Welcome Singapore! (Language Warning!) (语言警告)

This website is currently getting an unusually high number of hits from Singapore and Beijing. I don’t know why.

I hope they like my sense of humor. Eh, really, I don’t care.

I also got banned from Twitter for 12 hours today, which I should survive handily, for saying something mean about Lori Lightfoot, who is a domestic terrorist in my opinion, based on how she encourages rampant crime in her otherwise beautiful American city, Chicago. In the latest upheaval of normalcy, in a city where weekly death counts rival major world wars, a gang pulled a family out of their car and shot them, killing the father while the child watched. It’s unbearable news every day, while we write, we pray and remind ourselves our government is under attack from the inside. Earlier today, God sent His own message in the form of a highly unusual weather pattern. Chicago Channel 5 reported ‘Confirmed Large and Extremely Dangerous Tornado’ Touches Down in Chicago Suburbs.” A little Wizard of Oz couldn’t hurt.

And once I called Hillary a cunt on Twitter, not to mention all the times I’ve called Joe Biden lazy. That’s the way we roll in conservative America. The air is fresh and free to breathe. We like it this way.

We welcome visitors from all over the world. We enjoy freedom based on the Constitution of the United States of America, which can be found here. Please feel free to familiarize yourselves with our country and our ways.

Everyone’s treated the same here, and comments are welcome, due to our obsession with what we call “Freedom of Speech.” Some of us are also armed, which is neither here nor there, but for those yearning to learn more about America, please see the “Second Amendment.” It’s part of the Bill of Rights,” another important American stronghold of philosophy throughout history.

So there’s a primer. Unlike Canada, you don’t have to wait in a prison for two weeks if you come visit us by plane, and if you walk here, please follow the signs and avoid the lawless Mexican cartels (which we are not in favor of).

But then again, if you’re just poking around looking for something to ban, please understand we frown on censorship of any kind, whether it’s aimed at me … or you. Not like in some other countries. Not at all – nothing like that here. So feel free to browse, but you’ll have to convince Network Solutions, my hosting provider, if you want to take me down. But I have another hosting provider.

I’m basically free to broadcast whatever I want, and I have lots to say!

Please feel free to comment in any language. And if you know where Hunter Biden’s laptop is, we’re all very interested and can help you with that.

God Bless America!


Mark Urso

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