What Is Christo-Fascism? Are Progressives Picking The Wrong Fight?

With the newly-invented term “Christo-fascist” progressives are poised to reveal themselves to American citizens with a clear and powerful insult to the majority’s core beliefs.


Say it out loud! It will be clear to every Christian who hears this phrase that the person who uttered it is insane, or a brainless follower looking to create conflict. Christo-fascist! I never thought I’d see an attempt to be trendy defy and destroy logic for the benefit of insult, while using the English language with no regard for the meaning of words. This new word combination is capable of revealing to everyone straying at the edges of reality the truth, and the power of this insult could be enough to motivate them to pay attention, and start to listen.

If you’re new to this, please do pay attention.

This trend, to call responsible parents “domestic terrorists” has been for years real but veiled in its own self-admonishment, afraid to show its face. But now they’re calling you, as a Christian, a fascist. You are a Hitler who seeks to kill and destroy. And this comes from a group littered generously with self-proclaimed anarchists, Marxists and communists.

While there may not be a clear solution to this problem, while our children are randomly embraced by both excellent, well-meaning teachers, and deviants who intentionally mean to indoctrinate them, it’s important that people at the very least stop dividing among ourselves as if there are two realities. There are not. The reality is, every offense against honest, hard-working parents and citizens, and against society, made visible over the past 3-4 years, has been done at the hands of and for the benefit of the Democratic party, and the Democratic party has embraced progressivism, and progressivism resembles in no way the hippie culture you may admire from your days in school.

Everything you have done, the culture, society, infrastructure, family and societal values, technology, everything is a target to be changed, because the new generation who embrace progressive ideals have no concept of the history, the hard work, the long years it took for their parents and grandparents to earn the lives they enjoy. They’re triggered to change everything without questioning its value, those who built it, long-term consequences or if they can even rebuild it if they need to. Now, with a weak and questionable Pope installed, after the previous pope mysteriously became the first in history to not live out his term, Christianity will be targeted from both inside and outside.

It is the devil here on earth, waving his repulsive body around intending to broaden his influence, and he’s winning.

My Christian friends, and there are many of you; you’ve just been called a “Christo-fascist.” Let it sink in. Cross reference, dig and do a little research. If you’re not good at being skeptical, now’s the time to learn how. You’ve just been called a “Christo-fascist.” What do you think comes next?


Mark Urso

Mark Urso is a former hippie who sees ideology today is divided not by political party or leaning, but by right versus wrong. A 1984 graduate of Boston College, Urso wrote news daily for 25-years, contributing stories regularly to AP, and hosted a live one-hour radio show with daily guests ranging from the annual cat show organizer to senators and celebrities. He can be found at Quora (3.9m views) and markurso.com.

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