Yesterday’s America (a poem)

In yesterday’s America
I haven’t broken any laws
The subject matter’s fascinating
But it’s been goin’ on too long

I’m just gettin’ started but I
Sometimes wonder if I should
There aren’t any rules
In tomorrow’s neighborhood

The news has been consuming
YouTube is quite the bomb
God bless the Bill of Rights
It’s what’s been carrying us along

In yesterday’s America
We’re defeating all that’s wrong
We peaceably assemble
Looking confident and strong

But the newskids have been busy
They get ten dollars for a story
They get so busy with the hits
Then they get dizzy in the flurry

Without her freedoms
Our great nation will collapse
We’ve all been well protected
From the underlying facts

But when we challenge those before us
When it turns into a fight
When we dictate what we hear
We may be turning out the light

Because it’s yesterday’s America
That can teach us what we need
Over many years we have
Planted many seeds

While what about tomorrow
Is foremost on our minds
Please let us not forget
Not leave the past behind


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