Uh, um, uh … C’Mon Man! Jen Psaki Pspeaks

Um … Let’s Circle Back to Jen Psaki

This is the new White House Press Secretary.

She probably got the job because she’s a woman who isn’t afraid to look like a fool and who’s willing to do whatever it takes. The silent letter at the beginning of her name is a bragging point, in the world of Biden hiring trends. One thing for sure is she’s, um, qualified.

If you’re having breakfast with me this morning, um, uh … just watch!

And in Pjen’s own pwords …
“Thank you, I’ll leave it at that!”

She must be tired now, ready for a pnap!

Final tally: 356!

My apologies for the short article today. I know it didn’t have a lot of important words in it, which I try to do each day. But not today. I’m a little tired too. I think it’s contagious. The Gateway Pundit told me today “Joe Biden arrived to Camp David Friday afternoon and did nothing but play video games and sleep all weekend in a cleverly headlined article ‘Secret Service Allowed Him to Drive’ – Joe Biden Plays Mario Kart as Thousands of Americans Die of Covid.’

At least somebody’s getting some rest!

So today you’re allowed to just take it easy. Circle back to that pnap.


Mark Urso

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