unimaginable success; learn to fly a space ship, or to fire a gun; skills of the future you’ll want to start working on now!

Or just go work for Google! After all, the article says The happiness trickles down and out the door. This would be the perfect time, if you are, like I am, feeling the urge to stop reading.


Mark Urso

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