Turning Laziness into Blame for Vaccine Jabs, While Mastering Ignorance

A new article published by a website for women takes gaslighting to a new level, adding layer upon layer of blame while sounding like they’re spewing holy water upon those lucky enough to be reading.

The article, “They knew: why didn’t the unvaccinated do more to warn us?” appears today on the site iqfy.com, with no author or date. It’s a hugely controversial take on vaccines and health, aiming blame at the unvaccinated for “not warning us.” The comment section, when I viewed the article, Jan. 25, 2022 at 12:20 AM, went on forever, until admins turned off commenting completely.

Comments criticizing them for not listening.

What follows is a reprint of the article, and the comments.

Because the Internet is forever.

This article’s history points to someone named Alessandro Siani from the University of Portsmouth as its possible author. The site, while filled with lots of important-sounding words, is all fluffy pieces, describing itself thus: “Feminine audiences deserve something better. It’s time to elevate the conversation. IQfy is a lifestyle and social commentary imprint of the Sunshine Initiative. We design and publish storyful, smarter content to uplift feminine folks globally and elevate the conversation generally.” In true storyful fashion, the site is so strangely-fluffily-worded it may all be written by glitchy bots.

The snippet I originally saw had a future publish date (June, 2023). It seemed strange there would be a screenshot of a to-be-published-in-five-months article floating around, so I gave it no credence. After all, it’s such a wildly far-reaching, insulting take on a sensitive, dynamic, worldwide issue, it seemed like it could only be humor, theater, satire. But it isn’t, and hoards of people are responding.

The article was actually published, but without Seini’s name or a date, or any author attribution at all. Reuters fact-checkers called out the original curious “draft” with the future date (shown above), but their skepticism is now no longer valid. It’s a real article.

Keep this in mind, as you read this insanity, possibly written by an educator … This is what happened: First, many people were skeptical of vaccines. For years, they were ridiculed. Doctors and nurses were fired for not getting on board, as were pilots and military. People were fined and lost their jobs, called crazy, unfriended and scolded in public. It only got worse, as the government hardened down in response.

Finally, truth emerges, prompting an article (the one below) which condemns the unvaccinated for “not warning” everyone. When the article gets hundreds of comments in a few hours, all people insisting “We tried to tell you and you called us crazy!”an onslaught of reaction and information from people yearning to tell even more … the website’s reaction is to turn off comments because they don’t want to hear it. They don’t want to hear us, after they blame us for not yelling loud enough the first time they actively ignored us. They don’t want to hear our response to saying we have blood on our hands for being quiet, when they didn’t bother to listen.

“Sorry, commenting has been disabled. While 85% of you are wonderful people and we’d love to hear from you (feel free to reach out at contact@IQfy.com or our @IQfy_ twitter!), the other 25% of recent comments have tended to be the result of targeted troll storms. Abuse from this vocal minority has traumatized our moderators and caused harm to the community.”

If they don’t like your opinion, you are a “troll storm.”

Look at the comments below, and imagine these commenters, hundreds of them all saying the same thing, are the vocal minority!  Is it just me, or are these folks expert at nothing but digging their own hole deeper? It’s hard to fathom, especially while being scolded.  We caused harm to the community by explaining they didn’t listen to us when we tried to help them, so their plan of action will be not listening to us. We traumatized the moderators with facts and information.

How could they have heard us above the deafening fact we’re not worth listening to?

But I saved the comments. They’re below. It’s a LONG scroll!

This is one of the most ignorant articles you will ever read.

Here it is:

They Knew: Why Didn’t the Unvaccinated do More to Warn Us?

The unvaccinated knew what we didn’t. Some of them said too little. Most said nothing at all. A lot of blood is now on their hands.

As the world struggles to come to terms with the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, one question that continues to surface is why the unvaccinated didn’t do more to warn us about the potential dangers of being injected.

While well intending citizens lined up, did the right thing, and received their COVID19 vaccinations — now seeming to do more harm than good — their unvaccinated friends stood by and let them do it. Some of them said too little. Some said nothing at all.

Even though they knew what we didn’t.

Our blood is now on their hands.

Those are strong words. But the unvaccinated had access to important information about the potential side effects of vaccines. They knew about the risks of severe allergic reactions, blood clots, and other serious health complications. They knew that vaccines did not immunize us. They knew it wasn’t effective, and that they can cause more harm than good.

They knew all of that, but instead of warning us, the unvaccinated chose to remain silent. They chose to look the other way and not speak out about the potential dangers of vaccines. They let millions of good folks who did the right thing (at the time) fall to death and disease, and many antivaxxers even gloated online about how their coin flip had been the right bet. The more diabolical even urged folks they disagree with to “get boosted.”

It has become all too clear. The silence of the unvaccinated was a dangerous, sociopathic, and irresponsible decision that has had serious consequences for those of us who received the vaccinations.

And silence is, after all, consent.

It is time for the unvaccinated to take responsibility for their actions and to work with the rest of us to find a solution to this crisis. We cannot afford to let their selfishness and lack of action continue to harm our communities. It is time for the unvaccinated to step up and do the right thing.

The unvaccinated should by any moral measuring stick have done more to warn about the potential risks — to help us make informed decisions about our health. And they must now ask us for our forgiveness.

And, hand to heart, we may just give it to them.

Because we are good people. We took those injections because it was the right thing to do — until it wasn’t.


That article was written by the same people who to this day make fun of Tucker Carlson.  It seems like they’ll never hear anything.


Brian Martin

We have been telling you for years – but have been ignored, laughed at and accused of being mentally ill and murderers by the same people stupid enough to take medical experimentation because “that nice Dr Hillary off the telly said it was safe”. Stop lying, and own your shame.

Deborah B

I was literally ridiculed today Tues Jan 24 2023 trying to warn people about the dangers of the Jab. So please don’t say we didn’t say anything. We did over and over. Heck I took the darn jab and still try to warn people not to and get ridiculed. So please enough with this narrative. We told you so. You didn’t listen or chose to cancel anyone who didn’t follow the narrative. You owe all those “conspiracy theorists” and apology and stop blaming the unvaccinated. They were smarter than all of us.

Chris Moisey

We tried to warn you. You mocked us with tin foil hat pictures of alex jones and pictures of us doing ‘our own research’ on the toilet and when that didnt get us to shut up you got us de-platformed, sacked, police visits to our home and computer equipment confiscated and targeted as dangerous spreaders of misinformation and classified domestic terrorists. AND IT WAS YOU WHO WAS SILENT as a 2-tier society enveloped and you gloated that YOU could go to Greece. As Nigel Farage said to the EU parliament “You all laughed at me didn’t you well you’re not laughing now”




Trolling is all they have left, sad.


I lost friends fighting with them about mrna vaccines. 1. With my Reiki teacher who defended politicians saying she knows some of them and they are nice ppl trying to help combat the pandemic. 2. My best friend a biolgist who laughed at me saying Im uneducated. 3. My best friend who still to this day says her covid symptoms would have been way worse without the vaccine. 4. I split up with my boyfriend of 5 years over vaccines. 5. I went to nearly all multi-thousands of ppl protests. 6. I didn’t go to see my newborn grandchild because there was absolutely no way I would take vaccines for travelling. YOU MUST BE JOKING. I consider myself a HERO standing up to ppl who started to blame the unvaccinated for their trouble. Things we have to go through like not being able to enter a restaurant with my mum without an idiotic QR code.

Daniel Allison

In my department, at Chrysler Auto, Windsor Ontario Canada, only 5 of us out of 210 drivers refused to take the clot shot, and were promptly fired on December 31, 2021. We showed others drivers all the data we had, from Dr.Peter Breggin, Dr.Peter McCullough, Dr. Mark Trozzi, and many more qualified doctors & scientists. We were called conspiracy theorists, nut, and mental. We were considered filthy and the coworkers even complained to management & union that they didn’t even want us in the same building..and you’re blaming us? Repent, turn to God & ask for forgiveness & healing




To all who refused to listen to reason and got their jabs- To all those who actively attempted to harm those who stood up against the insanity-“You reap what you sow!” Enjoy your Dirt Nap!!!!


exactly, I also was laughed at when trying to tell family members and associates not to take the jab. it’s really disgusting that they are putting blame on the “pure bloods” .
they need to put the blame on those actually responsible for rolling out this poison, from top down. and everyone on TV that was coercing people with donuts, hamburgers, lotto tickets and whatever else these psychopaths thought of to help depopulate the planet.


That is very well said. These covidians are real losers who never listen to anyone but their own egos. Unvaxx were massively discriminated. I wasn’t allowed to buy food or go to a restaurant, barber shop, sports events, gym and I was fired from my job. Now, these idiots are regretting getting the experimental vaccines for the bioweapon unleashed by the same vaxx manufacturers.


Is this a joke? You didn’t see the people protesting, losing their jobs, taking their kids out of school and being harassed and arrested? Sorry you couldn’t be bothered to do any research whatsoever but gtfo with this garbage. And I wish I could like the rest of the comments.


Tried to tell people! But said I was a nutcase. Can’t get through brainwashed brains. Many tried to warn others. But were turned on.


Guys it called censorship! Many doctors lost there jobs but the media and news were totally censored! I hope now we all finally understand how dangerous it is when ur first amendment is taken away


we all spoke up, you didn’t listen. it is beyond insulting to insinuate that it is somehow our fault that you lack critical thinking, especially after being ridiculed and ostracized from everyone from family members all the way up to every institution and government




Is this satire? We tried to tell you and you wanted us put in jail, concentration camps, or dead. We lost our family, friends, and careers because you wouldn’t listen.


It has to be satire. That’s the first feeling I got.


Same. It can’t be anything else, other than a phishing operation, to draw out those who have thus far kept their heads down (I haven’t, I stuck mine well above the parapet, from day 1)


Babylon Beesque


That’s what I was wondering. This can’t possibly be a serious article???


Exactly 💯
It’s disgusting and I have tried so hard but people don’t listen not even my adult kids!
Got called all sorts of nasty stuff from conspiracy theorists to bipolar and narcissistic! Which I am not and it’s all fact now!


Satire… that’s exactly what I am thinking 🤔


I feel like this has to be satire as well! Maybe the joking about all of it will make it easier for people to come to grips with the reality of our situation. Some people in my life are starting to see the truth, but not one apology or “I wish I had listened to you instead of calling you crazy”. This has been sad and frustrating.


Take responsibility for your choices. Shifting blame is childish. And lest you forget, the unvaxxed we’re screaming at the top of their lungs, but we’re censored at every turn.


Are you kidding me right now? We were labeled Conspiracy Theorists, Shunned, lost connection with family, censored by absolutely everybody, some were jailed, you secretly( and some not so secretly) wished us dead, all the while we tried and tried to get you to listen and prayed you wouldn’t be harmed. We were not allowed to shop, go out to eat, many had accounts abolished from companies we’d been with for years and looked on as terrorists by our own governments. Please, tell me again how we have blood on our hands when you chose Main stream media and a corrupt Government instead of even searching into what we were saying. Google, YouTube, Facebook and many others canceled and booted us for speaking out any way we could.
Maybe instead of trying to find someone to blame, you should look in the mirror and ask yourself if you should have listened or at least followed up on your own instead of blindly trusting.


Same here, a friend just a few weeks ago got covid for the second time and told me they were going to get the “JAB” because their spouse got covid and it didn’t seem as bad for them.

I tried to explain 2 things: First you have had it twice and the first time you were in the hospital on and off for 2 MONTHS, the second time it was a week so your immune system is doing JUST FINE.
Second: EVERYONE is diffrent and my wife smoking for 30 years had covid and it lasted 3 days and she only knew because she lost her taste. I had covid DONT SMOKE, took VitD, Zinc, C, Quercetin everyday and I got it 10X worse than my wife, my 20+ year old son, 2 days and done, 20+ daughter 10 days of hell, BOTH JABBED against my advice. Son ended up in ICU a week after the jab, 6 months to recover FROM THE JAB, his doctor told him STAY AWAY FROM THAT POISON.

After ALL THIS ….my friend got the “BOOSTER” and ended up in the hospital a week later, on a heart monitor, had to wear it for 2 weeks and she told me “WHY DIDNT YOU TALK ME OUT OF IT”

What are we supposed to do when I almost LOST MY JOB for not taking it, co-workers pizzed off at me for not taking it. (FYI ALL but one co-worker got covid despite taking the jab).

We tried you can thank Facebook, Twitter, Google, Bill Gate, Fauci for BLOCKING THE TRUTH.

tony c

the unvaxxed were mocked and ridiculed, even threatened, now the truth comes out and those who tried to tell us are still being blamed for our choices . we need to accept the decisions we made as adults who made a mistake. no one’s fault but our own.


Warn you people? I warned every friend I knew, and even some acquaintances! I was laughed at, ridiculed, insulted, told I shouldn’t even be allowed to go to the shops because I’m unjabbed etc etc. I posted online – citing peer reviewed literature and scientific studies confirming the dangers of the vaccine, and yet, with many, to no avail.

This post has to be the biggest inversion of reality I have ever seen. Absolute and pure gaslighting of a minority who tried to save you from your own gullibility and now look where it’s got you. Your blood is on your own hands, not mine, what, cant you conduct your own research? Why did you have to rely on people like me to warn you, and why did you subsequently not listen and by-in-large go and recieve the poison shot anyway? Are you really that intellectually fragile and feeble?

And now your anger and derangement cannot be contained and all that self-loathing is projected outwards at us because your superiority complex wouldnt allow you to see beyond the thin layer of slippery ice that the governments and health authorities laid in front of you. This article really is a sight to behold, tell me OP, have you been diagnosed with myocarditis or is this simply an article designed to create division and drive up site traffic via controversy.

And as for your no swearing policy, well, gosh darn heck the lot of you.

Now take my email address so you can add me to your database and send me automated nonsense.

Good luck.


Such a perfect response, it can’t be topped so I’ll just say I agree 1000 percent! 👏


👏👏 well said


Perfectly said! Thank you!


Exactly 💯
It’s disgusting and I have tried so hard but people don’t listen not even my adult kids!
Got called all sorts of nasty stuff from conspiracy theorists to bipolar and narcissistic! Which I am not and it’s all fact now!

Sharon Moccia

I begged my son, pleaded with him, begged my sister, but it all fell on deaf ears. I even asked him to store his sperm before the vaccine in case it made him sterile. Well I hope he doesn’t regret not listening to mom on that one. 🙏🙏🙏. I have no guilt whatsoever for doing research and making my own decision.

A heart broken mom

I begged my son, pleaded with him, begged my sister, but it all fell on deaf ears. I even asked him to store his sperm before the vaccine in case it made him sterile. Well I hope he doesn’t regret not listening to mom on that one. 🙏🙏🙏. I have no guilt whatsoever for doing research and making my own decision.


Tried telling everyone. Lost my social media accounts for “disinformation” and “creating vaccine hesitancy”
I’ve been banned from my family holidays for 2 years for being “selfish” and “dangerous”.
I was not allowed to my aunt funeral (she died after the 2nd dose)
I was not allowed to leave my country, enter public places or dine out with friends….because I was selfish.
The media said I should be jailed and my kids taken away.
Many called for us to be literally “force injected”
So I ask you, when you speak up and your voice is removed, your family calls you a conspiracy theorist and your gov denies your access into public, how else are you supposed to “warn” people?


I echo the experience of all of these people who try to warn others. Even good, friends and family ignored and vilified the warning. This is not on any of us.


This is an absolutely disgusting attempt to victimise a group and hide the guilt felt by said group for the last 24+ months of shameful ridicule, exclusion and abuse towards those who TRIED to warn people and chose to do some critical thinking instead of blindly following what the mainstream media told us.


I am disappointed to see an article like this pointing the finger and finding fault with the unvaccinated. In the midst, we are horrible people for “not caring for our fellow human beings”. Now we are horrible people for “not saying anything”. I know dozens of unvaccinated people and every one of them spoke out to family, friends and even strangers. The uniform response was that we were the crazy selfish ones. Not one person changed their mind and decided not to get the 2nd shot or the booster. Take responsibility for your choices, own your hateful behavior on both sides of this situation. We hope the best for the vaxxed, but more and more is coming out.

Jerry Todd

Amen. How many jobs and careers were lost for taking a stand against vaccinations? It’s amazing how this writer is trying to justify it and self and lay blame where it doesn’t belong

Paps Lazaru

Your moderators are spineless wusses if they can’t handed the opinions given and facts stated here. And WE DID warn you. Over and over and over again. Many of us lost our jobs because we refused the jab, and you cheered. We were excluded from public venues; you wished death and suffering upon us… and you have the nerve to wonder why we have nothing nice to say to you, now?


Maybe look at local Governments pollitions,health departments.there the one saying vaccines are safe.


Exactly. Most of us were begging people not to take it. It seems that no matter which direction the narrative goes it’s “the unvaccinated” who get blamed. Now to accuse of being sociopaths? God gave free will. Own your choices not to demand information and do your own research. We pray for all of you. Every single day.
Perhaps now you can start looking into the rest of the things we have been trying to tell you as well. Maybe we aren’t as stupid as you’ve all accused the last 6+ years.


Yes! And many of us have shared detoxing information for those injected to try to get them help. Even that brought ridicule.

Paps Lazaru

Your moderators are spineless wusses if they can’t handed the opinions given and facts stated here. And WE DID warn you. Over and over and over again. Many of us lost our jobs because we refused the jab, and you cheered. We were excluded from public venues; you wished death and suffering upon us… and you have the nerve to wonder why we have nothing nice to say to you, now?

Alison Fauci

Come on people, this is a jab at the jabbed. Satire. And the warnings from the “moderation” team is pure comedy as well. Keep up the good work. 🤘🏻

Grauci Fauci

Agreed totally

Dr. Mengele Fauci

Total disinformation of information that has been misinformed about.



Cmon everybody, they’re not serious here about anti vaxxers being too silent, anti vaxxers are anything but silent. They’re teasing. Tryina get yur goat… and yur email address. And mine….


this is an idiotic commentary. The unvaxxed warned and warned and were discriminated against, ostracized and hated on by the vaxxed.
If this isn’t parody it’s the most pathetic twisting of reality I’ve ever read.


I am curious about the individual who made all these accusations, about the unvaccinated who have been abused and ostracized and shunned.
Please explain why on earth you would respond the way you have. Every unvaccinated person I know has been criticized by their closest loved ones. The only solution I can think of is that you do not have a friend in the world who cared about you enough to warn you. The rest of us have tried and tried to get people like you to hear the other side only to be criticized more.
I sat in a group of women, at a health oriented gathering, where one woman spewed her hatred, and said that she hoped all the unvaccinated died. The others in the room either remained silent or nodded in agreement.
I tried to warn people to do some research to learn about the “other side”, only to be told that there was no other side. And now you’re going to blame me?
How do you justify your statements? Please respond.
Thank you

Daniel Allison

Thinking again, is this piece satire?



Hot Chick

I can’t believe someone actually wrote this. I’m laughing. I’m a personal trainer. I’m 43 and look 29. I never get sick. My nutrition is on point. I’m in mad shape. I was like noooo f’n way am I getting that thing. Seems like some of my clients would of followed suite. Nope! They mocked me. Said we can’t have you over, whispered “she didn’t get it” to one another, called me an anti vaxxer. I have no sympathy for anyone who didn’t do their due diligence.

Lady Hermann

Well said. Funny…not haha but strange….for I said the jabbed would blame us for their lack of research.

Britt Stavins

Don’t forget the extreme censorship for 2.5 years. How was anyone going to be able to hear with extreme censorship? There are individuals and organizations that organised this whole genocide, that hid the truth, while every antivaxxer spent 2yrs being silenced… Also, people’s fear and cowardice, their arrogance and ignorance, was another factor in why they didn’t listen to the antivaxxers as they tried to warn us all.


Is this some sort of joke? Those that refused to get vaccinated (due to its lack of testing with historical data supporting correlation with hundreds of thousands of deaths in African and Asian countries in the past 20 years with similar virus strains) were not just mocked but persecuted by mainstream media, medical experts, employers, and even their own religious leaders. Many that lost jobs have children that were also segregated and mocked / harassed constantly. It became evident that freedom of speech was not even possible. Family members and friends were lost because they would not listen to sound reasoning and rather cave into fear mongering.


This is a joke, right?


100% agree Ron! “When the truth comes out, don’t ask me how I knew. Ask yourself why you didn’t!”. They can’t have it both ways. Ridicule and ostracise those that tried to warn them, then try to blame them for not telling them! Gaslighting much! Their anger should be directed at all the government officials, health officers, celebrity and media juice pushers that ‘duped’ them into taking it. Not those of us that stood strong on our intuition and common sense and distrust of government/big pharma. Don’t get me wrong, I pity and grieve for anyone that felt compelled by fear or sense of duty to take it, which includes my Mum and Sister, and I wish them all a healthy long life, but there comes a point where personal accountability and responsibility has to take charge. My opinion only.


We tried very hard to inform people but they would not listen, we were conspiracy nutters to them. They had every chance to do their own research as I did, they only have themselves to blame and don’t try to tell me they had no choice, we ALL choices and these choices have consequences. Have any of them researched how to get rid of what has been put inside them!!

Critical Thinker

This article is absurd. The author is mentally ill. People speaking truth have been censored. Any critical thinker has had years to learn what’s really going on.

Unk jones

Every time I tried to warm some dumbass vaxxed in fb or insta I’d get banned. Maggots. Reap what you sew.


heck you! And by “you”, I mean the people who wrote this and believe that we didn’t and still aren’t warning you pro-“vaxxers”. I dare you to say this to my face. I have been relentlessly warning any of you fools that would listen for over three years now.


Is this article some kind of a joke?
The unvaxed went above and beyond to warn us, they were ridiculed, bullied and shamed into silence. We should have done our homework!


Yes, I think it is some kind of a joke. It is, isn’t it? I read this as extreme irony. Quite clever, too. I like it.


We were vilified once but not again with this garbage. Those in power and media did this. They must be held accountable. Rope is cheap and gravity is free.


Is this satire? Please tell me this is satire because y’all can’t really be this thick! We were banned and ridiculed and ostracized for telling y’all this…if this isn’t satire, I literally give up on this world. We yelled this crap. Y’all just chose to follow your ignorant leaders


OMG! Was it a clotshot injury that terminated the volunteer? It’s all our fault, we’re so sorry.

Please, forgive us!


Wilful ignorance is not an excuse for your denial. You didn’t get vaccinated because it was the right thing to do. You did it because you were a coward. You didn’t stand up for the unvaccinated who marched the streets against the vaccines. Were areested and shot at with rubber bullets. Sprayed with tear gas. How dare you. Where were you and what were you calling the unvaccinated when you saw this? You are to blame for it all. Your total disdain for the unvaccinated while they tried to warn you is the problem. You may have been either gullible, or just a coward, either way, you didn’t stand up for what’s right even when the unvaccinated were being crucified. Now you’re paying the price. But so are we. Those jobs we lost, we stood our grounds and we were still fired from our positions. The family events we were shunned from. We still call them family. Being locked in our homes like prisoners just so you could go out and have coffee and ‘feel safe’. Losing our loved ones to sudden death and cancers. Just because they wouldn’t listen. How do you think that makes us feel? If anyone should be apologising, it’s you, and every single coward like you who wouldn’t stand up for the real victims in this. The unvaccinated.


Is this article for real?! So we were threatened and shamed for not taking the shot, and now we’re being blamed because you did! The vaccinated were really out there wishing us death, spouting we should be in camps, or that we should receive no medical care at all. We literally shouted from the rooftops for the last 3 years not to do it. No it’s not our fault or our problem that all you vaccinated people are now and will be for generations dealing with your consequences.


I spoke up, particularly against injecting young people. Lost friends. I put my head above the parapet and paid the price. And still you’re trying to blame the people who tried to warn you as opposed to the evil doers who cut corners to make hundreds of billions? It’s time to grow up. And take the protocols the “anti-vaxxers” have put together to mitigate side effects.




I wouldn’t even waste my breath in trying to say what I was going to say, this post obviously is to cause provocation cos the writer lives a sad life and takes no accountability for his/ her own STUPID actions. If YOU choose to ignore ALL of those red flags ( and boy weren’t there many) then that’s on you so go and bleat to the rest of the brain dead sheep! It’s yr fault you chose to follow the heard and listen to the clowns on that propaganda machine!!


it has to be satirical


This is satire- right?


Uh, this question is satire right?


I don’t think the jabbed have communally admitted to being duped yet, so this must be satire. At least for now.


I do believe it is and it made me chuckle🤣


It must be. If not, only a professional victim would write this.

Chuck Lacalle

Please tell me this is a joke. do you know how many times I posted warnings from Drs, scientists, researchers to Facebook only to have my content flagged as misinformation and getting banned from the site? You should hold our government and all governments around the world accountable. We didn’t make the virus it was done in a lab as we all know. We also didn’t mandate the jab like our governments did. Place the blame where blame belongs—it is certainly not with us. And more importantly, they are still pushing the boosters!


No virus. Wasn’t made in a lab. Another gaslight psyop to keep their germ theory alive otherwise big pharma will lose when people start to realise their human body is made to heal on its own, with natural healing remedies. Big pharma has made every vaccine ever brought into existence, thus man-made and not needed.


You are delusional. Do you have any idea how many damaged friend abdfamily relationships I have from trying to warn them of the dangers of the vaccine? People like you were not open to hearing anything. But I’m glad to see you have woken up.


All I can say is WOW! you (the authors) must be kidding!
I did a little research when these jabs were first approved for human use only to find out they contained ingredients that I won’t even have in my household or personal products.
After being relentlessly bullied by all and sundry to have the jab and socially ostracized by the mandates I choose to hold my position, even when family members declined to be in my company.
I hold no grudge against those who chose to be jabbed and treat all with respect as you should have done and should do now instead of blaming the unvaccinated for your choices.
I had no special insight or information about these products that could not be found in a Google search.


Plant Corn, get corn.

Pickle juice

Honestly, I hope who wrote this get more boosters! I recommend who bent over to the government and criticized the unvaxxed. Keep getting more boosters. We don’t need people like that around anyway. Whoever wrote this should get a vaccine straight in their brain. Enjoy rotting you filthy clot bags


I wore my medic uniform and stood in front of vaccine centers to warn of the potential harms. For that I was threatened with bodily harm, spit on, pushed and fired. People tried to warn the lot of the vaccinated and greeted with hate. I say you likely get what you deserve.

Mr. Joseph Bahadoor

I have tried for 3 years to tell my own, loved ones, the public around me to NOT take a EUA drug! No one listened!!! Some caved because they needed the cash (JOB). I lost mine chose my Health over a Job and I am heathy and NOT having to worry about stroking out is a good thing!!

I have NO blood on my hands!!!

They those that chose vaxx pays with their lives now!!!!!



Sorry, they were not listening and they were busy classifying them as paranoid and conspiracy theorists, and were shut down from society and threatened with arrests, fines, and loss of jobs. Those heckers can go and heck themselves IMO. Everyone deserves what they do to themselves.


We tried! We were to blame by our own president! This is the pandemic of the unvaccinated! Unbelievable now trying to turn the tables on us! I lost friends and family members because I tried to tell them. You have no idea what we have gone thru and now you tell us we didn’t do enough!!! Own your own choices.

Mike d

Is this a Babylon Bee article???

Anyone who questioned the official narrative was deplatformed. How were they supposed to interact with the masses when they were effectively silenced?

Escalating Eris

Dude, we told you. You just sent us pictures of cats in tinfoil hats.

Sidney pureblood

Best comment. 🤣

laurie cook

You have GOT to be kidding me? Is this BabylonBee?? We were yelling this stuff from the rooftops, YET we were censorded by Big Tech, cancelled, shunned, many of us lost our jobs because of our warnings, we lost family, we had to find new friends who were willing to listen.
You can all just go away now with your blood full of spike.
Sorry, not sorry

Jill Fancher

Give me a break. Everyone had access to this information you refused to listen. I was telling everyone around me and provided them with constant information and they wouldn’t listen. That’s on you. Your inability not to discern truth from fiction is your problem. Your first clue was when they took viable medicine off the market because they knew it would stop this in its tracks. Then your second was the censorship on media platforms from doctors trying to warn everyone. We take no pride or credit in your blindness of evil surrounding you. Talk to God.


Because most unvaccinated were either censored on social media or live tv because the government ordered this. If any of us did try to express our concerns we were met with a barrage of vaccinated people telling us they hoped we would end up on a ventilator.


I was called a fear mongering fool …that I wasn’t a Dr …so my opinion or anything I did try to say was propaganda …and to put my tinfoil hat back o …frustrated …
So blow it out your ass if you think we could have done more …


I certainly would have done more to warn you, but I was being fired for not getting the jab.

I might have had more time to help you understand, if I wasn’t trying to hold onto friends who were dropping me over my vaccine choice.

I would have been more motivated to warn you, if I had been allowed to vacation without getting the vaccine.

My freedoms were trashed because you were afraid, and now you want my forgiveness that I didn’t tell you you were making a horrible decision.

Your first mistake was letting government make you fear ANYTHING. I can’t help you figure out how to not be a coward, that’s on you.

I don’t wish harm or death upon you, but you’ll never get my apology for what your fear brought on me and the world.


Nah they don’t want our forgiveness, they are demanding we beg them for THEIR forgiveness. The entitlement of the people who tried to ruin our lives is so cringe.


I tried to warn as many people as I could on every platform I could find, people at work, family and friends. I continue to post everything I can find on a regular basis including some potential natural herbs and vitamins that can possibly help. I was laughed at, ridiculed and all of that continues from the pro-vax crowd. Blood is NOT on my hands, I continue to try and help warn those who have taken the shots to STOP before it is too late.


Your childish tantrum and resorting to censorship is the problem, especially give the FACT your article is a blood libel.

You made your bed, now hate that you have to lie in it.


There were marches and speeches in town centres all over the country. There was every chance for people to do simple research on excess deaths. There were more when the vaxx started.
You can’t really tell people not to take a medical procedure. All I could do on a personal level was to say that I wasn’t taking it myself and I didn’t take the flue jab either.
I did that and travelled to rallies all the time, giving out The Light as well. I think I did help some people not to take boosters but people don’t ask for permission to take a jab in the first place. None of us knew how bad it was going to be.


Hey everyone, we don’t need to react to this and turn on each other. These poor people who wrote this are running scared and are simply looking for an outlet to deflect their own actions. The info was there and always was if you researched. Unfortunately they are simply acting in their own emotions. No point in getting upset. No one made them get the vaccine, no one put a gun to their head. They had the right to choose for themselves. The choice to consent to the vaccine and the ramifications of the vaccine was one they made on their own. I have no malice towards the vaccinated who are lashing out. I simply feel sorry for them. Of course they are going to lash out and blame anyone they can for their own decision making. They were lied to, manipulated, brainwashed, coerced, gaslighted and betrayed by people they put trust and faith in. The truth was withheld and blocked from them by those same people. They are simply looking for someone to blame and we unvaccinated are who they will take it out on. Don’t give this emotional tantrum any of your energy or time. Hate breeds hate. We can not afford to turn on each other and let another corruption be swept under the rug because we have been emotionally triggered by the accusations of it being our fault for not informing them. Simply meet them with kindness and remember we did all we could. No one likes hearing the truth, it’s a hard pill to swallow, but please remember they consented to this on their own multiple times prior to the injection, they had the ability just like us to look into things prior to consenting to the injection and they choose on their own Accord that the vaccine was right for them at that time. Unfortunately that includes the consequences of the vaccine was also consented to by them. Simply wish them well and good health from a 1.5m distance 😊.

Samuel Melton

This is the opposite of the truth. Whoever promotes this really ought to have a good conversation with someone who was refusing this “vax” or gene therapy. Really shallow.


For those that were forcibly vaccinated against your will without any consent, I am so sorry that happened to you. My deepest condolences.

Edy Whitehead

Every single adult had the same opportunity to do their own research before making medical decisions for themselves and their families. Grow up and own your own decision. Not one person who chose not to get the jab forced or even coerced anyone into taking it.


Literally gobsmacked that anyone would write, let alone publish this bizzarro garbage article. We were banned and blocked and fact checked into oblivion, but you have the nerve, after murdering countless innocents with your medical fascism, to point your finger at the people who tried, in the face of total ostricization, to warn you?

I am glad you are all now sterile and dying. You deserve it. Burn in hell, tyrants.


I genuinely cannot tell if this article is satire or not. We have all been screaming from the rafters and ridiculed in the most cruel way for trying to warn others. Can someone confirm whether this article is a joke or not? I lost friends for speaking even an ounce of the truth. I stopped speaking it to avoid being shunned and canceled.

Julie Nicholls

Ridiculous! I spent most days for the past three years researching and trying to warn people. We were mocked. Perhaps you should be shaming the real cowards that knew exactly what was happening in the hospitals. Start with the doctors and nurses.

A wolf

Lol, we, having done countless hours of research over many years, like usual did all we could to warn of the many dangers faced with vaccination, and like 99% of the time we were called all sorts of tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist idiotic senseless abusive names, while every one ran out like thoughtless morons and took MULTIPLE SHOTS, we tried to warn you… NONE of us sat silent, believe me.

Seethe, cope, & dilate

I couldn’t be more proud of myself for spending the last 2 1/2 years being an outspoken pureblood. I sleep soundly knowing my refusal to get the clot shot made many a seething leftist get their 10th booster in a feeble attempt to spite me.

I’m filled with the same joy and glee that a child has on Christmas morning when I read ‘died suddenly’ articles.

Joe Geffert

Gas. Lighting. Wow…


We tried to warn you but you called us crazy conspiracy theorists and demanded we be banned from social media.


Disgusting article, we were vilified and abused at every turn while trying to convey the research that we’d done. Eminent Scientists accused of Pseudoscience and ignored by government and their peers. The writer of this article should be ashamed.


Lol. You’re kidding, right? We tried telling everyone for months and months but were called names and outcasted. #NoAmnesty


I had the EXACT SAME DATA YOU HAD. I made an adult decision. I paid a terrible price for my decision. I was unemployable.

Now it turns out my concerns, problematic af on 100% public information, were well founded.

You were a fool, your foolishness is your own fault.

Until you admit that to yourself, you will likely continue making bad decisions.


Everyone needs to cease participation in this discussion asap.


Here we go, if you are sincere then understand this. What is happening here is exactly what they want, it’s all part of the plan. Pitch the people against each other which then weakens the uprise because we are too busy pointing fingers at each other to notice once again what is really happening.
We all made choices and MUST be accountable and responsible for those choices. Those of us who knew have attempted to share our knowledge with those who believed in the leaders of the world and we were shunned, separated, segregated and outcast. We could not enjoy quality time with our families and friends and not one of you could make different arrangements to include us in your gatherings instead you pointed your finger and snubbed us, how do you really think we felt? Let me tell you, we felt like we were not important to any of you because a simple experimental medical procedure was more important. Yes you read correctly EXPERIMENTAL MEDICAL PROCEDURE.
Because of our choices we endured so much heart ache not to mention the psychological distress, financial hardship, when we realised that no one really gave a hoot as to whether we could attend gatherings or not.
We are all responsible and accountable for our decisions and must accept the consequences associated. YOU MADE YOUR CHOICE NOW YOU MUST OWN IT we did not force you instead we did our best to warn you. You chose to abide by the directives in order to maintain lifestyle or because you believed in your so called leaders.
We had worldwide rallies where tens of millions of people actually rose up because we were wise to the evil plans. If you want to be angry point your anger in the right direction, to governments, health authorities, doctors, main stream media – believe it or not they all knew long before this started. They are all responsible, they were directed to do wrong by the people or face the consequences. They were under strict orders to cause harm to us and we the people.
Now they want us to fight each other while they enforce even more deadly acts upon us.
This is not a time for pointing fingers and laying blame that is exactly what they are directing us to do. Instead we must



Ronald Walton

I did. Constantly.

You refused to listen and read the clinical submissions I supplied.

So, Bite Me


Seriously… your going to print this??? What is wrong with you….. we’ve been shunned, labeled, shut out by our government. And you have the gull to say we didn’t warn you… what is happening to common sense…. just sad…

Mel’s pet fruit bat

Well. What can I say?

The unvaccinated were this close to being rounded up and gleefully put in camps for not doing what the group think wanted.

There is a forum – called Godlikeproductions, and I suggest you go and see that from Jan/Feb 2020, biological warfare experts / medical experts were sounding the alarm about prions, Peyer’s Patches attack route, the HiV inserts and the threat to fertility.

They were the canary in the coalmine, so to speak. They did what they could as mainstream group think screamed the world down in protest at these brave few souls.

Now you see that even the risk of organ donation and blood donation is very real, and very, very dangerous. The vaccinated are now walking time bombs of mental and physical destruction from a biological warfare pathogen designed to age the body, destroy the immune system, speed up any and all frailties a person may have, decrease their fertility, and then? Kill them.

Matt L

I have literally been kicked off of facebook 4-5 times for trying to get this word out, but a certain political party pushes for more censorship of “misinformation”. Are you going to listen to us this time when we tell you about our first amendment rights and how they are under attack? Clearly our words about the vaccine fell on deaf ears. These ones will too, and then are you going to blame us again?


Whoever wrote this story is just a big pharma shill! We warned you for 2 years censored us, you should be embarrassed you wrote the story, you should be ashamed of yourself for all the ridicule and death threats you made towards us anti-vaxxers.

Dr. O

are you mentally scrotebrainED?

shane guillot

WOW…I’d take this article down…talk about tone deaf


This shit is hilarious!


We told you. Repeatedly. We refused so much that governments did everything their laws allowed them to to force people to get vaccinated and even then some decided to pass new laws to allow further force.

This is not on us.

It’s on you.

We told you. You didn’t want to listen. You were afraid. And, you know, a lot of us understood that and still do. However, you can’t unvaccinate yourself.

Turning this around like it’s our fault somehow it egregiously wrong. I would go so far as to say that it’s completely amoral. Not immoral. Amoral.

This, coming from the same group of people who wished death on the unvaccinated.


What you did is not my responsibility.

I don’t wish death or misery on anyone but I am an ardent supporter of “personal responsibility.” In other words, you made your bed now lie in it.


This is satire right?


Who can tell anymore?

Marlene Lajoie

After all the abuse we anti-vaxers took, after being accused of murder, after being looked down upon for “not doing the right thing” for humanity, after being shut down and alienated from family and friends… just shut the f up Health and Wellness mag and no we will not ever apologize. And by the way what kind of mag are you if you “didn’t know”?


Cry more. Cry while you still have time.

Because we’re not listening to you any more.

The vaccines are ravaging your bodies, killing so many off and making way for republican voters. The Church of Blue is dying and you did it to yourselves.

And I’m glad.


Every time we tried to say something we were silenced, bullied, ridiculed and in some cases threatened by those we tried so desperately to keep safe.

Desiree Best

Most of the unvaccinated did speak up and try to urge the sheep not to follow however the fear mongering by the media prevented our voices from being heard …. Let’s be clear we were labeled as antivaxers or as wearing tin foil hats conspiracy theorists. I am A nurse and I can Whole heartedly say I was At the brink of losing my job over a vaccine I didn’t Trust. I was Treated like a lepper. Anyone with a wifi connection and a source to log onto google could look up the speed at which it was made. The mumps vaccine was the shortest in length of time to be tested and produced and that took ten years. That In it’s self was enough to prove to me this wasn’t safe or properly worked out. In fact anyone with an apple phone should know better we all know the newest iOS has following bug fixes and updates to be corrected before it works properly. Shame on the sheeple for blaming the sensible.


Millions of us tried to warn all of our family and friends, to no avail, we even marched to parliment houses around the world and what did we get for it, mainstream media ignoring us or telling everyone we are terrorists. Many in Australia who went the Canberra to protest where attack by RAD weapons and thousands are still trying to physcially recover from the damage it did to their bodies, they where also sprayed with something that burnt their skin. So please don’t tell us we didn’t try we did becuase we love you all, we tried but the governments and main stream media made it almost impossible for us to be heard….
We love you and know this, many are working on medical remedies to help reverse most of the damage done to you all… we know you where onky doing what you thought was right, but so where we…and have been attacked for it.

Rusty Shackleford

We did, Endlessly we cried and screamed, you didnt listen. Then you said we couldnt come to Christmas dinner. You reap what you sow.

Dont worry though, I’m sure they will come up with a Vaccine for the Vaccine, and make billions of dollars off it. Then when that turns out to be poison too they will make a Vaccine for the Vaccine that was for the Covid Vax.

Nothing to see here move along sheep.

Brain damage

Get woke ,get ded.
Not mine or anyone else’s job to babysit a bunch of brain dead idiots.

CK Bond

The writer seems to have forgotten that, every time I tried to tell people “Don’t do it!” my posts were deleted then I was banned from Twitter, FaceBook, etc. So, we TRIED. We were ridiculed and treated like 2nd class citizens, for trying to help the ones who didn’t figure it out. That’s how I knew, I figured it out. Not hard, not a mystery. Maybe I ‘knew’ and others didn’t, because I threw away my TV in 2009.

Virginia Ingrim

We screamed it from the rooftops and were censored, ridiculed and called granny killers. This article takes so much audacity that it must just be or click bait.


Why write this when everybody knows it isn’t true? When there are tons of videos of people begging others standing in line to get jabbed not to get the vaccine? When it’s so obviously the exact opposite of what happened?


Why don’t you blame the people who made it and forced it.


Message from a Canadian
Are you living under a rock? Let me tell you what happened to the ones you now call “the unvaxxed” thanks to your brainwashing mainstream media (Legacy Media). Firstly, we were censored. I got all my social media accounts shut down, my laptop was fried, and 3 of my phones as I tried to get the word out. Then we had our rights violated, we weren’t allowed in any public place. I personally wasn’t allowed to go to the gym, to hockey, to any restaurant, malls, you name it. The only thing I was allowed to enter was a grocery store, the bank, and the hospital incase of an emergency. Then we lost our jobs if we didn’t subserviently comply to the mandates. I personally lost my job and my hopes to buy a home all went down the drain. It’s been over a year now, and I’m still having a difficult time finding employment that will take a pureblood. My family, friends, and peers all turned their backs on me and called me the worst names ever. So then I petitioned, and protested for the first time in my area trying to warn individuals. I went to my local hospital to warn them of the studies abroad ignored. I contact my local MP and I was made fun of. And with the little money I had in my savings I managed to get to go to the Ottawa Trucker Convoy in February 2022 volunteer to help; I even bought 20 big turkeys to donate, and bought roses for the female truckers. And once that was shut down by the Stasi I returned home, and started volunteering.

I did everything in my power to try to warn people, and to boot, I’m an introvert. I’ve been relatively quiet my whole life up until now: I literally lost everything I used to care for, not to mention my reputation for merely trying to tell the truth. If I had a second chance at it, I’d still do it. Whomever wrote this is one of the most spineless writers of our generation.

Brett Lothian

Are you on drugs? Your ignorance, is your responsibility.

Steve Pureblood

The author of this article should hang themselves. At the very least should they should volunteer to be sterilized so as to not pollute the human gene pool.

Fedup withYou

A Dr. in Biological Sciences, Alessandro Siani, wrote this piece of crap. Like he didn’t understand the risks.


When I tried to warn people or linked them to the reports, people either didn’t want to talk about it, called me crazy, or ignored me. This is a very strange argument when the blame is clearly on big Pharma and FAUCI who lied and now young people are dropping dead.

Rebecca Campbell

I have some strong words for the author if this “article” but I’m sure if I write them I’ll be sensored just like we were all sensored, ignored, gaslighted, accused, belittled, mocked, and threatened when we warned you. We had no special access that you didn’t have. We had a he[[ of a lot more common sense. You didn’t listen and this article is machiavellian social manipulation. I have one word for you and it rhymes with weevil.


Obviously this is satire!!!.. But people have been so traumatized by the vociferous vaxes that they have lost their sense of humor!!


Surely, this was written in jest. I’ve lost lifelong friends trying to get them to not take the vaccine. People talking behind my back and suggesting online that I should be fired from my job. You all just wouldn’t listen.


is this a stupid joke, or is the author of this article just an absolute brain dead moron? I warned everyone and was mocked,


It’s not April Fools, but I almost fell for this article. Don’t deceive yourself, everyone is experiencing their just rewards. Those who chose to get the mRNA injection will suffer whatever (potential) consequences they may suffer. I promise that those who forced this injection on their children will suffer at a whole other level. Those of us who chose to not take the injection have also paid for our choices. Nobody gets off for free on this wheel. Welcome to our shared reality. I have paid dearly for my choices, it’s now time for the vaxxed to accept responsibility and realize that whatever comes your way was of your choosing.


You need to start doing some research and think for yourself. The information was there for you.
You simply took the easy way of allowing the media to make this life threatening decision for you. Instead of being angry at pure bloods you should turn your anger at the people how have done this to you, and continue to vaccinate people.


Hmmm, I’m wondering if the people writing this story went to conservative “places” like Rumble or Gab or Truth Social or Parler or even GETTR during the last 3 yrs to actually LOOK and READ and LISTEN so they could form their own opinions instead of just blaming conservatives for their own incompetence. I was liberal, then I went to these places. I actually heard truth.


Own your decisions, I’ve lost countless friends and was disowned by a parent for trying to tell them of the harm the vaccines caused. How dare you try to throw this on us. How dare you say we don’t care when we have watched loved ones becoming sick over and over. Own your decision and acknowledge your own actions. (01/24/2023- dating this)

Dana Scully

We did! And you all told us we should be thrown in PRISON, we should lose our jobs, OUR CHILDREN, we should be locked in our homes, shouldn’t be allowed to WORSHIP, should be SENT TO EFFING CAMPS!! You LOSERS are the reason we are in the effing mess. YOU didn’t think for yourselves. YOU didn’t listen to reason or think critically. YOU ALLOWED FEAR TO CONTROL YOU. You were and still are the problem. Don’t ever tell us “WHy didn’t you try harder.” You didn’t want to hear truth. And you still don’t. That is why you censor.



suffering with the consequences of your own decisions is called being an adult, suck it up.

Alain B

This is such a st*pid article full of lies and misconceptions. We have been banned, ostracized and cast aside by the “good” vaccinated people. Remember the “pandemic of the Unvaccinated”? They hated us at the time for trying to tell the truth. And the vast majority is still NOT listening to us as they are brainwashed by the media, Hollywood elite and influencers and our own government agencies (I am looking at you DCD & FDA). .


Just reading “experimental” was all I needed to know.


The vaccinated demanded we lose our jobs as we were telling them of the dangers. What rock have you been living under. We’ve been screaming it from the rooftops because we were censored on all platf


This is a joke, right? You cannot possibly be serious.

Lady Hermann

You had the same information we did, you could have asked the same questions. Instead you worked over time to ruin our lives, destroy our families to get your jab and where your masks. It is not a vaccine and the masks do not protect you, it is a bioweapon but the proverbial “you” said, “My doctor cares about my health”. NO THEY do not, they get paid every time they get you on a pill and vaccine. Do your research please.


Maybe it was flagged as misinformation and our social media suspended us for speaking out.


Unfortunately this reads as no more than another way to point fingers at someone else. You all laughed at us, and bought into gov’t/media propaganda. It was never the right thing to do. All the people who decided to participate in this experiment did so on their terms and most were so extremely happy they did – showing photos and other virtue signaling activities. We were shamed and ridiculed, labeled and shut out from society and now you are trying to blame us for your inability to do your own research. You need to start “adulting” and own the choice you made.


This cannot be a serious article 🤦🏼 EVERYONE had access to the information. Some of us took the time to look into it. Then when we attempted to sound the alarm we were censored, ridiculed, called various names and demonised. This article is absolute rubbish. 👎


Is this for real? President Biden basically asked for the unvaccinated to lose their jobs. Unvaccinated were ridiculed and called murderers. People tried to speak out but were silenced.

Here’s another truth, masks don’t work either.

tony c

those others did speak up and told others ,but they were silenced by those who believed the rhetoric, now still being ostracized , and made to be the scapegoat just isnt fair


This HAS to be SATIRE! 😂😂😂😂😂🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡


We tried to tell you about a lot of things and you refused to listen. You called us preppers and conspiracy theorists. You called us haters and right wing nuts. The last thing I’m going to tell you is the USA is going to fall if you continue to laugh at the warning signs. Once this nation absolves itself to the one world government you won’t be laughing and you’ll be shaking your heads saying, ‘Why didn’t they do more to warn us(?)’. I’m sorry but it’s getting harder to forgive you.

Danny Milner

A. For a long time you couldn’t be told because you empowered a government that loves to lie.
B. When you could be told you didn’t listen because you were “doing the right thing” and you were “following the science”.
This article is gaslighting at its best. You made a conscious decision. You had access to the same information. You only had to ask. So no blood is on the hands of the UN-jabbed. You can blame the medical professionals. You can blame Fauci, you can blame yourself, but you can’t blame those who did the right thing.


I am a yoga and Pilates teacher. I teach preventative health. I had clients for over ten years drop me. Like that. The city of Los Angeles did not let the unvaccinated in public spaces (like yoga studios) so all the studio owners turned me away. Nobody wanted to listen, not even people who I had worked with for ten years. They iced me. Wouldn’t give me eye contact. One of my long-term clients with Parkinson’s died shortly after taking the shot. I had been banned from seeing him by his family because I gave him the information about negative side-effects. I told who I could and lost clients, friends and colleagues. My own family I couldn’t convince. Even one of my three sons. I remember the sadness in my teens face when he was denied entry into some super hero movie at the local theater with his friends. He knew that in an instant he had lost all his friends (and couldn’t see the latest Marvel flick). People hid after awhile (the truth) because it was painful, alienating, and economically disastrous. I remember when our president called me “pestilence” and when my sister said she could no longer speak to me. I have blood on my hands because I hid. Yes I started to hide after awhile. The whole thing was just too much. Trying to explain and share articles and being constantly mocked. Yes I might have done more but I got very tired. It was an impossible situation. What a mess we all made of it. And I will admit my part, but only as a singular voice against a storm of institutional power and propaganda.

Kate Holehouse

Please turn your anger to big tech and mainstream media for goodness sake. Misplaced anger will only lead you further into their trap.

They censored and silenced us at every point. It was so painfully challenging having all our posts deleted everywhere and getting kicked off all the major platforms.

It is because of THEM you didn’t hear the truth. THEY have blood on their hands. If you really truly want to stand for something then stand against the lying media, big tech, and government.

Robyn Bohlen

Our messages to everyone were blocked/cancelled/censored. We tried for the past few years to offer another point of view and were totally shutdown. Your anger should be at the media and the ‘leaders’ who have orchestrated this whole thing. They have been lying to us all. Some of us just figured it out sooner. It never sat well with me. Still doesn’t !


I cried, I begged. I became the family outcast. This crime against humanity does not fall on the unvaccinated. We used the same resources available to everyone. We tried to share the knowledge of experts who were silenced but you do NOT vaccinate in the midst of a pandemic without bearing the consequences of mutation. We were denied oir jobs, social and family interaction, some of us died because we were denied medical treatment for unrelated illnesses while the vaccinated laughed and cheered. Children were denied treatment and organ transplants because they or their parents weren’t vaxxed. Oh no. You do NOT get to play the victim here, not with us. The shame is yours because YOU were silent?, YOU were complicit. Blame Fauci, Gates, etc. Lay your complaint at their feet. I wish you healing, and health. I’ve never rejoiced in your injuries or deaths. I am not a jackal. What I am is done.


I spent 10,000 USD and thousands of hours trying to warn the vaccinated morons that the virus was treatable with hydroxclorine, antibiotics, and ivermectin, but you ridiculed and censored me. Live with your decision and don’t blame the pure bloods among us. We are the future, not the ignorant crowd followers.


I did try, i was trolled, gaslit, and told i was crazy to countless eye rolls. In the end, i had to help my friends who were forced to get it undergo it, the detox routine for free. Fine.

Take 1 teaspoon of baking soda morning and night, 3 months.

High doses of L-Argnine, NAC, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Zinc, Quercetin, so much Vitamin D you think its insane,

Tons of ginko biloba to stave off and eventually cure the brain fog.

3 – 6 months if you survived this long your blood will be reconditioned mostly. Avoid exercise like its the plague.

Big Brad

I myself is one of those that told people not to jump on the vaccine bandwagon. I was screaming it from then rooftops. You want to blame somebody. Blame the social media platform forms that suspended our accts and banned us from platforms for say DO NOT TAKE THIS POISON. Don’t you dare put the blame on the unvaccinated. We did speak up, we were silenced by big tech, big pharma and the FBI. You reap what you sow, and we told you so.


I take offense to this article. I posted published research, statistics, testimony from credentialed medical specialists and more, in order to raise awareness of the actual risks. In thanks, I was at best ignored, or worse ridiculed, accused of being a conspiracy theorist, a non-expert unable to read and comprehend basic scientific principles. I’m done cases ridiculed by my extended family.

Then, to add insult to injury, as an active duty military member, was forced by our toxic politics to choose between vax, or throw away 23 years of service and retirement benefits that I’ve sacrificed much for in order to ensure my wife and children could continue to be provided for.

At least they didn’t get the shot. I had to make a calculated risk decision for them, knowing full-well it could backfire on me. I owe you nothing, and many more like me attempted to warn others repeatedly.

Jake Reynolds

I live in Canada and I couldn’t get on a plane or train for a long time. People I considered friends turned me away from their tables and I very nearly lost my job. People insulted my intelligence both to my face and when I wasn’t around. True friends defended me. Honestly, if this isn’t parody, shame on you for trying to blame this on us. Blame the coercive rollout program, the State, and big pharma’s complete indemnity from liability.


This has got to be SATIRE. I was on my hands and knees begging my family not to take it.
But the people, whoever wrote this article for one, who decided what the “right thing” was could not be persuaded. Everyday I have to set aside the worry of what could happen to my children because adverse events have already happened in my circle. Strokes, blood clots, aggressive cancer and I blame our government, media, drs, AND the propagandized into oblivion idiots that demanded how we all must act. Of course, these demands seemed reasonable at the time for a certain type of people that constantly declare their moral and intellectual superiority.
Sorry, Gaslighter extraordinaire, there is no amnesty that will be given to you or any of the others listed above. At least not without an apology…..and of course this article is for the high browed dumb people looking to point a finger anywhere but themselves.
Encouraging people to take another booster is “mean”?
How’s this: NUREMBERG CODE. Especially for the lying Mockingbird media to which you seem to be member.

Ted Kuntz

I can only assume this is some one’s idea of dark humour. To blame the unvaccinated for the ignorance and arrogance of the vaccinated is preposterous. Thanks for the laugh. A tongue in cheek emoji would have made it better.


Sadly, this is not completely credible. I stood outside these clinics and gave people CDC information about risks vs benefits and tried to talk the people out of it. I am an RN. It was very unsuccessful. The cops were called on me. I heard the cries of the children. After I tried to make sure parents were FULLY INFORMED. I was forced to leave by cops as they said I was simply “protesting”. Please know that not all of us sat back and did nothing. Today my heart remains heavy. While I was segregated (literally in my office cubicle) I prayed many prayers while jab takers wished death on me. Many of us pray for you daily. On behalf of those who feel people didn’t warn you, I am sorry. My heart hurts for what you are feeling.


What a bunch of bs lol. Who wrote this garbage and where are the sources? Delusional


The biggest load of shit out there.. this article should be reported for false information.. how dare you 🖕🏻The vaccinated thought the were superior because they were stupid enough to fall for the scam … maybe they have buyers remorse and look like fools . There will be no blood on our hands and they can all go get stuffed . 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻


Some epic trolling here. LOL! Some very clever articles.

Glenn Lambert

Lol .. you are kidding right🤦‍♂️


Well, this is a switch! Those accusations and blaming/shaming tactics should be towards the government’s, media and general public that effectively silenced those that DID try to warn people! The unvaxxed were ridiculed, ostracized and punished for trying to speak out! Doctors that did try were threatened and many of them had their licenses taken away and livelihoods destroyed! So, blame your government and media, not the unvaxxed!


Is this a satire site?! You cannot be serious 😒

I assessed the risk for myself and my children just like any clear thinking adult, starting with the fundamental knowledge that you cannot trust pharmaceutical companies, media or politicians.

I argued with family members and friends who uninvited me to events as a result of being unvaccinated. Not to mention the media suppression of information.

Big Jake

I thought this was satire, it is isn’t it? I’m about to just go start an organic farm and check out, if things are really this ridiculous.


Anyone who belives this freaking shit can go heck themseves….Including the freaking author.

Mike Freeman

I’m still trying to figure out if this whole article is a parody or actually serious. On the off-chance that it’s the latter: Why didn’t we say more? Because every time we did, we were shunned, often by friends going back several decades, had our comments flagged and muted on social media, were dismissed by media pundits and “experts,” and in more than a few cases threatened with loss of employment. There were even those who suggested we be forcibly vaccinated. So no, it’s you who need to be asking for our forgiveness; and there are plenty on our side who are not at all disposed to give it.

Jim McLain

The hell we didn’t try to warn you! You freaking hecks can heck right off with this freaking bullshit!


If you read your last part about why you don’t have comments open because of shills those shills were the people the everyone was silencing when we did speak out about the vaccines and why would we have blood on our hands when you should be going the the ones who pushed it down your throat


I tried to warn numerous people — and was told I should wear a tinfoil hat. I have lost access to my own sons and their families as a result. So you can do something vulgar and obscene with your absurd “blood on their hands” garbage. I spoke up. My conscience is utterly clear.


Have been ridiculed for the past two years teying to warn people, have friends unfriend me, people call me all sorts of names, please do not say we did not do more to warn you.. ultimately, you must own your own decisions and stop pushing blame for your own choices, you had the same ability to research like us, you could have asked more questions, you could have said no, but why didn’t you?


If you vaccinated fools are too lazy to research what a government is illegally putting into your body without you asking any questions , it’s being injected into your body and you don’t want to know what is in there ???
and you would have sneered and laughed at anyone who tried to warn you … well you deserve what’s coming and that is imminent death , as all the genuine scientists are saying not the fake one you’ve watched on TV the real experts are saying you are going to die some quicker than others but the spike protein is doing its job inside you and massive clots are developing every day so it won’t be long you had better get your affairs in order

Kathleen Thompson

You cannot be serious!!!!WTH We DID inform you and you told us you hoped we would get Covid and DIE!!!! Stop with your sanctimonious, self-righteous BS!!!


The fact that you’re censoring dissenting comments, should explain why you might not have heard our concerns about a vaccine rushed into production.



J Fox

Name of the author please?


we ALL had access to the same information, don’t blame us, the unvaxxed, for your stupidity.


Um, lots of us spoke up. I even went so far as to warn people about post-vaccine myocarditis and almost lost my job when someone reported me to my employer. I warned my family to stop getting vaccines and told my friends why I stopped at 2 doses. No one believed me. I’m not sure what else you want us to do here.
Prominent physicians like Peter McCullough, Ryan Cole, and the FLCCC people lost their licenses for speaking up. Bill 2098 in CA calls it ” misinformation” when someone questions the vaccines. That should give you pause.


Everyone was given free will by God at birth. I don’t know any unvaccinated person who remained silent. We are the ones who have been ostracized by our families and friends for telling them what was really going on. People hear what they want to hear and, sadly, there were too many who didn’t listen.


They tried like anything. They were ridiculed. Ostracised.
Felt to make small. They went to rallies week after week.
Surely the writer is doing this for attention?


Is this article a joke? It must be, as the author would need to be beyond ignorant to write such BS.


This has got to be a joke site , right?
Or scammers trying to get your email address 🖕


This is a satirical article right?


The information was out there for anyone with an inquiring mind, no one had more access than anyone else, all anyone needed was a will to look for it. We got called conspiracy theorists, tin foil hat wearers and a whole lot worse. We posted on FB, on Twitter and most social media. We know you were all under a lot of pressure to take it, we ALL WERE. Some of us just said NO and it cost us – friends, family, jobs etc. Whoever wrote this needs to look inwards and examine where they decided to be a part of an experiment and not blame others for their decision. Supplement Bromelain and N-Acytl-Cysteine (NAC), it might help.


Hi. I got 2 shots cuz I trusted our gov. I got very sick with the second and decided not to get anymore. Now my vaccinated friend is mocking me and saying I am stupid for believe the storyline. In his defense he did tell me he thought the shots were unsafe. But he didn’t push it. Why didn’t he warn me MORE? I still have minor problems from the second shot. That guy is not my friend anymore.


Own up to your own irresponsible behaviors. You blame all your problems on others. I say again. Own up to your own irresponsible behaviors.

ds williams

Trying to warn the know-it-all “trust the science” people I got shouted at, hung up on, disinvited to family functions, called a ‘conspiracy theorist’, laughed at and told to mind my own business. The same information, for example the VAERS site, was available to you that I used to make my decision and try to warn the know it alls. Don’t you dare try to shift the blame for your arrogance to the people who were fired, kept from using restaurants and ridiculed for not being as gullible as you.

Pure blood

The info I had access to, the vaccinated had access to! It’s their own fault for not doing their due diligence and not questioning things that became questionable, such as: why do i need it if you have it!!?? Plenty of us were saying plenty of stuff. I was banned 7 times for thirty days each time from Facebook last year!! It’s not anyone’s fault the vaccinated limited their news resources only to the ones who censored what they needed to hear, as disinformation and misinformation. The vaccinated wanted censorship in the name of protecting others. Looks like they did a fantastic job dooming themselves. Free Speech is a gem to cherish and what a way to learn the harm that comes from lack of freedom of information and speech, than to harm oneself with a disability or death!


Abiding by what media says to do is neither “the right thing to do” nor wise, as no real education, specifically medical or scientific is required for media & journalism. And when government parrots the same message, you know beyond a doubt the opposite is the correct course of action. Your blood and what you do w


Been screaming from the rooftops. No one listened. My whole family shunned me and social media censored us. Your misinformed and should be directing your feelings at the deep state that created it and kept the truth from being publicized. There are treatments. Quantum Healing works!


We tried telling people but were ridiculed and called terrible names and accused of killing people and being selfish when trying to help others not make mistakes

Vindicated in Philly

“Why didn’t anyone warn us??”

Literally the entire U.S. media colluded to shut this information down. But sure, let’s blame each other and get at each other’s throats even more that we do now. That is exactly what the ruling class wants : keep the pressure off those at the top, those who profited from this human rights disaster.


Who wrote this garbage? Really? You ostracized and silenced an entire group of people that made a different choice than you. Remember the talks of denying the unvaccinated hospital beds? Health insurance? Organ transplants? Not getting to see your dying loved ones? Need I go on?

I have lost friendships because of the choice I will own up to any day.

Personal accountability and responsibility could go a LONG way.

James McDermott

The better question is, what would it have taken to convince people not to take it?


I can’t tell if this article is satire? Everyone who had the common sense to question the vax most certainly attempted to warn their loved one, colleagues and anyone who would listen. But they were met with hostility, propaganda slogans and segregated from society. It’s the people who chose to believe the TV and ” experts” over their loved ones that need to do the apologies. ” conspiracy theorists” did more for me and people I knew about researching and warning than most doctors I’ve come into contact with. Bravo unvaccinated, and to us who may have taken it, let’s hope we’ve learned a lesson.

No clots from Fauci shot

Instead of blaming the people who actually did their research. The people who lost their jobs, family, ability to access medical treatment and surgeries, travel, leave the country to find new work, get marriage licenses, renew drivers license or even get a passport. These people were censored, lost their social media accounts, doctors who spoke out were fired. They ALL tried warning you. While you mocked us calling us “fringe, racist, misogynistic, Q following, right wing extremist, domestic terrorist, dangers to society and finally grandma killers”.
You called us “anti-science anti-vaxxers”
Not once did you stop to ask why they were hesitant or didn’t want it. You said they were fully tested, you pushed the propaganda and when we told you they weren’t safe. You turned off the comment section.
Sad thing is, those were just the start. Sadly you will be victim of what’s next if you don’t learn to take accountability.

Why don’t you blame the government for pushing this into federal mandates, why don’t you blame the media and yourself for creating an echo chamber and convincing others to take the clot shot, why don’t you blame the pharmaceutical companies for hiding the data with the fda that we had to sue them for the safety data. Why won’t you blame those accountable? Because you yourself are one of them.

Get some composer and class.
Your life of victim hood will never change if you don’t actually take accountability for the consequences of your choices, words and actions.


This article seems like an intentional troll – a reversal of a pureblood’s feelings over the disaster of the past couple years. The violations of human rights, “lockdowns”, calls for internment camps, calls for forced injection. You know…that the vaxxers supported. So, I had trouble taking the article seriously. But, assuming there is someone out there in this big world who is actually this benighted:
Nope. No apologies. We tried – you ignored us. Now you have the unsafe & ineffective clot shot coursing through your veins. I’ll forgive you for your words and deeds AFTER JUSTICE IS SERVED and you repent and beg forgiveness.


All I can say is….it will be a very long time before most humans trust government vaccines or any vaccines again. And that’s a shame because some past vaccines have done untold good for humanity.

Lauren Petersen

This is comical. Millions screamed this from the roof tops for 2 years. Called Nazis, domestic terroirs, conspiracy theorists, diseased, grandma killers… we posted article upon article. Gov sourced articles. deplatfomed from EVERY SINGLE Social Media platform. Did you NOT see the FIOA documents that all social was paid by the government to silence us. We yelled, screamed, cried beggiy family to listen. YOU CHOSE to listen to GOV and not your owned loved ones. Why? Because you were brainwashed by mass formation psychosis. Stockholm Syndrome. You were brainwashed by the TV. Now, only now , that you’re apathy is going, do you want to place blame on your loved ones (who tried to warn you) vs. putting YOUR ego and pride aside; admit you were conned and lied to. Conned and lied to by the GOV. This whole opinion piece proves just that. That YOU are incapable of taking accountability and saying, “I was wrong. Thank you for loving me so much and for trying to get me to wake up.”

This right here friends (this option piece) is exactly what the Nazis did in WW2. Pure indoctrination and propaganda. These indoctrinated brainwashed individuals (unfortunately) are not going to be woken up. Don’t even give them once of energy


Is this satire? Because we weren’t silent and we raised holy heck to family, friends, at marches, to school boards, “churches”, newspapers, Facebook, Instagram, you name it. I lost my career job over it, among other things, and moved across the country to find a job that wouldn’t make me jab and stores that wouldn’t kick me out for being unmasked. What more did you want????? If this isn’t satire, it’s worse than the article that suggested we all forgive each other for what we said and did during covid when “we didn’t know any better”. Some of us always knew better and did better.


Stop freaking kids

Theevul Gekneeus

I apologise unreservedly for your governments, health care government departments, military services employed under the “emergency” MSM media, social media, the global corporations, the employees, friends, relatives and NGO’s who played their part in restricting, deleting, obfuscation, grey-listing, black-listing, shadow banning, results removal and in some cases on social media running a double layer application to enable no content or interactions that didn’t fall into line with the pandemic agenda… I apologise unreservedly that you allowed yourself to live in a bubble of your own creation and of all of those influencing you to live inside it and be denied any notion of the possibility of the idea that those reinforcing your bubble could actually want you detrimentally ill for the rest of your life or dead within minutes to hours to days, weeks or years… They want literally billions dead but not until they’ve done enough groundwork for their plans after around 2035…that’s when around 95% of the population… You’re on your own and good luck with the coming global catastrophic events…
Blood on hands indeed… You’re looking in the wrong direction just as when this started in October 2019 after it was already talked of back in around 2008/9 and China “catching a cold”… There is no conspiracy when foretold events emerge and the reason has been to put things in place before it happens…


Is this a parody, or sarcasm? Please be direct in your answer. Because calling people selfish for not participating in the injections while warning others and simultaneously being cancelled and persecuted for it, and then turning around and calling them selfish for ‘withholding’ is gaslighting, and worse than that, its more persecution. That’s no joke. You cannot get away with that.

Jackie Thompson

The blame needs to go to those that imposed this on society! The messengers that tried to sincerely help and warn were laughed at and/or ousted. People who are wise in their own eyes snubbed the ones that tried so hard to warn, out of concern! It is very sad that the propaganda machine knows that they can repeat lies and the more that they repeat them, the more they are believed. They use psychological warfare tactics, including gaslighting and propaganda to trick people for their bad agenda. Look up the Georgia Guidestones. Also, please do not shoot the messengers! And climate change is a total scam, another very bad agenda! Please don’t fall for it!


If this is real, and it’s hard to imagine it is, the shift of blame on those of us who not only continually warned you, but were ridiculed, shammed, demonized, laughed at & isolated, is even more ridiculous than you taking the shot… SERIOUSLY… it can’t get anymore fuked up… and yet it just did with you now blaming us for your ability to be brainwashed. Stop it & we still love you, but don’t push it!


All any of our vaccinated have to do is look at our personal face book pages from when it all started and they will show you how hard we all worked to try to give you the information we knew, and still do to this day .I had Family members and Friends telling me it was only a conspiracy theory. We lost Family and friends along the way. We unvaccinated all wished it was only a conspiracy theory ,but sadly it wasn’t. We Pray constantly for all the Vaxed!! God help us all!!


Is this for real? heck off.


I am not responsible for what you put in your body any more than you are responsible for what I put in mine. Take responsibility for your own choices. Take responsibility for your own research. Silence is GOLDEN in the age of cancellation.


We told everyone before the thing even came out that is going to do what it’s doing. We kept warning people even after we were called crazy, disowned by family, abandoned by friends, threatened, slandered, and so much more. Instead of listening to us tell you what would happen and to do your own research we were attached. Then big tech censored us, the MSM vilified us, and the government threatened us. Why don’t you just take responsibility for your own actions for once instead of pushing it on to the people who tried to help. Only spoiled little brats shift blame. Grow up!


The article is self-contradicting and ridiculous. Everyone had access to the same information. Some people just choose to exercise critical thinking while others simply trust various parties that are clearly untrustworthy. You say the unvaxxed should have warned everyone else. (They did). You also say that the same people you claim had information that should have been shared with others “flipped a coin”. Well, which is it? Did they have information, or did they flip a coin. It all comes down to this. This country has an epidemic of failure to think critically and to have healthy skepticism. No one should ever again casually trust the government or “experts”.


So regarding that warp speed COVID vaccine…
-Rushed, untested, experimental vaccine? Check
-Using dangerous mRNA technology that in the past killed every mouse with ADE? Check
-For a virus less deadly than the lockdowns them-selves? Check
-Also less deadly than the flu? Check
-For a coronavirus (cold) they’ve been unable to cure after over a century of trying? Check
-But somehow all of a sudden, figured it out in less than a year (warp speed)? Check
-People actually bought into this on a grand scale? Check

Here is how deadly the safe and effective vaccines really are: https://tritorch.com/VaxEfficacy


I’ve been trying to warn people for years after our son nearly died and was paralyzed from “safe & effective ” liability free jabs. We’ve endured death threats for not risking his life again.

I lost many friends the last 3 years. My husband nearly lost his job. I have shared scientific studies and articles re: these experimental gene editing injectable dongtails and their risks since April 2020; that lost us more friends and family.

It grieves me that no one would listen. Every person I am watching fall to deadly blood clots, New onset cancer and heart issues, breaks my heart. I am saddened, but I know that I did all that I could to warn people and share information from doctors and scientists trying to help those who fell for the propaganda. I pray that you all listen to those doctors and that maybe they can help you.

Julie Wilson

I posted on Facebook about Ivermectin and medical freedom, and studies which pointed towards the dangers of the vaccine. Not only was I censored, Multiple people called my worksite and tried to have me fired for “spreading misinformation”.

Many, many of us tried. Only to be ridcliculed, censored, and canceled. I nearly lost my job. Don’t you dare call us selfish. Most people I knew tried as hard as we could, NOBODY WOULD LISTEN.


Is this satire or legitimate liberal talking points? It’s becoming so hard to differentiate between the two nowadays.

Doc Holladay

Why waste time arguing with a vaxxer? All you have to do is wait.


I’m pretty sure this is satire, so I went to their main page at http://www.iqfy.com,
the articles there are not satire.

Now, I’m confused.


To the moderation team: you cannot write an article like this and demand and attempt to control the comments and the fury invoked by reading this pathetic essay. What do you expect?? I did my job, I researched over 2000hrs on this toxic poison, why didn’t you? If I have the brains to question and to research then why didn’t you do the same? Stop gaslighting us and own your choices. We suffered for 3yrs and you didn’t care to listen to us, you mocked us and eliminated us from your lives. That was the sacrifice we made for our health. Now it’s your turn to stop blaming everyone else for your decision and direct your anger to the appropriate people. Your government and yourself.


85% + 25% = 110%.

You may want to revisit your math.

As an aside… nice experiment.

Lora Potts

i really can’t believe that I am seeing this right now. I tried my hardest to keep my family from getting that shot. I asked them do you know what’s in the vaccines? Do you know it’s not a vaccine if there’s a cure for it? Do you know there’s not a vaccine until it goes to clinical trials? No one wants to listen. They say we aren’t doctors. It was their body their choice. I had shared multiple articles from doctors and scientists. We tried sharing information on different social medias, and it would be taken down or fact checked, or we would be kicked off. They believed what the government instead and that we are just conspiracy theorists or a cult. Trust me this hasn’t been easy for any of us. If it will help you, though, you can contact a conspiracy near you and they can help you detox from the vaccine.

Jackie Thompson

Loss of taste and smell can be from a cold or even EMF exposure! All of the radiation fields from the SMART meters, all of the wifi, and the “5G” works on immune systems, including of pets, bees, and animals…but since we are talking about this subject, there is documented loss of taste and smell from emf fields. They are trying to censor this and many truths. Many companies sell EMF protection products for those of us that are EMF sensitive and those of us that are in the know about the many things that EMF can do, even possibly cancer.


Despite every warning of what every reasonable person saw, to say “no one would listen” would be an understatement. We were blocked from social media, canceled and scorned for being crazy and irrational. Your “experts” refused to allow anyone else to speak up, silencing any opposing view. No, the blood isn’t on our hands, it’s on your leaders, tech companies and those unwilling to listen to reason. Live with that.

Joe Mamma

Excellent satire!


We tried and tried and tried…till we couldn’t any more …we lost family and friends trying…we got shot by police we got goaled we marched. The social media banned us, the medical field deregulated us…Till this day they are still doing this to us…how dare you say we didn’t try!


Is this a joke or are you lunatics?




As adults it is our responsibility to make decisions that affect our well-being and health. Sometimes it involves listening, researching and asking questions. There were MANY people shouting at the top of their lungs warning of the potential dangers….and we were shunned, laughed at, called names and still are to this day. I feel that this is gaslighting. Time to take responsibility for what you have done. I pray that you will have learned from this and have a questioning attitude in the future…for your own sake. Stay healthy.

Deez hawgnutzzz

I needed a laugh, thanks.


This reads like satire. Sadly, the writer is serious. You all had access to the same information we had. When we did try to warn you, we were censored and ridiculed.
On a side note, I know math is hard, but regarding your info box about good commentators and bad, hurtful ones, 85% and 25% add up to more than 100%.
Again, the article and your math gave me a good laugh tonight. Thanks!


When a friend sent me this article, I honestly thought it was a joke. For the past 3 years, not only have the unv-ed been trying to tell people to take a step back and do some research before getting in line to, and I will use YOUR words, “do the right thing”, but doctors and scientists and virologists from all over the world have been trying to tell you the same thing! And how did that turn out? They were silenced, censored, banned, fired, threatened, had their careers ruined. And all those people that you’re saying should have said something? THEY DID! Over and over and over again! But you refused to listen! Instead, you shamed them, insulted them, excluded them, de-friended them, ignored them, hell, some even went so far as to say that they didn’t deserve medical treatment if they needed it.


Is this article a serious article or a spoof? Nobody really believes that we didn’t attempt,to warn them do they? We were censored and shamed and ridiculed and our livelihoods were threatened for attempting to warn people… The stupid sheep are getting exactly what they deserve.


You wanted us jailed, to lose our jobs, to be locked away from the world and society for refusing to take the jab. Despite us telling you why we refused to, and most of us it wasn’t religion. So no, this is all on you. We won’t be asking for forgiveness, because we don’t need it. We were treated like dirt for even entertaining the notion of not taking it, even those of us that were just wanting more results more actual science. You made this bed, now lie in it. You get zero sympathy from me. It is the vax pushers that need to apologize to those who took it out of fear, out of force. This whole Covid 19 junk has been absolutely disgusting on the part of mask pushers and vax pushers.

S Mogensen

This has got to be satire, right? Nobody was open to hearing anything the unV’d said. No way anyone can seriously place blame there.


heck you


Ha good one


Please tell me you’re joking. We would have told you, but we’d been canceled. Sorry you couldn’t hear us after you muzzled us.


Is this satire?


Who wrote this ? Is this satire? Honestly that is the dumbest thing I’ve read yet! We alllll tried.
For me it was only instinct and common sense that told me to stay away from a WORLD WIDE vaccine created in months. I’m not a doctor or scientist I just knew it stank like BS that the entire world was dealing with the same illness at the same time and being herded, pressured and threatened like never before to get injected. Ya I told everyone I love and shared articles but nope GLOBAL and CTV they know EVERYTHING and I’m just a kooky conspiracy theorist.
The same loud mouths who bullied and mocked us for standing our ground now want to blame us ?!? Pound Sand!!!
Blood is on the hands of all government and all mainstream media.


I talked to my friends and family until I was blue in the face. Most didn’t listen, my husband did. This is heartbreaking, truly heartbreaking. I posted about it on FB and got ridiculed. My Ivermectin post drew hostility from long time friends who are liberal.


I WAS SHOT IN THE LEG by police trying to warn everyone about how the shot was bad. wtf are you saying? I couldnt walk for 6 months trying to protect YOU. you all laughed at me, I even tried to tell a pollie who was my friend but they told me to be quite ad that I didn’t understand what the shot really was. oh, I knew it was bad, so bad I was willing to get shot.


This is useful satire, so glad to see all these comments from all these brave people who withstood the biggest psychological fear campaign of recent history. Looking forward to more provoking articles. I am creating a Unvaxxed Man so anyone who fancies coming to a massive festival for the unvaxxed find me on telegram: @dutchie_007


My own parents wouldn’t listen to me when I warned them of the dangers. I talked to many family members and friends about the dangers of the vaccine. I lost friends when I posted articles on social media showing the adverse vaccine side effects. Maybe I could have done more, but I was laughed at and called a conspiracy theorist. I wanted to be able to live with myself so I was okay with some level of embarrassment, but it just didn’t seem like what I did changed anyone’s mind. Seriously though, take some level of responsibility for your ignorance. It’s not completely your fault, the media and social networks were working diligently to promote the vax, but you must do your own research for everything.


We all tried, lost friends, spouses over trying to tell you self righteous buttheads. You have no one to blame but yourself. The level of no accountability and indignity in this article is astounding. We all were gonna not rub it in that yeah there’s a chance you may stop breathing… You start this fight you’re gonna oh very much hear about it… We will ruin you in this bs narrative.

Phil Spaeys

This is the most brilliant troll I have seen on the internet. Bravo! And what a great way to demonstrate to everyone just how successfully we’ve all been taken for a ride. I salute your genius, complete with the exquisitely rendered graphic to set the mood. I wish I had your talent but I don’t. However, hats off to you for a most perfectly executed piece of satire.


And who warned unvaccinated?

Britt Stavins

This whole article simply exposed the author’s arrogance and ignorance. The authors opinion is not problematic af in reality. The entire article simply shows just how ignorant, arrogant & even hateful the author is on this subject.

I feel sick that such ignorance can exist inside another human being.

Jacob Hansler

Just like to say I was shutdown on twitter no less than 50 times trying to warn people and post relevant info from the best sources available

Not to mention banned for life from facebook and Tiktok


85 + 25 = 110


Big tech/social media banning did not help.


Just like when we were screaming from the rooftops about the dangers of the vaccine, you are trying to silence us again! Don’t ask why, if you don’t want the truth. Restricting freedom of speech was the problem to begin with!


Truly saddened to read this narrative, we could not travel. still can’t, could not do sports in school was told I would die it front of my child if I did not take the vaccine, my familly austersized me and I did tell them and warn them …the propaganda is to blame seriously

Nathan Shafer

Oh go heck YOURSELVES.


Pickle Fever

This is a joke right? We’ve been trying to save your lives for decades. We knew they were adding nagalase to 💉 to cause cancer. Inhibiting Gcmaf which fights cancers. Hundreds of dead doctors (mysteriously dead) who tried to warn too. This is on you because you believe the fake mockingbird Pharma funded media. We tried. We actually read the mRNA animal studies and thousands more for DNA ones. You mocked and attacked. I was canceled/lost career in the media for trying to speak up. End of story. I’m still praying for you all. Thankfully God has the last word.


🤣🤣🤣One word: Truckers


Trying to ascertain if this is satire? We were censored, deplatformed, MDs lost licenses yet onward they went. It’s not the unvaccinated! It’s mainstream media, social media, gov and public health that lied to everyone. If this isn’t satire it is the most insane blurb I’ve seen yet coming from the left.


Vaxxie Vaxxie
Heart Attacksie
Took his shots
Wore his maskie

Ed Jones

Your body your choice

Dumb pointless article

A child couldn’t written a better article.

Most children would have a better perspective than this trash writing

Article was written by a woman? You don’t say?!

Author should be released from writing, probably fired


Isn’t it funny how those who didn’t trust garden gnomes made the most accurate predictions? You’ll never be pure blood unvaxxed


Alright I’ll take the obvious bait.
You got me. It’s true. You’re right. I stopped caring. Stopped trying.
Did you shill the injections in an obnoxious way? Then I want you do leave this life. This planet. This DNA.
Did you merely follow orders and injunctions without thinking but were not an ass about it? Then I’m sorry for you… but even there I stopped caring too.
Life will go on. DNA will win. The death cultists will die (the ones behind this whole plan). The transhumanists want death and they’re gonna get it.
Life reigns supreme. Life is the ultimate machine. No non-organic machine will replace it or even compete with it.
You have free will. You have some agency. God/Nature want you to enjoy the results of your actions and decisions. Who am I to interfere? I stopped trying to save you. You are free to be or try to be anything you like.
Wanna be a machine and cheat death? BE MY GUEST. That’s glorified, power-tripping suicide and that’s your prerogative.
Wanna be a slave and inject your kids with death because the a-holes you worship tell you to? BE MY FRICKING GUEST TOO.
I’M SORRY. I STOPPED TAKING CARE OF YOU MISFITS. YOU CALL us MIDFITS ALL OUR LIVES. ENJOY YOUR NORMOPATHY. Enjoy your lives, what’s left of it. Enjoy your health and peace of mind, what you have made of them. You are divinely responsible and able to pick your life choices anyway you like. You always were, we always are. Peace. Live and let die.
I finally relent. I adopt the luciferians’ doctrine. Live and let die.
I tried. I stopped caring. I tired trying. Enjoy your spiritual life, your life as a spirit. Because your life as a body is highly compromised for the next few years. And You. Did. This.


Lmfao, this has to be a JOKE SITE right ? Not a serious page


First the anti vaxed were blamed for killing your grandma. Now it’s our fault you were too lazy to look anything up? We all had the same access to all the information. Time to take responsibility for tour own actions. This article was obviously written by someone who would fail a test, and blame the pencil.


i’d rather continue the genocide. sick of human idiocy. if you are going to inject yourself with unknown substance then you deserve the consequences.

some of us never were anti-vaxers. i took all the boop boops on my way to processing for active duty mil. it’s just that the media lies and conspiracy theorists are nothing more than people that can recognize pattern recognition. if you are controlled by fear – YOU LOST THE GAME

confront me with the same lies as the TV – and i’ll dump you out a fing window also. you all pressured us to get the clot shot death jab with all kinds of insane commie stipulations if we did not, while you looked at us like fringe crack pot lunatics. f you!!!

Vax the cattle

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This article is satire, like The Onion, right?


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To whoever wrote this. I feel for you, not having had anyone in your life that knew or felt brave enough to speak up to you. You must consider there were many people who did and who suffered, and still suffer to this day, for doing so. Short of running in the streets screaming at the top of my lungs, what else could I have done? I tried in person and for more reach on fb. It was extremely painful. Repeatedly. To be ostracized, made fun of, called names, blocked, and even completely abandoned by a long time friend for sharing links. The data. The people and data that raised concerns. I was sworn at. Mocked. You name it. I supported a nationwide movement to bring awareness and end mandates. It was attacked, as I was, and labelled a far right fringe movement with homophobic, racist, nazi … every slander you can think of, by our own phekking Prime minister who then invoked a war measures act to shut it all down. I truly do feel bad that you had no one to tell you. It seems to me you might not have been paying attention or really wanted to know. Or you would have. We can’t find and scream at every person on the planet. Take care. And have some time to reflect on what you wrote here. Wanda.


There are possible means of rectifying your condition after being covaxxed. Look up Gail of Gaia on Rumble, her interview with Harald Kautz posted December 2, 2022.

Further, look for the following video title on Bitchute:

This fails to be medical advice. Discretion advised.


The gaslighting is real. What a victim of your own ignorance you are.

Somehow a lot of us just innately KNEW and it was all backed up by real science that the jibber jabber was bad news.

We shouted it from the rooftops every chance we could. We shared articles on social media. We issued warnings. We tried and tried to wake up the sleeping masses. We attended protests and rallies to support medical freedom for vaccine CHOICES when the mandates came down.

What did we receive for our efforts to warn our friends, families, co-workers, neighbors and church people?

We received: Being ignored, censored, silent treatments, mockery, death threats, name calling, accused of being “grandma killers”, FUK the unvaccinated Facebook profile pic banners (my own sister did that one.) We lost friends and family who chose to disown us for our choices to stay unjabbed even when we were warning them not to do it out of love and concern.

So save your bullshit gaslighting for where it really belongs: to yourself and all the entities you trusted with your health when all you had to do was perhaps listen to your “crazy conspiracy theory” unvaccinated friends.

Dr. Chud


Most people’s understanding of this novel vaccine type is that it works as follows:
1. Make mRNA coding for S protein
2. Make lipid nanoparticle delivery system
3. Profit

How it actually works from what we’ve uncovered:
1. Make mRNA coding for S protein
2. Make mRNA coding for mutant versions of CYP19A1 and CDKN1B in smaller amounts
3. Make sure that while delivery system for (1) mostly ends up in liver, most of (2) ends up in the gonads
4. Make sure form and quantity of additive upregulating LINE-1 reverse transcription activity makes it hard to detect among legit adjuvants
5. Effects from (2) integrated by (4) are recessive; mildly oncogenic effects in vaccine recipients unlikely to be noticed for many years
6. (5) recessive but since most of population vaccinated, in next generation female offspring have premature ovarian failure


Wdym? Y’all were too busy virtual signaling & calling us selfish. Unreal lol


heck you dummies


This is a bait page designed to collect antivaxxers data, right? This just has to be, nobody can be that oblivious.


Women are the scrotes of gender


I decline responsibility for your choice. We did our own research, found information sources that did not parrot the mainstream “experts” and most importantly, we relied on our own logic, reasoning and instincts. I have no power over your beliefs. I did stood firmly in my beliefs and I paid the cost for that. Stop with your victimhood and research what YOU can do for jab remorse.


LOL!!!! The author of the article has buyer’s remorse, so it must be someone else’s fault for their poor decision….. I lost friends over this nonsense and almost lost my career. If making a stand and potentially giving up your job isn’t warning enough to not get this thing idk what is. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink….

One of the Unvaxxed

To the genius that wrote this, try talking to one of the tens of thousands of people (this is a conservative number) of people that DID scream this from the tops of their lungs to the world only to have their social media accounts banned and permanently shut down. I would suggest you look into the #twitterfiles for proof of this. Funny how people blame others instead of taking responsibility for their own actions.

Daniel Allison

The vaccinated should turn their rage on the perpetrators of this crime. In Canada, true-dope, Ford, all the premiers, Tam, all public health officers,..these people should be in jail.. join us at next protest.
When we didn’t take the vaxx, you wished us dead..
When you took the vaxx,
We prayed that you wouldn’t die

Proud Pure Blood

I started warning you lot in 2020. I was viciously attacked, demonized, censored, banned, unfriended, blocked, called demeaning names and shamed for not following the narrative. I STILL spoke up, so you can miss me with your gaslighting nonsense and accept the fate you argued for.


Yeah. Nice try. We are not paying for your student loans either. Your stupidity is all on you.


Blood is on my hands!?! I screamed it from every hill and soapbox not to take the untested mRNA gene therapy. What did I get in return? Shunned. Fired. Threatened. Kicked out of everything. Ostracized. Called a KILLER. Separated from friends and family.
Need I go on?
My body my choice.
Your body, YOUR CHOICE. The mockingbird TV talking heads are not your friends. Stop blaming us for your choice. We tried. Someone you know tried to talk you out of it and I’d bet you called them a conspiracy theorist.

kale bacon

I was yelling from the mountaintop, but no one would listen; I was ostracized by my own family and told all the unvaccinated should be put on an island and die. “Our blood is now on their hands.”
so again we are at fault? you make statements like this and don’t expect backlash, we are angry how about your blood is on the government, the medical profession, big pharma, and the media; wait until you find out everything we have been taught is a lie our very existence, our purpose. go do research and see if it’s there for all to see, but that would be too hard let’s just blame the unvaxxed, whoever wrote this hit piece needs to look in the mirror
proud to be un-vaxxed, no regrets


You know what? heck you!!!


This must be a joke. I was personally ridiculed and called a conspiracy theorist after speaking up. Nearly everyone I knew ran off to get their jabs. They were watching the BBC propaganda every night. Clapping the nurses who had no patients and just practiced TikTok dances. People wanted to travel, so they wanted to get jabbed. They believed the jabs were a vaccine too, despite the definition of vaccine having to be altered to take on the gene modifying therapy option. The jabbed waved their certificates while the unjabbed were sacked from jobs, despite being constantly and illegally coerced into taking the gene modifying therapy injections, which are still officially on trial by the way. All this for a ‘played with flu’ with a 99.9% survival rate. The 2020 death rate was right in the middle of the 10-year average. There was no pandemic, it was all about the jabs and what the powers that be want. And that isn’t good. But that’s another story. No-one told me anything, I just smelt a rat. I did homework. I shared it and was ignored or scoffed at. Now none of those people want to speak to me. As it it’s my fault they didn’t listen. Off you go. Talk to the corrupt WEF-led government.

Jew Hater

I don’t know if this article is a satire or not, but heck you all !!! I have no obligation to talk shit to anyone. Whoever took the vaccine is bonked and will die soon and I’m very well and healthy. It is what it is.

music u

Prominent Doctors/Nurses lost their jobs, standing, status, reputation and then were were banned from trying to tell the world what was going on. I knew about the “vaccines” in March of 2020. That’s right, I said 2020.
What’s your excuse? Ignorance? That is not excuse. You all just didn’t bother to learn about it. THAT’S CALLED LAZZINESS. So just go ahead and blame the mainstream media, Fauci, Birx. etc..
It’s your own fault. Now go and find a Dr. who knows and see if they can help you,
I wish you well.


hahahahhaah you are gonna die


Perhaps y’all should read through a few of their other articles and you may just come to the realisation you being punk’d. Great work though, it’s doing the rounds and many folks will fail to see the satirical humour. It’s already being cut & pasted to look like a future article in ‘The Conversation’ webpage, which makes it even funnier.


Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and social media deleted our accounts. Government and big tech forced censorship. We got fired from our jobs for speaking up, we weren’t allowed into public places. You should be saying the blood is on the hands of big tech companies, government, and big pharma.


Warn You~? After Reading Your Article? I’d Like To Offer You A Coupon For A Free Booster Shot~!


This has got to be a joke. Right? Literally…


I will try to make this as succinct and “un-hurtful” as possible. Randomly pick any dozen comments from those already on this article and you will be much closer to objective truth than the article itself.


I see what you did there. Bravo. Most missed it. Well written.

“Because we are good people. We took those injections because it was the right thing to do — until it wasn’t.”



Too busy putting your fingers in your ears and going LALALLALA like a 5 year old.


The V4xi3s commited war against those that did not get informed consent. We know what the Nuremberg code is and all 10 of it’s violations. Instead we were vilified, shunned , fired etc. There is no amnesty for you. You pave your own road you drive on it over the proverbial cliff while i stay healthy in my lane. The v4xi3s should have done that too. 2 types of people in this world. Those who want to be left alone and those who will not. I choose to be left alone, you chose to participate in mass murder & suicide.


Millions of us tried to warn all of our family and friends, to no avail, we even marched to parliment houses around the world and what did we get for it, mainstream media ignoring us or telling everyone we are terrorists. Many in Australia who went the Canberra to protest where attack by RAD weapons and thousands are still trying to physcially recover from the damage it did to their bodies, they where also sprayed with something that burnt their skin. So please don’t tell us we didn’t try we did becuase we love you all, we tried but the governments and main stream media made it almost impossible for us to be heard….
We love you and know this, many are working on medical remedies to help reverse most of the damage done to you all… we know you where onky doing what you thought was right, but so where we…and have been attacked for it.

C McDaniel

This article can’t be for real. It’s satire.


The hysterical ramblings of someone who knows they’re going to die soon


You litteraly scream at, ridiculed, mocked, cencored and even wanted to throw us in prison for even the most modest and sensible questions and warnings about the jab.

It’s not our fault you weaponized the media and silicone valley to put people in a hysterical rage and bloodthirsty witch hunt for the unvaccinated.


We were banned from Twitter. Banned from Facebook. Banned from speaking the truth. The Big Pharma, the government, and mainstream media are to blame for your woes.

We were screaming from the rooftops, but you would not listen to us. You banned us from all manner of activities, and got us fired from our jobs. Our own families would not even listen to us. There is someone to blame, but those of us who were smart are not the ones to blame.


OMFG… That is pure spin to take the blame off of yourselves.
Myself and thousands did speak up only to be silenced by all the social media.
If anyone is to blame look to yourselves for not questioning the obvious.


Please tell me this is satire. It has to be. Make it make sense. Every single unvaccinated I know shouted it to the rooftops, and often lost lots of friends and family for it. They were disowned and mocked from society. 🤡🤡🤡🤡


Well this is the most narcissistic drivel I’ve read since that facile “amnesty” plea a while back.
It’s you who needs forgiveness; though first you’ll need to repent and considering that requires a scintilla of self awareness that probably won’t be happening any time soon.


Since the data about the side effects came out myself and thousands of others have tried to warn you and others of the perils. We were silenced or our info was “fact checked” to obfuscate the real facts on social media. Even today I am ridiculed in person by those still believing their narrative.
Those with immune deficiencies got it because their doctors told them to. Their doctors toed the line laid down by the hospitals.
My question to you is this:
Why did you not use your own mind and reasoning to look deeper than where they were telling you?


Smart!!! Links to this article have been posted on GETTR and, by now, most likely all over social media. You guys have probably managed to get more web traffic to your site from this one article than all of your others added together. Look out Babylon Bee… it looks like you’re starting to get some serious competition!!!


This a joke right?? Come on it’s gotta be joke!?! I am not responsible for people voluntarily keeping their heads in the sand when we all had the same opportunity to seek alternative media sources. If some people want to believe everything that the government or alphabet organizations tell them and discount what we were trying to tell them, then that’s their problem.


Fantastic troll job.

mark haynes

We did bloody well tell you! You wouldn’t listen! You had as much information as we did so the blood is on your hands for following the narrative without question. If you want to blame someone blame the WEF globalists.


Unbelievable! Everyone I know that was unvaccinated tried to warn. I agree, take responsibility for your own actions. Stop allowing others to do your thinking for you and think for yourself and do your own research. Stop being bullied!


Unbelievable! Everyone I know that was unvaccinated tried to warn. I agree, take responsibility for your own actions. Stop allowing others to do your thinking for you and think for yourself and do your own research. Stop being bullied!

Eda Dik

Where did this article get lifted from, The Onion?


are these articles written by an AI like GPT or similar ones . …?

Eda Dik

My thoughts exactly. Or my AI thoughts exactly


Nobody warned me either. Somehow I sussed it out myself.

Some tests are pass/fail.


This has to be a joke

Abudabi Fajeghet

You asked for this.


Next time you want my advice, don’t be an advocate for my company to fire me because I refused a vaccine.

Have a nice day.


I warned, begged, sent articles, videos…warning of dangers, and was told to stfu, “I did my research”, etc.

In addition I was told that I was selfish for NOT taking the shots.

I find your article to be one sided

Everyone I know who was smart enough to hold back and didnt get shot up did same, some were even excluded from family holiday events, etc.

So perhaps you people who took the shots will now do the remediations we have now started telling you about, such as NAC, bromelain, ivermectin, etc


Micky Mouse

What a cheap shot at Gaslighting truly pathetic the people are not that stupid and remember cowards like some of your jabbed buddies encouraged each other to shun un-jabbed FAMILY and friends so Jog on.


This is a joke article, satire right? It can’t be real…

We did warn you people, in fact… We went way out of our way to try and warn you only to be laughed at, insulted, shamed and wished death upon.

I literally have spent the last 2 years every single morning posting information. Only to be censored most the time by social media, and then called a “conspiracy theorist” and told that the vaccines are safe. With idiots posting CDC data stating, “you don’t know the science, the data shows it’s safe”
The morons post BS crap from the same agencies telling them to take the shots, and they think it’s factual.

If anything, you vaccinated zombies should be thinking us for trying to warn you. Hell, you should be bowing down and begging for forgiveness.


We DID try to warn our family and friends…and lost most of them because of it. They wouldn’t listen to actual science, although they loved to say (nose up in the air) “I follow the science.” Whose science? Certainly not the real science, which we tried to convey. Instead, many called for our deaths for daring to speak out against Government. That old tale about the Government agent saying “I’ve come to help you.” comes to mind. There was ample, REAL, scientific proof of the horror by about 3 months into the plandemic but those who gave in to Fear refused to listen to reason. I’m a freaking DOCTOR and people wouldn’t listen to me…so what chance did other people have? They wouldn’t listen about the harm that comes from prolonged mask-wearing either. They wouldn’t watch ANY of the videos from other doctors, showing what was in the “vaccines”. We should have tried harder? Like what…kidnapping our loved ones and keeping them prisoner until they finally woke up? And now you all are desperately begging for help to reverse what you have allowed to happen to you? We are doing all we can to try to reverse it but this is something previously unseen on Earth and now your DNA is no longer human. How are we supposed to help you now? You made your choice, now you get to live with it. We are still trying to help though, insufficient as it may be. Help us to help you by bringing the perpetrators of Crimes Against Humanity to justice for what they have done, so that we CAN help you.

Chris Vee

I was abused, ridiculed, yelled at, belittled. But I wanred MANY people, a few took the advice the rest thought I was crazy! So don’y go blaming the unvaxxed blame the media, pharma and government who LIED to you and still are! Don’t you dare blame me FFS! We went through hell trying to wake up the sleeping sheep. You had to learn the hard way, it’s the only way you would clue in!!


I’m just a curious skeptic & have the insight to monitor sites like johns Hopkins, rsoe edis, and actual news from foreign countries. You had the power the whole time!


Lol this article must be a troll? We protested weekly with unprecedented numbers in the cities. I warned and begged my wife not to get jabbed until I almost lost my marriage. The mainstream media ignored us. I even asked a good long term friend and editor of a major newspaper why his article lied and ignored the historically protests against mandates and for truth in my city. He ignored me.

Blame mainstream media not us.


They’re heckin with ya.

great sport to em.


How dare you try to turn this on us! We were censored on social media for suggesting people do their own research. I was called a murderer and many vile things. I was told I deserved to die. I read studies on mRNA development and why EVERY previous trial was stopped after the animal trials for very good reason. This time the people are the animal trials. Everyone could have read what I read but they swallowed the propaganda. I was told that what I read was junk and I should follow the govt “experts” I took supplements like vitD, zinc, quercetin,etc. Worked for me.

emma yugen

you can’t heck*ng be serious, right ?
Are you for real ?

We did try to warn everyone.

Are you just trying to do some click bait through provocation ?


Just exactly how were we supposed to communicate that information to you?

We were censored off of social media. We were rudely told to shut up about it if we brought it up in conversation. We brought it up anyway, again and again, and were told to hush. Friends stopped talking to us, stopped calling us, stopped inviting us over. Emails were blocked or ignored–or also responded to quite rudely. Phone calls went…unanswered.

Our families rejected us. Our children even listened to you and shut us out of their lives.

So we took to the streets. We signed petitions. We held rallies. Where were you? We tried and tried and tried to get your attention before it was too late. But–you thought you knew better and so you didn’t listen.

It is possible for us to regret your pain and distress. I grieve with you over the harm that has been done to you!

We can even offer you a sympathetic shoulder to cry on and be there with you in your trouble–and I for one would be more than happy to do so.

But–you do need to accept responsibility for your own choices, and assign blame where that blame is properly due: with the people who lied to you, who deceived you, who set themselves up as the ultimate arbiters of truth (like Zuckerberg at Facebook, like the leadership of Google and the former leadership of Twitter, and so many of these other sites that are STILL censoring the truth).

You need to save your anger for your communist governors and mayors, for Fauci and the federal medical bureaucracy, for Albert Bourla at Pfizer and for Bill Gates, and for George Soros, and the WEF and WHO–all of whom LIED TO YOU for their own personal gain.

We, the unvaccinated, do not gain anything from what has happened to you. We are your neighbors, coworkers, friends, and family–and your loss is OUR loss too. But these others deliberately conspired against all of us. They desire your destruction and ours, and they are STILL trying to profit off of it.

If you had listened to us, you would have already known this. You could have done the research we did and realized the danger looming over your heads and ours. I wish–oh, HOW I wish! –that you had. But–I am still so glad, so relieved that you’ve finally realized the truth even now at this late hour.

And I hope that you will find good and healthy ways to process your anger and take steps to help we-the-people-who-care-about-you to stop the soulless monsters who are trying to take everything from all of us before it’s too late.


Here we go, if you are sincere then understand this. What is happening here is exactly what they want, it’s all part of the plan. Pitch the people against each other which then weakens the uprise because we are too busy pointing fingers at each other to notice once again what is really happening.
We all made choices and MUST be accountable and responsible for those choices. Those of us who knew have attempted to share our knowledge with those who believed in the leaders of the world and we were shunned, separated, segregated and outcast. We could not enjoy quality time with our families and friends and not one of you could make different arrangements to include us in your gatherings instead you pointed your finger and snubbed us, how do you really think we felt? Let me tell you, we felt like we were not important to any of you because a simple experimental medical procedure was more important. Yes you read correctly EXPERIMENTAL MEDICAL PROCEDURE.
Because of our choices we endured so much heart ache not to mention the psychological distress, financial hardship, when we realised that no one really gave a hoot as to whether we could attend gatherings or not.
We are all responsible and accountable for our decisions and must accept the consequences associated. YOU MADE YOUR CHOICE NOW YOU MUST OWN IT we did not force you instead we did our best to warn you. You chose to abide by the directives in order to maintain lifestyle or because you believed in your so called leaders.
We had worldwide rallies where tens of millions of people actually rose up because we were wise to the evil plans. If you want to be angry point your anger in the right direction, to governments, health authorities, doctors, main stream media – believe it or not they all knew long before this started. They are all responsible, they were directed to do wrong by the people or face the consequences. They were under strict orders to cause harm to us and we the people.
Now they want us to fight each other while they enforce even more deadly acts upon us.
This is not a time for pointing fingers and laying blame that is exactly what they are directing us to do. Instead we must


This is totally satirical, right? Because I could either be laughing my head off or screaming into my pillow, after reading it.


Dr. Fauci and his funded agencies—Congress , congress was not mandated to take the vaccine. They knew and did nothing!!! It was sll for profit for Dr. Fauci. Blame them and hold them accountable.
I knew not to take it due to “common sense” like when they were offering 1 year free french fries… i knew something was not right, and not because I had prior knowledge. Blame the media for censorship of information.

Mary Phagan

I love garden gnomes and I love the vaccines. This is special for me because I myself am gnomish so wonderful to see tikkun olam kept alive with these fellow gnomish people Pfizer’s Albert bourla, Moderna’s chief medical officer, Dr. Tal Zaks are both highly respected. Dr bourla is a veterinarian by trade so his vaccine is truly a gnomish miracle. Help stop antisemitism by reminding your neighbors that if there were no garden gnomes, there would be NO VACCINE!!!

STOP THE garden gnome HATRED


L Renfro

Whoever wrote this pathetic article is beyond ridiculous. It’s always someone else’s fault and never your own, is it? It’s time you learn to grow up and take responsibility for YOU. Those who have been against the vaccination have been loudly against it from the beginning. You simply chose not to listen. The only fault to be had here is YOURS.


FYI the trusted news initiative was set up to stop us telling you and continued stopping us telling you till elon broke ranks and rfk lodged a case against them. They have profited with your injury. We suffer with you.


All you will get from me is a RIP


You got to be kidding me. People who stayed unvaccinated were demonized, lost their jobs.

This is some next level Bs.


Is this article a joke?


What a chicken shit story, The fact that YOU disabled the comments proves how low this company is. The people who did not take the COOL-AID did say something and YOU chose not to listen. That is not anyone’s fault but you own. I have no blood on my hands, but you are stirring the pot to anger people. NOW when people are dropping YOU are trying to shift the blame upon the unvaccinated and won’t put it where it needs to go, the makers and the pushers.This writer and editor have no soul and all of you will stand before your maker and be held accountable for your actions.


I’m thinking this is just a psycho, backdoor way of getting the unvaxxed to vent their bile at this article so we all don’t vent it where it belongs on the evil perpetrators who are responsible for this and all the medical personnel COWARDS who went along with the hoax……..every time I see a sign out next to a medical center that says thank you to our HEROES!!!! I want to puke……paid pharma shills, COWARDS one and all……….never gonna lose that stench……….


What’s crazy is that in today’s world, there’s no real way of knowing if this is satirical or not.


We did warn you and were met with abuse being called loony and told that we were gonna die

Brian Easley

It’s kind of hard to warn you people when you put us all in prison for not taking the vaccine. We only get one phone call.


You have GOT to be f**king kidding me 😂🤡


This is a joke, right? Please tell me this isn’t just some ignorant fool trying to pass the blame and not take accountability for their actions. Vaccines normally take 5-10 years to produce. This one took about 7 months, and if you were dumb enough to trust it, you deserve whatever you get. Your blood is certainly NOT “on my hands”. Grow up.


Are you freaking kidding me? This has to be a joke!! The ‘unvaccinated’ WERE NOT SILENT, THEY WERE SILENCED by big corporations & media!!! 😳

Mary Madigan

Be honest – is this article for real?


I marched through the streets of London and other big cities in the UK for two years with a megaphone, and you lot laughed at us.


My conscience is clean. I tried to warn many people and sent multiple emails, multiple times to people in positions of power in my community, but no one — no one was willing to listen to me. I’m sure that they reasoned that since I’m not a doctor, what do I know. I tried sending along various reports and articles to people, but they listened to their doctors, who were and still are totally under the influence of the CDC. Once someone told me that they got the shot, I gave up trying because there is no going back and undoing it. So, since then, I have kept silent.

Ulrica the Unjabbed

Dear angry commenters, I know it’s been a long couple of years, we’re all tired, and the line between satire and reality was indeed one of the tragic casualties of the pandemic. However antivaxxers are supposed to be the smart ones and now you’re making it look like we lack a sense of humour! Please sharpen your satire detectors – this is hilarious! xx


Excuse me but those of who chose to stay true to our beliefs did the same as you all did. You made the choice you made and you are accountable for your own decisions. Just as we are accountable for ours.
We endured the separation and segregation that was a consequence of our own critical thinking. The fact that we used our own brain and questioned what simply didn’t feel right is no reason to now demonise us. The fact that none of you firstly questioned what was happening is not to be blamed on those of us who did.
We are all on our own journeys and must take responsibility for our own decisions and wear the consequences be they good or bad.
If you took the directive simply to continue living the lifestyle you have been living that is totally on you and no one else.
What should we all do now??
your future
Your children’s future
Your grandchildren’s future
Are in the hands now of each and every one of us.
Make your choice are you ready to fight for your future and the future of mankind.
They can’t beat us if we are united


Here we go, if you are sincere then understand this. What is happening here is exactly what they want, it’s all part of the plan. Pitch the people against each other which then weakens the uprise because we are too busy pointing fingers at each other to notice once again what is really happening.
We all made choices and MUST be accountable and responsible for those choices. Those of us who knew have attempted to share our knowledge with those who believed in the leaders of the world and we were shunned, separated, segregated and outcast. We could not enjoy quality time with our families and friends and not one of you could make different arrangements to include us in your gatherings instead you pointed your finger and snubbed us, how do you really think we felt? Let me tell you, we felt like we were not important to any of you because a simple experimental medical procedure was more important. Yes you read correctly EXPERIMENTAL MEDICAL PROCEDURE.
Because of our choices we endured so much heart ache not to mention the psychological distress, financial hardship, when we realised that no one really gave a hoot as to whether we could attend gatherings or not.
We are all responsible and accountable for our decisions and must accept the consequences associated. YOU MADE YOUR CHOICE NOW YOU MUST OWN IT we did not force you instead we did our best to warn you. You chose to abide by the directives in order to maintain lifestyle or because you believed in your so called leaders.
We had worldwide rallies where tens of millions of people actually rose up because we were wise to the evil plans. If you want to be angry point your anger in the right direction, to governments, health authorities, doctors, main stream media – believe it or not they all knew long before this started. They are all responsible, they were directed to do wrong by the people or face the consequences. They were under strict orders to cause harm to us and we the people.
Now they want us to fight each other while they enforce even more deadly acts upon us.
This is not a time for pointing fingers and laying blame that is exactly what they are directing us to do. Instead we must


First you cast us out of society, take away our liberties if we fail to present a vaxx card wherever we go, take our jobs from us, subject us to second-class citizenship, and call us crackpots anytime we try to explain our positions.

Now you want to cast us out of society, and punish us for failing to be strong enough to overcome your programming and conditioning.

Maybe the problem here is YOU.

A May

We tried to warn you but we were called ‘Granny killers’, ‘Conspiracy theorists’, ‘Anti-science’, ‘Covid deniers’ etc etc. We were shown pictures of what would happen when we ended up in ICU and we were wished dead by some.

I have sympathy for those who had the jab to save their jobs but if you were stupid enough to take a rushed ‘vaccine’ rather than read about this new technology, how the manufacturers had indemnity from prosecution, how they were in trials till 2023 then I’ve little sympathy. No-one to blame but yourselves.


Anyone who is willing to put something in their body that has not had any long term testing and was rushed through is an absolute idiot. Especially with all the drugs out for years now on TV with law suits against them


I shared so many articles and studies over the past three years to try to wake people up but got unfollowed, called names, and was harassed in many other ways. I had my own family call me a hater of old people for sharing the info I had. This article is pure BS. You all chose to ignore us.


Who wrote this?

Steve Yardley

  1. We DID warn you;

  2. When we tried to warn you we were vilified, mocked, laughed at, discredited, told to seek mental health treatment…. need I go on?;

  3. We were shut out of many events, activities, gatherings etc which could have given us all the opportunity to debate the issues like grown ups without the above insults listed being invoked…. need I remind you?;

  4. We were censored, de-platformed, “fact-checked”, shadow-banned, etc…. did you not read about the mass censorship campaign against anyone who challenged the official narrative?;

  5. We were investigated by our regulators, sent threatening emails and messages to demand our silence and compliance… did you not receive any from your own regulators?

Shane Miller

All you unjabbed folks that have left comments, angry that you are now being victimized, need to have another coffee and wake up!

His entire article is a jab at the jabbed (pun intended!), not at the unjabbed.

It’s pretty damn obvious that all unjabbed folks have been shouting from the rooftops about the dangers. This article purports that you didn’t. It’s good comedy. They’re basically admitting we were right. And the jabbed aren’t there yet. So this was written by either an enlightened jabbed or an unjabbed. Either way it’s good humour!


It’s none of my business if someone wants to take a shot, but it is my business if you want me to take one or two or three!


Just a comment on the maths – if 85% of comments have been OK, then it’s not the other 25% that are nasty, but 15%, right?


Seriously? Now you’re blaming those who tried to warn you for the choices you clearly made for yourself? I tried to tell people on my social media pages, and they completely ignored me or argued with me that I was a bad person because I wasn’t getting vaccinated. Websites and information was shared by me, but I don’t know if anyone ever bothered to read them. You’re all adults and responsible to do your own research without anyone having to hold your hand to warn you. The reason we knew is because we did our own research, that includes reading food labels before you put something inside your body. I will never apologize because I didn’t do anything wrong!! I think we, the unvaxxed are owed an apology for being laughed at and ignored by all of you — calling us irresponsible, bad people who are killing others, because we wouldn’t get vaccinated. Shame on all of you!!


I am the only one in my group that wasn’t fooled. I warned all the others as a group and individually that a vaccine takes an absolute minimum of 10 years to develop. Even pointing out that HIV had been around for 40 years and no (released) vaxx. I even pointed out that “They” had even changed the definition of Vaccine. Whilst they didn’t laugh in my face I’m pretty certain they did behind my back. Some of them are still going back for their so called Boosters. I also realised within 5 days that the Pandemic was really a Scamdemic but not until the middle of 2021 that it was a Plandemic. The data was out there for everyone to see, they just didn’t want to look and find out. ‘They’ were quite content in their ignorance.


I am so banned on social media that I can’t put a picture on Facebook- 3 people see it. Everything I did was taken down. I told everyone I knew and begged them not to. My family listened my husband’s did not… I now cry at every story and pray that you will get help and get checked before it’s too late.


You’re all a bunch of lunatics. That’s why you think we never warned you. You didn’t listen because you are insane. This article proves it



I am assuming this article is satire. To those who think it should not be: You do know we tried to warn you right? We were mocked as anit-vaxer, science denying, conspiracy theorists and were banned from social media and your Thanksgiving dinners. Last I checked, the conspiracy theorists are up at least 17-0 against the trust the establishment and science crowd.

It is a tough lesson to learn. I hope you are learning. If so, welcome to the Great Awakening. If not, then perhaps you are part of the 4-6% who are lost forever. We are here to help if you want to have a serious conversation. You can find us on the wall keeping watch. In the meantime, may you find peace through YHWH the Most High Elohim, Creator and Sustainer of all things, and His only Begotten Son, Yahusha Ha-Mashiac, the author and perfector of our faith.


This article is so nonsensical that I’m feeling a vibe of satire. We did warn you, and we were ridiculed, denied access to public locations, and fired from our jobs for doing so. If you must point a finger of blame, perhaps aim it at Google, Facebook, Twitter, and MSM for banning our accounts when we did try to warn you.
By the way, we have also been warning the same gullible “crew” about stolen elections. Have you heard us on that one? Also, Most of DC and all of Hollywood are occult pedophiles and pedovores. Have you heard us on that one?


You have to be joking. The unvaxxed were vilified and threatened. We did speak out and we’re silenced. There is zero blood on our hands. How about the author shows some perspecacity and lays blame at the doors of the government, pharma and medics. Who wrote this crap?


This has GOT to be a joke, right?


I gave up eventually, they had been hypnotised by a PR campaign


This article pushes gaslighting to a new level.


This has to be satire? For the last few years most of us “unvaccinated” were ostracized, censored and gaslit into believing we were the “crazy, anti science, anti vaxxers” which couldn’t be further from the truth. I am proud to say I warned anyone and everyone who would listen to me about the dangers of the shot- most of my family took my word for it (because they know I’ve researched more thoroughly than most doctors) and refused the jab. Now they’re seeing I was right, alongside my many friends who did not heed my warnings and instead thought I was nuts. This article is a disgrace. We didn’t have access to any information that any of you didn’t also have. We just took the initiative to use some critical thinking, and access accordingly. The author should be ashamed of themselves. Disgraceful.


Is this article some kind of a joke?
The unvaxed went above and beyond to warn us, they were ridiculed, bullied and shamed into silence. We should have done our homework!


Yes, it IS some kind of a joke.


Really? I told all my friends

Ass Eater

Did you scrotebrains still leave comments open or is this just some stupid parody site?


People didn’t listen and the MSM didn’t report. Those of us that are awake have persistently tried to warn others but most thought of us as conspiracy theorists. The MSM tells the majority what to think and they believe that they have made their own decisions. When it goes wrong you try to blame those who can think for themselves. Shame on you.


How dare you. Frontline worker, busted my ass without adequate protection caring for patients during crisis, then watched them die after the jab and no one would listen. Took the chance of losing my job to warn patients, warn friends, warn family. I had my social media posts removed, flagged, was called stupid, was told I should die, should go to jail, you name it. Blood on my hands? Don’t even go there, you imbeciles. If you didn’t have the brains enough to investigate the ingredients, or to be skeptical of emergency use drugs, that’s on you. You had access to the same google tool I used. May God have mercy on you.


Are you f-ing kidding me???? We were screaming at the top of our lungs for 3 years!!! Only to be called tin foil hats, crazy, unfriended and banned from society. This article has to be satire. Not our fault people are compliant, cowardice sheep who would rather go along with group think and outsource their brains and lives than to actually think for themselves and listen to the warnings

Lori d’Argent

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, Main Stream Media, Doctors, Nurses, Pharma Corps, Big Business, Music & Entertainment Industry, Governmental Agencies, Alberta Health Services, etc, etc, etc – – all took steps to induce fear, withhold/suppress/delete alternative views, implement programming through repeated messaging on television, social media, grocery shopping announcements, schools, sports programs, etc.
If you go onto Alberta Health Services right now (Jan.24, 2023) it states “Continuous masking remains in effect at all AHS, APL and covenant facilities province wide.”
“Book appointments for those 6 months+, boosters when eligible. Book Now.”

You may consider looking a little deeper, conducting your own independent research using a variety of search engines, and ask more questions of those that convinced you to line up for an injection without providing you with the information you had a right to. Who was the person who injected you? Who were the voices that convinced you? Who were the policy makers that put the mandates in place? You have every right to be angry. What can you do now with the new information you have and where do you need to look now? Who out there is trying to get key information to you right now to help you recover? How can you find the “cancelled” medical professionals that are now helping to bring healing, detoxification protocols, medicines, and critical information to you? How are you going to find them? There are thousands and thousands of professionals working (often with no pay at all and their credentials on the line) to help you. Use your anger to help yourself and help others. Take responsibility now to read, research, stand up for yourself and you can start with the person that injected you.


For the mere suggestion that vaccines are usually tested way longer than 5 years I was publicly shamed at a wedding where I was the sole unvaxxed for being precisely that, although I came tested and completely healthy. Many people succombed to just parrotting the media and felt safe to call me names or crazy for not just “trusting the experts”. None ever apologized.

I have to say, it’s quite telling there is not a single comment here denying there being anything wrong with the vaccine.

Melvin Kabar

You’re narcissism is hair-raising.

You are the ones that decided it was a good idea to waive your informed consent, then submit to extortion to get back a pale version of your life before this atrocity of social engineering.

We told you until we were blue in the face that taking experimental gene therapy with no longitudinal safety studies and suspended liability for manufacturers was not acting in your best interest.

We told you that virology clinics, universities, and research facilities, that weren’t funded by Fauci’s NIH, Gates and Soros Foundations were warning about vaccine injuries after their studies.

We warned you, begged you, and finally told you what was going to happen to you if you let yourself be coerced by these sociopaths-and all you did was deride, discount, obfuscate, and ridicule. And now it’s our fault your life is cut short?

heck you.

Mo Urbanski

We were silenced by cancel culture. We were silenced by pharma. My own children rejected me. Get your head out of your ass and take responsibility for yourself. And PRAY. Get good with God. God help you.


We have told you from the beginning but you cut us off decriminalised us you want us in jail you hate us, but with all of this we did worn you and with all the decriminalisation hate treatment we still by your side.



John Smith

Seriously go and pound sand over this gaslighting.


Is this parody? I know we live in a clown world but I refuse to believe me lying eyes on this one.


We tried to warn you and were ridiculed, victimised, isolated and ignored. You had the choice of researching, as did we, and we did it thoroughly before making a decision on whether to accept the vaxes. You made your choice as a free person yet want to blame others for that choice. Accept that responsibility & take whatever help is offered to you.

Ian Chase

How ridiculous why not blame those who mandated the 💉 and those who manufactured it. Neither have been telling the truth all along and they have hidden the trial data and only through legal battles has some of that information been shared. Those who are unvaccinated did try to warn others of it being an experimental biological agent in trial and informed consent did not take place. They should be praised for their brave actions not blamed. They made their own decisions whilst criticising those that didn’t roll their sleeve up. No 1 lesson in life you don’t inject health. Sadly mortality is far higher now than in the time of the alleged Plandemic, we did try and get others to listen to no avail as we were labelled conspiracy theorists.


I read this thinking it had to be a satire. There is no way someone could think this hypocritically. My husband and I spent so much of our breath warning people, as did so many other people. We were all ostracized, treated horribly, my husband even lost his job after 33 faithful years-even after a year of COVID. No one gets to lecture us that we had anything to do with your decisions. People who took it had the same opportunities to do the research and make a decision, like we all did. It’s time to take responsibility for your own actions and decisions and quit blaming others for your bad decisions! Not on us!

Francis Judge

“No one was ever injured by the truth; but he who persists in self-deception and ignorance is injured.”


I did warn my family, and they tried to have me involuntarily committed.
I did warn my coworkers, and I was sent into counseling before being fired for refusing to get the jab.
I did warn my friends, they cut off contact and called me a dangerous schizophrenic on social media.

I couldn’t pay my rent and lost my apartment. No friends or family would help me. I was living in my car. I couldn’t even use the food bank to feed myself since I wasn’t vaxxed and had to dig through dumpsters to eat so I wouldn’t die. I got picked up for trespassing while I was dumpster diving and was sent to county jail. I was forcibly vaccinated in jail and now all the shit I was trying to warn people about has a chance of happening to me.

I hate you, I hate everyone like you. I hate this country, and it deserves to burn to the ground. You get what you deserve.


Nate, I am so sorry for all you endured to speak truth. I, too had my job threatened, had posts censored, lost many friends, and was not allowed to granddaughter’s birthday parties. Now we watch as our tormentors slowly “die suddenly.” Massive Darwin award happening.


Oh, my God. Nate, I am so, so sorry that they did that to you.

I’m living with injuries from secondary spike poisoning due to exposure to people who went and got the vax. My life is never going to be quite the same again either. But there are ways of treating the damage.

Come on over to Gab. There are groups there with links to good info. I post links there every so often to helpful info, myself.


I work as an electronics technician. Please tell me how I was supposed to obtain the secret knowledge that the vax was dangerous? I was a hair breadth away from losing my job. I was refused the ability to visit family, to enter stores or restaurants. The politicians that DEMANDED EVERYONE get MULTIPLE shots aren’t culpable – I AM?! The more I was FORCED, the stronger my resolve that something wasn’t right, but I didn’t know what.

To all that called for the arrest and even execution of the unvaccinated: To those that sow – so shall ye reap.


It wasn’t all that super-secret–but if you really want to know what you’ve been missing, I encourage you to switch browsers from Google to Brave, and use seekr.com for your searches.

Google hides all the best info.


I spent countless hours trying to warn my friends and family, as a result I was ostracised, called a conspiracy theorist, accused of being mentally ill and disowned by the majority of my family.
For remaining unvaccinated I was abused, threatened and told by a local Councillor that I, and people like me should be “burned at the stake or shot”, others told me that I should be refused health care and I should not be allowed to be around anyone.
Now vaccinated people are complaining because they chose not to listen.
Instead of attempting to create more division, maybe its time to start listening and asking questions.
Much love to everyone.


See this is the thing, you did not do the right thing at the time.
At the time, you guys were scumbags that got on a fascist power trip – because you felt weak and powerless against invisible bugs in the air. And also because it was authorized by your master, the govern-ment. Ment = Mind (in latin) – To govern your mind.

Most anti-vaxers believe in personal relationships and peer to peer relationships and private contracts between parties. As in, they dont have a 3rd party dominating them to how they live their life.
Most Pro-vaxers that now have poison inside their body because they injected themselves with poison, believe in the collective, “the system” – (doctors, politicians or any authority figure), the external third party that rules and dominates your psyche

Shame on you for blaming me, I lost friends and all my family – because I don’t tolerate extortion and people making fun of me when I am trying to save their life.

But ultimately it really doesn’t matter what we say to each other.

You took the shot and you will die.
And I cant wait for that to happen, honestly.
Because you people are just so stupid, so stupid you actually hold up society for everyone else. You need to go now. Bye bye!

That’s why the government gave you the shots – because this society is going to go through changes and we cant have any dead weight in our societies as we have great challenges to overcome.
Too bad you couldn’t read the writing on the wall. For you. Not me.


Well said! Im reconing this is either a devide tactic again…or someone has had that much pickle its pickled their brains already!


This is an uneducated article, why is it even published? Is this a comedy website?
I can’t believe that someone is this ignorant, ignoring all the so called dissenting unconflicted medical professionals, the protests and those still going on. Shame on these publishers. People that understood human rights, personal autonomy and consent, cried, protested, were hated and vilified, prayed for eveyone, and still being blamed. Smh this is ridiculous, take responsibility… oh, you don’t have that bone, hence your taking the shot and this article. Blame the drug pushers, still pushing the drug. #STOPtheSHOT #STOPtheBULLY #karmaDoesntPlay


That is classic deflection.
Where there is deflection there is deep shame.
You have to own your actions.
Like we are.


Blame pharma, big tech, and governments for silencing everyone that spoke out against this shit. This article is garbage


Is this the Babylon Bee?
Anyone who openly questioned the official narrative was banned from social media platforms effectively silencing their voice.


Another L for the vaxxies


I gave the benefit of the doubt that this might be satire (however terribly executed) but having sampled a few other “articles” I must regrettably assume this is genuine.

I, an unvaxed dangerous conspiracy nutjob not worthy of partaking in any aspects of general society, do apologize to you “upstanding, caring, vaccinated” people for what happened on behalf of the education system, big pharma, and governments in general. I do feel bad for what has happened to you and what may still happen due to the choices you consciously made. I know (just like I knew and told you all back then that injecting unknown substances into your body is a bad idea) that none of those who tricked you will offer their own apology. Furthermore I don’t hate you for what you all did. Not for despising us, ridiculing, casting us out of friendships and families for only trying to help you. You were scared and made awful choices but now you hopefully have insight and can take responsibility for your words and actions so that NOTHING LIKE THIS EVER HAPPENS AGAIN.

I pray for all you vaccinated to see the truth and wish to see all of us come together finally and move forward on compassion against evil. Jah bless.



Most of us were screaming it from the rooftops on social media and constantly being censored or even deplatformed! My question is, why did the people who got it not do some research beforehand? What you put in your body is no one else’s responsibility!


Nah! This is bogus. Not even sure-fired, clot shot junkies could come up with something this stupid to say. I call BS!


To quote the irritating little goblin banging on about the lie that is ‘climate change’ how dare you.

What an absolute load of lies. I spent the last 3 years trying to warn people and made myself seriously ill in the process. I had to stop trying to wake people up as I couldn’t take any more of the abuse, denial and wilful ignorance. Vaxxers wished us dead. That’s pleasant.

The article says the vaxxers had access to special information somehow? That information was available to everyone.

Don’t blame others for your pathetic compliance because you wanted to go to the pub or benidorm. Don’t blame others for the fact you couldn’t stand up for your rights or protect the children. If you hadn’t blindly complied the whole world wouldn’t be in this horrific mess. The blame lays squarely at your door. Man/woman/it/they/them up and accept the responsibility for your unresearched actions.

Why isn’t there an author on this article? If you’re going to sprout lies at least take responsibility for them. Cowardly till the last.


They are mocking both sides, don’t buy into this, probably written by a Mason or Joo (got to be careful here!) to free their Karma…

Andy, also

I just want to leave a comment to tell you that you have a cool name


You suck Get Over It, We kept trying to tell as many people as possible, then we were’nt allowed to go anywhere or work in most places. How the heck are we to tell you anything if we aren’t allowed anywhere you can go… Except on social media where you can just brush off whatever anyone is saying and stay in your little pro-medical segregation echo-chambers. Your Article HAS to be a joke because if it Is’nt then YOU are.




I lost family and friends trying to warn people. As thanks I had death wished on me. Where’s the accountability for oneself? The information we tried to provide you with was thrown back in our faces.

Joan Q Public

I told everyone I knew that it was dangerous and experimental. Every chance I had. Now it is my fault you didn’t listen. Fine. But will you listen next time?

Mark R.

Dear ignorant & uneducated editor,

I refer to this article (link below) where you would have readers believe that the unvaccinated people are to blame for the large number of excess deaths we are now witnessing since the rollout of the Covid jabs. Apparently, we have blood on our hands. Are you seriously suggesting that others like myself (ie. unvaccinated) are to blame for these deaths.

Your article states “their unvaccinated friends stood by and let them do it. Some of them said too little. Some said nothing at all”. For me personally, all of my family & friends know only too well my feelings on these jabs as I made it very clear from the outset. However, the majority of the aforementioned are adults and able & responsible for making their own decisions. I should also point out that there were MANY health professionals that spoke out and warned against these experimental jabs only to be labelled as conspiracists, discredited, and have their platforms removed from social media. Perhaps you should be venting your anger towards the media, politicians for this. Not forgetting Big Pharma of course who knew fine well the harms & deaths that these jabs would cause. Let’s see now, which company asked for all documents relating to their vaccine be HIDDEN from the public for 75 years? Oh yes! That would be Pfizer, the same company that was ordered to pay a £1.7 billion ($2.3 billion) fine in 2009 for mis promoting medicines and paying kickbacks to compliant doctors.

In case you weren’t aware the withholding of these documents was challenged in court and a federal judge ordered that these documents be released for public viewing albeit in ‘batches’ over several months. I can only assume that you have not bothered to look at these documents as I have done or your article would have been worded very differently and targeting a different group of people altogether. I will make an assumption that you do in fact have some researchers at your disposal so if I may, I’d like to make a suggestion to you…. USE THEM!

I would like to conclude by saying I look forward to reading your apology in another article, but I can’t imagine that happening. Just like the masses it seems that cognitive dissonance plays a very large part in your thought process and reasoning. A would be welcomed though.


Well said! The author of this article is the perfect example of the totally irrational thought processes of those who blind fly trusted the obvious lies and deception metered out by those driving this genocide. Brainless. Irresponsible. Bigoted and blind. We TRIED our best to warn not just our loved ones, but the world! I spent more time on FB ‘prison’ for sharing ‘FASLE INFORMATION’ aka FACTS than I did earning a living wage under the draconian lockdowns. Own your stupidity oh jabbed ones. We are still trying to help up despite your venom.


Why would you own your responsibility and shame?

Blame the black sheep’s, the one who didn’t held the ‘green passport’ and were excluded from social life and society. The ones you laughed at, the ones who lost family and friends and their right to seat with you in the same space. Sure blame us, we are so used to it by now. You gave up your autonomy on your own body, you trusted blind fully something that was sold to you. You mocked us, and didn’t stand for the basic human right on each individual on their own body.

Look at yourself in the mirror.
The blood on the hands is your own.


Spot on


We tried. We were vilified, lost our jobs, lost relationships, and sacrificed at the altar of censorship. If you’re smart enough to be allowed to write this article in a publication, you shouldn’t have needed anyone to tell you not to take the shot. It was glaringly obvious for anyone doing just a wee bit of homework. I really hope this article was intended as some sort of sick satire. Two things this whole Covid thing has proven – most people are stupid and centralized control is evil.


The heck is this garbage article. Everyone has the same access to information. Just some people chose not to be brainwashed by our government and media. I lost a ton of friends over not wanting to get vaccinated because for 2 years I was the enemy. Hard to get them to listen when your government is calling the unvaxed vermin and not to let us join society. Canada btw.


Is this satire? Because every “selfish conspiracy theorist grandma killer” I know is still going hard to this day, speaking truth. It’s called research. And it’s not our responsibility to school those who refuse to listen. How about being upset with the criminals who force-injected those who could not afford to lose their jobs?


  1. We believe in the freedom of choice
  2. We lost family members and friends because of this
  3. We screamed and cried about this since the beginning and continue to do so, even when establishment still pushing this poison narrative

We didn’t:
1. Coerce
2. Threaten
3. Mandate
4. Discriminate

Our conscience is clean, stop the division.


10 4 They are being served The TSS. In the words of BA Barackus, ” I pity the fool. ”


At the bottom of your website it says:

We are a participant in the Amazon Associates Program and may earn a commission from qualifying purchases made after clicking links to Amazon.com or affiliated sites.

Amazon Associates Program says this:

Welcome to one of the largest affiliate marketing programs in the world. The Amazon Associates Program helps content creators, publishers and bloggers monetize their traffic. With millions of products and programs available on Amazon, associates use easy link-building tools to direct their audience to their recommendations, and earn from qualifying purchases and programs.

One of my favorite content creators was Sam Dobson (To The Lifeboats). He was speaking out on this genocide from the beginning. His main platform was Twitch (owned by amazon) until they banned him for speaking out on these forbidden topics. I guess iqfy will also be cut off now that you are officially a conspiracy website. You might want to ask your partner Amazon why they censored these important discussions. In the mean time you can find his show here:


“Comments are open again on a trial basis. Your comment may be invisible for up to 30 minutes while under review by our brave volunteers.”

Censorship isn’t brave, especially when you’re trying to blood libel people for the evil you have done. Either you believe in open debate because you know your beliefs can withstand being questioned and attacked or you hide because you know your lies and libel fail upon even the weakest of examinations.


It says comments are disabled, but the dialogue box is available so I’m going to give it a shot.

Bad ideas can only be counted with better ideas.


This article is dangerously tribal.

Cactus Curtis

WDWSAs name is Benjamin Goundry.


This is an interesting response… maybe even satire…
Personally I cried at my sis in law’s funeral 2 weeks after his 2nd jab, what the cause was…
I sent for an ambulance after my mother’s reaction to her first…
I was also one in several million marching through London, Cardiff (uk)
I have close friends who camped for a month outside the beehive Nz…
We put stickers everywhere the public would see…
We even protested outside vax centres, and got quite a few to close – even if it was only for that day…
Seriously – what did you want us to do?


The title of this article is absurd.

There’s 2 reasons that stand out as to why pro-vaxers didn’t see the writing on the wall.

1) The effectiveness of the deep state lulling the world into a comfortable daze aka they were brainwashed into putting their guard down

2) Flat out refusal to listen to us conspiracy realists. Nothing we would have, could have or did say would have altered people’s decision making because of point 1.

I didn’t even bother reading the article because of the ridiculous title.


This is an interesting response… maybe even satire…
Personally I cried at my sis in law’s funeral 2 weeks after his 2nd jab, what the cause was…
I sent for an ambulance after my mother’s reaction to her first…
I was also one in several million marching through London, Cardiff (uk)
I have close friends who camped for a month outside the beehive Nz…
We put stickers everywhere the public would see…
We even protested outside vax centres, and got quite a few to close – even if it was only for that day…
Seriously – what did you want us to do?


This is the greatest satire since Jonathan Swift’s “A Modest Proposal”!



Reading this absurd (and quite offensive) article I had the same thought.


You can lead a horse to watern but you can’t make him drink.




This is a blood libel. The vaccinated heard what the unvaccinated were saying and labelled us racist, xenophobic (because that’s how thoughtless you are), as well as anti-science. Your own deaths are on your own hands. You denied people jobs, medical care, and a voice if anyone dared to question your irrational desire to get vaccinated. It is you who need to ask for forgiveness for all the evil you did in this world the last three years.

Take responsibility for all your accusations of disinformation and outright censorship. For example, I think this comment will most likely not get published or if it does, will get taken down.




If this is satire, it’s terrible. Remeber the viral memes making fun of unvaccinated? Remember the woman doing her research on the toilet online while all the dummies bragged about listening to “doctors”? Rememver vianising all the doctors and scientists who said don’t take this?

Daniel Doyle

I tried and tried and tried, begged, pleaded, and cried and did whatever I could to get people to not take the shot. But I lost friends, got hate messages, got called crazy Qanon conspiracy theorist, laughed at, mocked, you name it. And I didn’t care what they said I wasn’t backing down from my stance and the damn thing. But you iqfy have the audacity to post such an article blaming the unvaxxed for other people’s decisions to ignore myself and many, many others who spoke out against it. I’m not judging those who took it. I’m terrified for them and their families to think of what this thing could do to them. So don’t point the finger at those of us who spoke out when there’s three fingers pointing back at you who scoffed, mocked, laughed at, and unfriended us for trying to save you. I pray for everyone who took it that they have no I’ll effects from this thing and if they do that they are reversed.


so true and same.


so true and same.






I feel like I’m reading a posting on the Onion or the Babylon Bee. Seriously? Were YOU calling for an end to Twitter, Facebook, Nextdoor, Google, Instagram, and the rest of social media censorship? Were you demanding that the MSM cover the thousands of doctors, immunologists, researchers, etc. that were screaming at the top of their censored lungs regarding the entire plannedemic, from the sham masks to the rigged PCR tests, to the highly dangerous mRNA “vaccines?” Why didn’t WE shout it out louder? Maybe after a year of being shouted down, told to shut up, being censored, put in FB prison, being de-platformed, being threatened, being beaten up, being spit on, etc. for taking the right stand prior to the jabs, there was NOWHERE left in which to share the truths about the jab even though we all knew it. You have only yourselves to blame for your mistakes….NOT US. YOU are the ones who embraced tyranny and wished us dead. YOU. We NEVER wished you dead, but that will be your fate most likely. We have NO regrets, and will accept NO apologies for what YOU did, while we wished you the best. Don’t even think of turning this around on US. You will not like how we respond this time around.


Well said! The author of this article is the perfect example of the totally irrational thought processes of those who blind fly trusted the obvious lies and deception metered out by those driving this genocide. Brainless. Irresponsible. Bigoted and blind. We TRIED our best to warn not just our loved ones, but the world! I spent more time on FB ‘prison’ for sharing ‘FASLE INFORMATION’ aka FACTS than I did earning a living wage under the draconian lockdowns. Own your stupidity oh jabbed ones. We are still trying to help up despite your venom.

Colleen Wharton

Is this for real??? Many, many tried to sound the alarm about these so-called vaccines. Many doctors and other medical specialists and people with common sense tried to warn everyone, but they were shouted down, censored, mocked, threatened, ridiculed. The truth was out there, but it was being locked down and censored by big tech, government actors and people like you who continually yelled at us to “trust the science”. No, my conscience is clear, my hands are clean. I do not need forgiveness. Look to the so-called experts and elites, big pharma, big media, big government. Those are the people who should be asking forgiveness. There is so much blood on their hands. It will never come clean.


Clearly satire. But it shouldn’t be.

Crystal Luchkiw

Genuine question… is this a serious opinion article or parody? It’s difficult to tell since there’s so much bias. Thanks for the clarification.


Clearly satire. But it shouldn’t be.


I read your article on how some people chose to get vaccinated while others didn’t and that those who chose not to get it “have blood on their hands”. I’m vaccinated and had two members of my family inform me on its side effects, mention that it’s in trials and even say that us triple vaccinated are at high risk of heart attack, bloodclots and even death in 3 – 5 years time. I brushed them off, called them anti-vaxxer and ridiculed them. I followed my government and the want to travel, work and get into bars. Even though I feel winded, I’ve had covid twice, imagine if I wasn’t vaccinated or boosted!? They’re the crazy ones for not getting it. Our father in law is in hospital now for heart attack and get this, they blame the vaccine. My sis has chest pain and my sis in law, plus my sister developed tinnitus. My mom passed away to an aggressive cancer in June but it’s NOT the vaccine. Plus everyone who took the shots got covid so we’re hybrid protection. Those 2 who didn’t take the shot NEVER caught covid, didn’t fall sick or catch pneumonia like me (that put me in hospital it was so bad, almost developed blood clots). They’re a walking time bomb. They just don’t get it.

Honest question, is this article for real?

Appreciate it, love your content. Very insightful and inspiring.


“Even though I feel winded…” This is a sign of irreparable heart damage.

“I’ve had covid twice…” So, what did the ‘vaccine’ do for you? Also, do you think you would still feel winded if you had just let your body’s immune system do it’s job without pumping poison into it? FYI, the clot shot damages the immune system (this is documented).

“Plus everyone who took the shots got covid so we’re hybrid protection.” This is a coping mechanism for someone who doesn’t want to admit they were wrong about the clot shots. If your body creates immunity from a vaccine, it’s highly unlikely that any future encounter with that virus would put you in a hospital with pneumonia, much less blood clots.

“…almost developed blood clots). They’re a walking time bomb. They just don’t get it.” Did you actually consider this combination of words before you wrote them? You literally called out the dangers of the clot shot in one sentence and then called others crazy for not taking it in the next 2 sentences. Blood clots are in-fact a documented side effect of all of the mRNA ‘vaccines’. You and your ilk are the ticking time bombs, and by your count it’s roughly 3-5 years after your first shot.

I hope it was worth it so you could get into your bars. A word of advice, you might want to get right with your maker with the time you have left instead of responding on satire articles with ill-thought commentary.


hi IQfy

i am emailing you regarding being unable to leave comments on the above article. it was a very interesting read and i would have liked to see what your readers thought of it.

as i was unable to comment, i would like to give you a comments via this email

“don’t you trust the science? are you an anti vaxxer? do you want to lose your job or kill grandma? these were just some of the comments said about people who didn’t take the jab. we were threatened with our jobs, we were threatened with having social media accounts banned, we were threatened with not going to supermarkets, gigs, funerals, restaurants.

Jacinda Adern the current PM of NZ said she wants to create 2 classes of people, those who have privileges and those who don’t.

i knew there would be a walk back from people who took the jab, once it turned out to be neither safe nor effective but i wasn’t prepared for an article this audacious. how dare you blame us for your mistakes, how dare you say we have blood on our hands because of your stupidity. I’m sure the comfort of calling us anti vaxxers back on 2021 has dissipated by now and realising any moment could be your last is probably terrifying (i wouldn’t know) so i can understand your anger but is it misdirected. why don’t your writers talk about bill gates, corruption by big pharma or the blocking of ivermectin as a suitable treatment.

i look forward to your response.

lastly 85% and 25% don’t make 100% so you may want to update the comments box where i found this email address.

kind regards from an
Science denying anti vaxxer


It wasn’t hard to see or understand. The very word experimental should have made you question. They said follow the science, well the only science was the fact that it takes about 8 year to safely make a vaccine and even then they are not 100% safely.
I’m no scientist but I did graduate in the university of life with a masters in common sense and it stuck out like a sorn thumb.
Not much more anybody can say really.


I’m sure this article is satire

Abudabi Fajeghet

You asked for this.


Mark Urso

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