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Data collected August 2, 2022 by Mark Urso
Does not take into account deaths by unexpected acts of violence, nor deaths by suicide prompted by current social strife. There are no cases, suspects or investigations into the deaths listed below.

13-Year-Old Michigan Boy Dies Unexpectedly from Cardiac Event – His Aunt Says It was 3 Days After Second COVID Shot — Heart Was Enlarged
July 5, 2021, by Jim Hoft

AFL-CIO Union Boss and Democrat Toady Richard Trumka Dies Unexpectedly
August 5, 2021, by Cristina Laila

NFL Legend John Madden Dies “Unexpectedly” at 85
December 28, 2021, by Cristina Laila

28-Year-Old Tampa Bay Rays Bullpen Catcher Jean Ramirez Dies “Unexpectedly”
January 12, 2022, by Jim Hoft

North Dakota’s Longest-Serving Attorney General Dies “Unexpectedly” at 68
January 29, 2022, by Cristina Laila

22-Year-Old Stanford Women’s Soccer Goalkeeper and Captain Dies Unexpectedly
March 2, 2022, by Jim Hoft

19-Year-Old UMass Amherst La Crosse Player Dies “Unexpectedly”
June 3, 2022, by Cristina Laila

Healthy Young People Are Dying Suddenly and Unexpectedly from Mysterious Syndrome in Australia – Doctors Baffled and Seek Answers
June 8, 2022, by Jim Hoft

Biden to CEO of Jo-Ann Stores: “My Sympathies to the Family of Your CFO Who Dropped Dead Very Unexpectedly” (VIDEO)
June 16, 2022, by Cristina Laila

‘9-1-1: Lone Star’ Actor and Emmy Nominee Tyler Sanders Dies Unexpectedly at 18, Cause of Death Unknown
June 18, 2022, Jim Hoft

Actor Josh Gad Reveals His 20-Year-Old Nephew Died Unexpectedly in His Sleep
July 5, 2022, by Jim Hoft

St. Mary’s Police Officer Dies Unexpectedly While On Duty
July 5, 2022, by Jim Hoft

Former NHL Defenseman Bryan Marchment Dies Unexpectedly During Montreal Trip
July 7, 2022, by Jim Hoft

33-Year-Old Malden Police Officer Shawn Dillon Dies Suddenly and Unexpectedly
July 11, 2022, by Jim Hoft

‘Top Chef’ Alum Dies Unexpectedly of Heart Attack at 46
July 26, 2022, by Cristina Laila

Popular Nigerian Actress Collapses and Dies Unexpectedly at the Age of 48
July 27, 2022, by Jim Hoft

44-Year-Old Canadian Doctor Dies ‘Unexpectedly’ – Sixth Canadian Doctor to Die Within Two Weeks
July 30, 2022, by Jim Hoft

20-Year-Old College Basketball Star Dies ‘Unexpectedly’ After Suffering Cardiac Arrest at Summer Camp
July 30, 2022, by Jim Hoft

Grammy-Winning Engineer and My Chemical Romance Producer Doug McKean Dies “Unexpectedly” at 54
August 2, 2022, by Jim Hoft


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