What the Devil Hates

Strategy Time

We should all do what the devil hates!  We’re at war!

He’s annoying us, worrying us, more and more each day … him … the one we’re at war against.

To begin to see what he’s doing to us, we need to open our minds, because it’s an unconventional war. And if we can see what he’s doing to us, then the methods, instruments and weapons are revealed.

Otherwise, we sit here thinking we have no army; we’re not prepared for an unconventional war against Satan, an enemy that plays by no rules; we don’t know where we stand or what to do!

Should we organize?

Should we give up?

Should we wait until the devil makes his next move, then, again, as happens too frequently, feel ineffective, not even knowing if his small victories, bombings, deaths, twisting perception with lies … will have effects we can survive, or if these accumulated attacks have already taken us to a certain fate of doom unrecoverable?

My contention is, we’re doing better than we know. Much better. Just like the dark side, our side needs to masterfully use weapons we can’t see, weapons that blend in to everyday life.

Weapons That Instill Truth

Imagine, what a fight it could be! What a huge group we are!  God-fearing men from everywhere on the globe! If only we held these invisible weapons in our hands, ready at any moment to thrust them forth. Instead, like a cautious teenager, playing a game we’re not used to, when we don’t know the rules, we balk and wonder if it’s all in our imagination. Like we’re preparing for a big high school date, we stop ourselves from giving ourselves any credit at all, in favor of being “honest”; in favor of underestimating; in the name of humility.

Mix humility with freedom, and the bad guys know the sandbox will be very easy to manipulate. Like candy to a baby.

Double Edged Sword

The good news is, hidden within this analogy is everything we need to bear our weapons confidently. Our tools, the weapons we need, are hidden; not irretrievably, but rather right here in plain sight!

Hidden is the truth. It is air to us. We need it to live.

This is why we’re suffering. Twisted truths. But the truth is also our toolbox; in it is a mix of freedom, humility and love. We use these tools every day (in plain sight), because we need them in order to run a society. We need freedom, humility, understanding the other person’s vulnerabilities and points of view (compassion) and respect … to survive, even without a direct provocation from beelzebub. The garden of life is not an easy place to begin with.

What we’ve done already is a great start; a fortress is already built.

But you need to know about it. Don’t lose your Faith! There’s good reason you may feel confused!

Monster of Confusion

What we’ve done already includes many things that have allowed the devil to pursue his goal. We’ve created principles to live by and honored them, but then found this new group, out of the woodwork, of devilish souls, wearing our clothes, living amongst us and enjoying the harmony we’ve created; but who blatantly use the tools with ill purpose in mind, knowing we will honor these tools before trying to stop them from speaking their opinions.

They’re using our tools against us.

We have free speech, and always will. Until we’ve all become zombies, the concept of free communication has become a knitted-in part of every human. That’s just one example of a tool, a good one, we already created and are making better every day, which is also the weapon the enemy is using!

Our need to maintain consistency and honor the underlying principles prevents us from stopping the devil from using our own tools against us. We created a monster!

But a monster is exactly what we need right now. Don’t you wish you had an army to fight leftist insanity? When a boy beats all the girls in a girls sport and people applaud? When a healthy economic society is being intentionally bled, slowly and right before your eyes? When buildings are on fire and the wrong side gets publicly flogged, don’t you want to lash right back out? What kind of monster is going to help in these situations?

How, you may be wondering, do we harness this monster?

The answer is actually a bit refreshing: We already are.

We drive them just as crazy as they drive us; maybe more! And it’s mostly everyday things we can use effectively in this fight!

Turn The Tables

We keep going to church. We keep giving them the forum, because we honor free speech. We keep holding back at physical violence until or unless we need to defend ourselves. We tell the truth. We share the truth openly using all modern methods.

It drives Satan crazy when we do these things.

Every single one of us, every reader, every person I can touch on this earth, makes his difference every time he smiles and shares good will. Every good deed and favor; every bit of strengthening of trust.

We do it so often and so casually we don’t realize it!

… Every single true word spoken.

He is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

When you look at today’s situation this way, what emerges is not devastation. It doesn’t seem cumbersomely worrisome, quite so much. We feel funny, as if floating, if we embrace our beliefs with confidence.

The one tool that is ours-only arises. Faith.

Faith is the tool Lucifer threw away.

His army fights among themselves.

It’s the missing piece. Faith holds us together! It keeps us consistent, even if our logic flails from exhaustion. God talks about Faith, but it’s only after 60-years on this planet I’m starting to understand why.

We can’t do this without believing in the underlying principles.

What would Jesus do? The concepts of compassion and brotherhood exist only because we believe the tools work. Being a good person works, and we survive as a society; as a race. In the past few years the horns of Satan have become visible. Now’s the time to believe; and in every possible way embody the principles of good will toward men, honesty and fair play.

The offenses against you have often been nebulous and hard to understand.

The weapons you have in your hand may also seem that way, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t working.

What we need is to stand our ground with confidence, with faith in the promises of our God.


Mark Urso

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