Unrest in The Great White North

Canadians March In Unity Against Tyranny

While Canadians, starting in Ottawa, then appearing within days in Calgary, have brought hundreds of thousands of foot soldiers and enormous gatherings of enormous trucks to protest against tyranny, the country’s leader has responded by being more tyrannical. PM Trudeau invoked an emergency powers act which has never been done before, when faced with genuinely peaceful protests.

Then, just this past week, Trudeau told the Ottawa Chief of Police to get tough with the truckers and peaceful protesters. His instructions were apparently harsh enough for the Chief to refuse. Many of the department’s officers refused to follow the orders, as well, and the Chief resigned.

Then, as analyzed by Bonchie for Redstate , the Chief was replaced with a new guy, who immediately got tough. We’re not sure if any of the protesters were killed, though one woman with a walker was trampled by a horse, and the videos are all over Twitter; it was very unnecessary. The horses literally trotted into a crowd for no reason.

Bonchie points out the new Chief then followed up by trying to get tougher. It didn’t go well.

Watch what happens. It’s not over yet. It’s just getting started.

Canada is a Living Test Bed for Marxism

My friends in Canada, I know many of you are blind to what’s happening because you’re devoted to government-controlled media, but many of you, many more than I had imagined, are savvy and taking action, and those of us in other countries are watching. You have become a testing ground for Marxist ideologies, and you are standing up to the test. I truly believe this action is needed, and with it the tide can be turned.

The first thing that happened, when the Chief tried to get tougher, Bonchie pointed out, is now the Canadian protesters have no incentive to stop. The Chief’s actions have cemented these people in place.

“That’s not to say riding horses through a crowd wasn’t incredibly stupid, but this is a much bigger mistake in the grand scheme of things. In one arrogant attempt to sound tough for his globalist bosses (and I mean that quite literally, given Deputy PM Chrystia Freeland moonlights as a board member for the World Economic Forum), (Ottawa Chief Steve) Bell has now given every single protester a reason to hold the line. After all, if the Canadian government is going to track them down and punish them anyway, then what’s the point of leaving?”

Hats off to Bonchie for that article; excellent analysis.

What Will Be Invoked Next?

Then something else happened, and it is truly glorious!

This is what we need! America is proud to see this participation! Canadians from all over the country are now protesting in Ottawa and  Calgary, as mentioned above … but also suddenly en masse in Toronto and Quebec City! These protests are huge, and happening this evening (Saturday, Feb. 19, 2022), in all these cities simultaneously.

In normal battle, this engagement would be said to be over.

But modern day Marxists don’t have rules, and we’ll likely see a narcissistic, knee jerk reaction from Trudeau, one that ignores and omits public well-being.

Like a terrorist standoff, this PM has already proven he will overreach repeatedly. It’s nice to see people are paying attention this time. After all, I’ll remind those who don’t devour current event news like I do, Trudeau was proud to kneel for BLM while they were burning down buildings during their “mostly” peaceful protests in America.

Now he’s tear gassing citizens and breaking into trucks.

Because the citizens think he’s a tyrant.

Remember the police Chief who resigned? And all the officers who refused to obey the directive to be brutal on the public protesters? When these soldiers were no longer “available” for Trudeau’s Nazi-inspired plans, police who WOULD cooperate were shipped in from all around Canada – to Ottawa.

When the protest started TODAY (Saturday) in Calgary, the army of those doing Trudeau’s bidding were VERY busy still in Ottawa.

Then a blitz into two more major cities, all within the same day!

So, you can see, it’s not a strategy-free exercise for either side, but Trudeau has been taken in this battle!

If he triples-down, while the world is watching, we could be in for some horrendous results.

Say a prayer for Canada!


Mark Urso

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