Time To Kiss YouTube Goodbye – Censorship is UnAmerican

They haven’t done me any favors.

Communists at YouTube banned me a long time ago from monetizing videos. Since then I’ve gotten as many as 28-million views on a single video, but not a penny from them. Now, after I put up a video of Fauci saying masks don’t work, they decided they’re doctors and gave me a (second) strike.

It was a VIDEO. He really said it. It was a fact. True. Video footage of it.

I believe strongly that censorship is unAmerican and dangerous.

Goodbye YouTube!

While I remove every video I ever posted to YouTube (over 250), and place them here on my site, this is what you’ll see on YT:

I’ll never use YouTube again.

I’ll be removing all my videos from YouTube, starting immediately.

It’s because of their stupid policy regarding COVID. They, of course, are not doctors, but they have a system in place which will delete any video with information about COVID … if they don’t agree with it. Yesterday I posted a video of Dr. Fauci. Today they removed the video because in the video I posted Fauci laughed at mask-wearing, saying it’s just not necessary. Later the doctor from hell changed his mind to get all the little sheep scared, and has been insisting the opposite, that masks are great. YouTube doesn’t know what to do, but they don’t really care, either. My video was deleted. Again. I’m gone.

While I usually post music videos, I (have) a second YouTube account where I post political information. None of it matters if YouTube thinks I’m bad and mainstream media teaches us I’m racist, and people who are healthy and able-bodied are still finding it easier to complain on television news than get jobs.

I’ll work it out.

I’ll end up with my own TV station, and I’ll take the bastards down.

Now let’s see if anyone notices.

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Mark Urso

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