Vampires, Witches and Terrorists Will Reign over Halloween This Year (Cartoon News)

Cartoon time?

This won’t take long …

I don’t have much more to say about this. It’s a holiday meme.

But I do have a few more cartoons, memes and such. Let’s do it!

Cartoons are fun! They can be poignant or just silly. This is the decade of the meme, so let’s create a meme stamp in time!

Memes Can Be Colorful, Even Pretty

They Often Involve Political Messages

Sometimes Memes Reveal Strange Statements

Or Raise Sincere and Difficult Questions

Even Deep, Probing Questions …

Memes Can Be Pretty Nasty!

We Can Learn History From Them! (Why not?)

Even Ancient History!

Recent History, Like a Stock Quote …

Or it Can Be a Mean Political Statement!

Of Course, There’s Self-Serving Memes

And Self-Deprecating!

These are (mostly) not my work. If you’re the author of one of these gems, please reach out and send more! Humor is the ultimate distraction! It’s so strong, it can survive even attempts to stop it by the clinically-insane, once a good cartoon gets momentum.

Bet ya can’t make me stop laughing!

But the best thing about these one-time-glance posts is they’re easy to digest. You don’t have to really read much. Spoon-fed and effective.

See? You’re all done.

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Mark Urso

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