People Dying Unexpectedly Turn in Circles and Are Afraid of Something

This story sounds like the TV show “Twilight Zone” (1959).

I started reporting news when I was 15, 45 years-ago.

This is the strangest story I’ve ever written.

So, let’s get on with it then!

Vaccines are important. They may be a simple answer to the question, have things gotten too out of control? In my Oct. 7 article, “Is the Human Race Cannibalizing Itself?” I discussed an attack on Christian values, serious trouble, so unique and distinct people are feathering through bibles for “end of time” references.

That’s the picture. Add this to it – Vaccines.

When we add the layer of vaccines to a suspicious cult wave of evil right before our eyes every day, astonishing things happen, and it’s all very bad. Despite our non-trusting posture, there’s a force that’s found its way onto your TV set, urging you to protect all humans and be responsible by allowing an experimental vaccine to be injected in your body. But even worse is how many (other) people are gung-ho in favor of trusting politicians, literally to the death, over relatives and friends.

There’s confusion out there, but instead of bonding together as a country, millions of people clearly prefer ignoring the governing agencies dancing around Covid, doing about-faces on guidance … and ignoring the easy-to-see bold face liar that is our government.

I’ll send this message home with a single image. It’s indisputable.

It stands independently as a massively-strange string of events.

It would also weave, if you tried, perfectly into a purely-evil speculative scenario. I feel I should say “you might want to sit down for this!”

The boy in the photo is dead; died quickly and unexpectedly, and it was captured on video. Joe Hoft from Gateway Pundit gathered some information and wrote about this on October 8. Think about this; this is the point I’m making … vaccines are a critical layer in the mishmash of apparently disorganized chaos we see around us today, and vaccines are critical to understanding what you might see next.

Hoft’s article, and speculation around it, is scary. This is not reality TV. It’s not a season preview of “Stranger Things.”

What we have on our hands today is a difficult to penetrate force field: First, a government we can not trust, with leaders who put every word they utter into a self-sustaining void of skepticism, and two, an invasive and massively mysterious, mass-hyped, fear-based injection which has never been proven to curb Covid in any way. I’m not a scientist (nor a biologist!), but I can add one plus one, and it doesn’t feel good.

Which leads directly into the real pit. The reaction of Mister and Missus general public. Their hands, faces, necks and consciences go to bed clean as whistles from heaven. It appears to us as much confusion, but in the eyes of the devil the pitting of skeptical thinkers against lazy ones (who are gung-ho in favor of trusting politicians to the death) is a success story easy to see! Creepy sounding! … and, unfortunately, far from sponsored by Hallmark!

start at 48:00 on the video
video from “And We Know”

When we see the disturbing video, Hoft writes “In the video beginning at the 48:00 mark people are shown right before their death and they look like they see something evil.” Possibly the most disturbing element is described by the video narrator: “There are feet stretched out, arms stretched out.” Visually, it’s right out of a half-dozen half-decent horror films, physical brutality inflicted by an invisible attacker. Logically, it’s as if this whole past two years of crazy, surprising and shameful was just a lazy carriage ride before the sinking of the Titanic. It’s world-leader-, world-war-paling stuff of the end of days, and every pawn in place, every demon purged to Earth, the human race’s self cannibalization can still only be seen by those with special glasses.

Special glasses, (my visual reference) is intended to make you wonder about what you see. You’ll really wonder when you see the man flailing about (in the video) seconds before his inexplicable death, literally swiping at thin air against an invisible mosquito.

As if all we might learn is, mortality is real. Every thinking human should be at his humblest. In light of the strange, beyond-reality nature of what we see, not only in religion but in the battle against it, what we might learn is a foundation can only be found in faith.

We hold just a portion of the sword.

We can try to be cheerleaders for good, and that’s best done with some information. Beyond that, Hoft, I think aptly, suggests “We may need some more evidence before reaching a conclusion here.”


Mark Urso

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