“This is Absolutely Not Normal” – COVID Blood Researcher Unveils Scary Results


A Look at Blood Plasma

A blood researcher from Amsterdam posted microscopic video comparing blood unvaxed versus vaxed, and the images are compelling.

Eunice Lieveld (@Euniqueje), who describes herself as an Elchemyst, frequency specialist, blood researcher and inventor, posted three videos on Twitter, which I will share here. Based on Twitter’s habit of deleting expert information about health, I will embed by putting a copy on Rumble, rather than the traditional way, leaving it on Twitter and linking to it.

I know nothing about this woman, and I’m not a health expert. But as a reader, stumbling across these videos, I was astonished. In my mind, I’ll usually weigh the possibilities of authenticity when I see something THIS unusual. Putting on my best thinking cap, though, I can not imagine, even in this world of weirdness we’re caught up in, someone going out of their way to fake a scientific microscopic video of blood, if it’s even possible.

I know nothing about the videos, but the farther you think into it; this woman (you can her her speak in the video) is well versed and sounds credible; what’s her motivation? – She presents an impressively real-looking video to warn others about something truly unbelievable. It’s actually very scary. It’s untested sensitive ground.

If it’s reality, it goes right along with the amazingly bold and inhuman acts we KNOW about already, including the American government holding over 100 of its own citizens hostage without trial, forcing children to get experimental inoculations and wear masks and stealing probably the most important election in history.

If it’s real, Lieveld tells us she recommends anyone triple-boosted should be tested for HIV.

I don’t post this casually. It’s very compelling. I feel as if I should apologize, because it looks to me SO real I can not disbelieve it, and that’s after scouring it every way I can and trying to wish it away.

Updated below:

There were three videos. They’ve all been deleted and are “forbidden” on Twitter, so in the future these links may not work. There was a “compilation” video on Youtube which shows most of the 3 videos.

Lieveld: 1/3 Soon I will start posting some of my findings on here… To start… here’s an example of unvcd blood…

Lieveld: 2/3 here’s a sample of a double vcd… She was so shocked she cancelled her booster appointment…

Lieveld: 3/3 aside from this I also see visibly infected lymphocytes… + that scares me as it could indicate severe corruption of the immune system in a way that I have never seen before… According to Luc Montagnier everyone who = 3x jabbed should get a HIV test… I think he’s right..

The video referenced above may be on Lieveld’s Twitter account but not sharable, or may have been censored. It may be part of this, below.

To put this into perspective, 80% of the residents of Rhode Island are fully vaccinated. In the United States, 65% of the entire population is said to be fully vaccinated, 213-million people.

This article tells us: “New figures from the Peoples Vaccine Alliance reveal that the companies behind two of the most successful COVID-19 vaccines —Pfizer, BioNTech and Moderna— are making combined profits of $65,000 every minute.”

That’s a thousand-dollars a second.

Part of the puzzle: The bigwigs themselves, most of them anyway, have submitted on video to the shot. A skeptic at this point would remember thinking “is this video staged?!” The question of intent lingers harshly.

Trump got it, and speaks favorably of vaccines. That’s curious but possibly just naive? I find myself on the side of the skeptic; after all, there are too many curiosities about these vaccines, which are literally experimental! There are videos which are ignored by the media of people passing out right after getting the shot! YouTube is still deleting videos that question the narrative around vaccines.

Athletes are dropping dead.

Big money’s complicitness is sticking out like a sore thumb. People are dying. Relatives are asking that anyone coming to the funeral show proof of vaccination. How much information will people doubt, blatantly ignore, before considering saving themselves by simply not trusting rich indebted government snobs to tell them what to put in their own bodies?

Then there’s a layer that the virus is dwindling and the vaccines never actually worked, while Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla says “we are working tirelessly to beat the virus.” For only a thousand dollars a second.

Another layer protects big pharma from being sued.

I just can not believe everybody’s innocent.

Houston, we have a problem!


Mark Urso

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