Xarelto Versus Bruno Mars

I’m an audio guy. I’ve always been involved in audio, from my radio days to the present; I eventually couldn’t think of anything better to become than a musician!

I’ve always thought fondly of audio. I watch video and listen for the audio. I whisper to my cat. The two of us listen to the birds, crickets and wind.

I have audio cables hanging out of boxes in my house like wysteria.

I have moral values for audio. I defend it in my mind as being more important than people give it credit for. When I watch television, I find lots of ways the audio is invisibly important, and feel good about it.

I depend on audio. When I’m not using my eyes, my ears tell me when to look up. Sometimes the way something sounds can change my mood drastically. I often have the TV on in the background when I’m writing, and it becomes the soundtrack of my life.

I decided today I’m going to create a poll on Twitter; it’ll say “How many times does it say “bleeding” in the current Xarelto TV commercial?” If you listen to the announcer, it sounds like a bloody mess!


There isn’t much point to all of this; there’s probably some laws about these kinds of ads, and the drug companies have a lot of money to keep putting them on TV.

So obviously, what I’ve done is extract the most impressively rude, course and offensive, but also impressively unimportant, thing I could find on all of TV … and complained about it.


Audio is important! That’s the trick!

And … So, I became a musician! There. Done!


Now I feel better.

There’s a TV show featuring Bruno Mars coming up in half an hour (Live at the Apollo Theater in New York), but I almost missed it because I had to change the channel because of the drug product announcer. It seems to me an unforgiveable offense to every television viewer, and far from a successful TV ad, for the drug company (as many do) to bombard my mood with their impending medical disaster. They don’t even try to say it quiet and fast anymore.

I’m back on “Survivor” now, a show I normally would not watch, and I’m, as usual, not watching it.

But I’m listening!

When Bruno comes on I’ll watch!

Maybe he’ll dance!

That’d be some good TV!

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