Top Ten Influencers, #10: Dave Bromberg Band, How Late’ll Ya Play Til.”

How Late’ll Ya Play Til.”

I don’t really remember, but I was probably playing the Rolling Stones that night at Portsmouth Abbey, late, and I had my headphones on, and Housemaster Father Anselm stormed in at 3AM because I had left the button pressed for the speakers, and it was really loud and I didn’t know it! Really loud!!!

Even though I played music professionally for people for a lot of my life and even though my first wife and my brother would say I like to play deep cuts off the records, you still might be surprised what I actually listened to when I was alone (or thought I was!)

And since this is 10 records that influenced my being, maybe I’ll surprise you!

Counting down from 10, my first pick is Dave Bromberg Band’s “How Late’ll Ya Play Til.”

This one was a long-time hard to find on CD. It was a double album with lots of swing and lots of horns and fun fast blues songs with incredibly cool lyrics. It was one of those records I wore out!

Enjoy it … but please, people are trying to sleep!



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