Wrote This Song Instead

I got tabouli on my toes
And a little on my nose
I got in a fight with my woman
About some things in the kitchen

I wrote a song, it was too sad
About some experiences I had
And when I put it to the music
I just couldn’t make it stick

Nothing like the Dead
Rest my aching head
I got ready to go to bed
But then I wrote this song instead

I was drunk the day my mom got out of prison
I got to learn to write a proper line
Locomotives are always good
And a harmonica can set the mood
But nobody ain’t going to listen
If you’re complaining all the time

I wrote a song, it wasn’t too bad
But it didn’t sound like Johnny Cash
I gots to rest my weary head
So I wrote this song instead

Neverland, Peter Pan
Remember Rip Van Winkle
And Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz
Hey this is pretty simple!

Snap your fingers! Clap your hands!
Put your grouch in the garbage can!
I ain’t saying the blues is dead
But I wrote this song instead!


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