Twitter is The New News Media

Twitter offers, you might say, a lens into culture, personalities and current affairs. Most of your favorite people are on there, and most of the big players in current news stories have something to say, sometimes a lot!

There are articles, videos and opinions on Twitter you won’t see anywhere else! And, with President Trump leading the way, government officials would be negligent not to use the platform. While there are rules, there are few limits on what you can say. The result is many items of interest the news doesn’t mention. If you’re following politics, Twitter is an important piece to the puzzle!

Over the past week or so, I’ve collected some interesting points of view, via Twitter, to compliment your probably-incomplete bag of political information. People go out of their way to compile information sometimes, which can be simple enough to be pretty believable. Like the above post, showing wildfire locations combined with locations of people caught setting them!

There’s a mixture of current affairs stuff that isn’t political, too!

My favorite thing about Twitter, though, is the positive momentum the non-liberal, previously-silent apparent-majority of Americans are contributing. I wouldn’t be surprised if a non-Twitter user never saw this photo:

That photo, to me, is a powerful message of hope, unity and peacefulness that apparently isn’t rough-edged or violent enough to be covered by mainstream media. While NBC and CBS (among others) did provide still-camera coverage on YouTube, commercially uninterrupted, of the President’s rallies, it was the vanilla coverage package; no interviews or follow up, and the live feed camera, a high-quality camera mounted on a tripod, never once turned to show the crowd. Twitter has shown me 20-minutes of a car passenger videoing the oncoming Trump parade of cars and trucks, explaining it went on for ninety miles, and that happened twice!

These events shouldn’t be hidden from voters.

So, if you’re not on Twitter, create a login and come on in; follow me! Many users, in the comfort of their own homes, don’t wear masks when tweeting. Which is probably fine. That’s according to the Director of the CDC, Dr. Robert Redfield. I should say he’s the “current” Director. Based on some of the stuff on Twitter (not hidden, available for anyone to view), he should be fired!

Maybe he will be! Here’s Redfield testifying that healthy people should not wear masks. It’s simple. It’s video! Relax and smile!

That right there is the kind of video that could cause a big argument! That’s not my intention, of course, but it’s a great example of how Twitter can help all of us either use our own brains to make decisions, rather than just listening to the media, which misleads us, or Twitter can help us be more confused about current events, though we’ll probably be closer to “correctly confused.”

There’s some monsters out there, and they don’t look good in a public forum where free speech is generally allowed. Many curious Twitter users are banding together, no longer the silent majority, which is one reason I think the photos and videos of Trump’s enormous crowds of supporters are important.

There’s cool black cats like this guy who support Trump, who’d probably get chased right off the View, or censored without hesitation on Fox!

There’ll be plenty of good-sized nuggets showing Joe Biden flubbing up, as well as Kamala Harris, more than once, confusing which one’s running for President and which one Vice President. Here she refers to her campaign as a “Harris administration.” This clip has 2.3 million views so far.

The Democrats and liberal points of view are represented on Twitter. For example, we saw GOP congressional candidate Kimberly Klacik get kicked off “The View” this past week way too many times. Liberals recently put forward some shaky videos of girls with boys haircuts yelling at the top of their lungs about how they wish they were never born. It’s not very good; I’ll spare you.

Oh, here! One of those ninety-mile-long Trump parades. I love this!

But where is it? I didn’t see it anywhere, not on blogs, websites, television.

Here’s Cramer, calling Nancy Pelosi Crazy Nancy!

That one’s neither her nor there; just meant as bipartisan comic relief.

More black people who love Trump …

A somewhat mesmerizing Joe Biden rally:

And, lots and lots and lots of things like this:

And this:

What’s happening in America is really amazing. Twitter is playing a big part in it. If you’d like to join, view, maybe tweet a little … here’s where to find me!

Have a wonderful day, my friends! I hope it’s filled with enthusiasm and love! But if you have something on your mind, I hope you find somewhere to speak out, safely, and with someone to hear you.

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