We Got Your Back (A Poem For 2021)

We Got Your Back

The capitol’s surrounded by eight foot fences
But nobody’s sure what they’re defendin’
My mama taught me to double check my sources
I got all day and I’m gonna dance on the tension

This world’s spinning in a field of black holes
Up high in the mountains it’s as perfect as gold
The view on my horse and that settin’ sun
My freedom’s the glimmer off the side of my gun

We love you nature, yea, we got your back
All them fossil fuels coming out our smokestacks
Some people say we’re gonna stop spinnin’ soon!
I got all day and I’m just gonna try and be cool

Create confidence from experience
Tell me, what’s your skill little man?
Come around, see, but watch his hands
Nobody’s gonna fool me, but let’s see if you can!

You can walk in the sunshine and I got your back
What can you do but give it your best act?
I’m gonna win, on a hand full of clubs
But if this game gets any riskier it won’t be fun

Lend me your ear and I’ll let you keep it
Dance like you do and I’ll probably forget it
I’m just all mixed up and I just want to get more
I want to be safe; I want to be inside the door

Somebody, somebody, please have my back
This world’s gonna give me a real heart attack
The desert is smokey and the battle is real
My biggest obsession is about how you feel

Time slows, days pass, hope glimmers back
The illusion is always like this too will pass
On the back of a tortoise I enter my age
My barcode will help determine my fate

So thank you to my friends who I’ve never met
The ones who know who-what-how-when and the rest
There’s a lot of us we always hope for the best
In the end, my friends, will be my best bet

Hallelujah! It’s gonna be a great day!
My pride for this land will never go away!
I’ll run the whole beach ’cause I want to play!
It makes you realize we all feel the same way!

We love you nature, yea, we got your back
We can put out the fire! We just have to act!
I need my friends all around me! I know that’s a fact!
And I got all day, why don’t you take off your hat!


Mark Urso
@A_Candle Lit

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