Tomatoes – Mark Urso

An original!


Some people want to watch the river flow
That’s not always where I wanna go
On a nice sunny day when things are slow
I’ll just sit and watch my tomatoes grow!

Gleaming red in the bright sunshine
Those little green ones just takin’ their time
Tying things up with my fine green twine
Taking good care of my brandy-wine

Sometimes I’ll just put ‘em all out on the porch
Look up to the sky for the weather’s course!
Doin’ everything I know and the best that I can
So my tomatoes will be the best in the land

Sometimes I’ll watch the river flow
You know there’s some other ways you can go . . .
On a beautiful day when things are slow
I might just watch my tomatoes grow . . .

Getting dirty diggin’ dirt
Ain’t so bad it’s not the worst
Way to spend some lazy day time
Hangin’ with the ol’ tomato vine!

Now I’m getting in my zone
Been a long time plantin’ but they’re comin’ home
They’re alive you know these seeds I’ve sown
Immaculate concepción!

  • Mark Urso

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