Slow Liberal Poison Starting to Take Effect

People all around the world are being poisoned.

The criminals are clever, but lazy and passive, with no sense of identity. They will poison us without directly intending to, without understanding their involvement, even blaming the wrong guy. But the criminals themselves will also be poisoned, and their disconnection from reality is apparent in the way they seem to participate willingly.

It’s a mind game. No-one invented it, no-one’s in charge, and there are no rules. You may have already noticed some of the symptoms in your own mind.

We are being taught to hate each other. And we don’t even need to have a single conversation.

Your opponent, the devil’s best tool in this game, will be the media; if he gets his way, you will no longer know reality. Starting to sound familiar? Run with it! This game is real!

Running in Shifting Sands

The world is a conception we see and trust.

We trust it will be “normal” tomorrow, and it usually is.

The modern damaging tactic used by progressive forces, seeming united by modern connectivity, is to try to change reality to their liking, as random as their liking may be to the rest of us. They are manipulating the minds of people watching television and on the Internet to create preconceptions. Preconceptions do not need to be based on fact, but if they’re hammered into our brains consistently over a long period of time, they eventually seem to be much more real than they ever deserved.

The antagonists have skewed conceptions, based on ill pasts, and wish for their own lives to seem more normal, so they thrust, unsolicited, their skewed concepts on the rest of us as preconceptions. But it gets worse. The progressive ideology today is aggressive. Probably based on Donald Trump upsetting the slow-grow of death to the USA Obama quietly started, leaders have embraced progressive ideas too aggressively, and followers smile with confidence, too much confidence. It’s all based on the Internet allowing them to, and with a dash of the new canned applause, robots embedded into Twitter and other such fuckery, progressives feel emboldened, but have done no more than climb atop a disaster; they created a bomb and launched it, not concerned they’re sitting on it.

Tick tick tick …

Let’s look at it in a practical way. You’re walking along. Go around a corner. You see a person you haven’t seen in a long time! You have preconceptions about how this meeting will go; that is, unless your preconception leads you to avoid the meeting altogether! Then, assuming you proceed, you meet. You talk. It goes well. A conception is when something actually happens; it’s a word created to distinguish things that are NOT speculative.

Preconceptions are speculative. Conceptions are real.

You don’t have to leave the house to dig into it. You’re having preconceptions all day long, at home, at the office, in the car.

You go about your morning trip to work … confident!

And on most days, you’re right! You’ve successfully entered another normal day you fit into well, and that’s determined only once you arrive at the office and people see the outfit you chose! Ever like children, the game is won when we understand our peers and fit in.

My success today is based on my attempt to satisfy YOUR idea of what an attractive person is. I’m confident and get it right, based on MY preconception about YOUR opinion. If I came in to work tomorrow and you suddenly changed all of your opinions, and no longer liked me, I would be effected in the sense I would be confused at how to dress properly. Am I missing something?

How many other people agree with YOU (and no longer like me)?

If a lot of them do, the sands are shifting right under my feet!

Poisoning A Population

It’s all very boring. A great sandbox for unrest; long-scale, long-game disruption of masses of people! No-one cares about pre-analyzing preconceptions! If you’re still with me, I wonder what you’re expecting I’ll glean to make this worth reading! It’s all so touchy feely!

But no, it’s not!

Preconceptions are an energy that makes the garden of life healthy, and progressives are intentionally disrupting it with no regard for widespread implications. The far-left have come out with unpopular, dangerous, unhealthy and unethical ideas, contradicting the US Constitution and going head to head with the God who inspired that same Constitution. But despite unpopularity and though they’re a vast minority, feeding the machine of damage can be done with chaff and waste, as long as it goes on for a long time!

It can be a byproduct of someone else’s intention. Direct correlation in retrospect doesn’t exist. It’s no-one’s fault, though everyone may suffer if the consequences are bad.

Preconceptions are your imagination. They’re real; they’re important.

They make you nervous. Hurry. Be on time. Worry about the boss. An upcoming meeting. Friends, family, everything’s part of the dynamic. Preconceptions can make you confident, too, if you stop worrying so much! They’re your everyday life. The smile on your face with no apparent explanation. Your personality; what you choose to be!

Until they’re messed with, which is usually not likely; but we’re living in unusual times, and as the clock keeps ticking, we keep seeing ads about COVID, the emergency having ended; and people riding bicycles, shopping at Walmart and even out dancing wearing clumsy awkward protective medical masks proven to do nothing.

Fudging Reality By The Numbers

The concept of popularity has been intentionally broken, and all the good guys are gone!

We make purchases today based on upvotes and comments that are routinely, openly manipulated by owners of the property (Amazon). We hate Donald Trump because, well, you heard the applause Whoopi got hating him! We take our innocent children to Black Lives Matter rallies, ignorant of the curious nature of the organization, but joining thousands of people who like the idea, the way it sounds. Yea! Black lives are good! Everyone thinks so!

Crowd control today is a system of managing headlines and labels, and literally eliminating and changing statistics in one party’s favor. A headline about a popular person doing something good is believed with no need to click through and read the article (forget about researching it). This creates a clever hole for an irritant to simply blitz the world with … memes and headlines. Creating and managing popular opinion has become a matter of saying whatever you want, and no-one seems to mind because the concept of controversy is swept under the rug when the topic is dear to the cause.

And “they” keep yelling louder, while fair-minded journalists and bloggers, like myself, are diminished by automatic algorithms. That gets me out of the way for Whoopi and the likes of the Cuomo brothers to share their love of lies, somehow thinking they’re fooling all of us into believing Hillary Clinton is an honorable person. “They” are fronted by actors pretending to be investigative reporters, though the camouflage is thin when we hear Joy correcting Whoopi about how great a medical doctor Jill Biden is.

The hostesses are not investigative at all, but no matter what conclusions viewers may have on their unqualified minds, an audience-of-a-thousand cheers on the TV show, as instructed, whenever a sign lights up.

It’s easy to get drawn in. Musk shook up Twitter enough to make them reveal they have hundreds of thousands of robots, mostly to support edgy, illegal and unpopular causes. It’s been proven Hillary Clinton has broken the law, but her emails and collusion against Donald Trump, while of Watergate proportions, conflict directly with Missus Clinton’s ability to be popular, so discussion is not encouraged.

If you’re on The View, it’s not allowed.

Can you trust popularity counters, when huge groups of united followers are exposed as fake accounts? When YouTube eliminates it’s downvote counter entirely, to hide the fact Trump is embarrassingly popular to Biden’s cacophony of video errors?

Canned applause do the trick for ya?

Nothing funny going on here!

Just a bunch of innocent old preloaded preconceptions!

Watch out for the long term crazies. They’re starting to emerge, coming out of the walls, where they’ve always been, planted, sturdy, dedicated to their crazy and evolved; combined with our leaders releasing tens of thousands of prisoners in the name of COVID onto the streets, recent events are a petri dish for the modern zombie. It can’t be avoided and it’s already happening. The more we ignore it, the more it becomes normal.

Tick tick tick …

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Your future depends on it!


Mark Urso is a blogger, 25-year radio journalist and musician. He holds a degree in Communications from Boston College (’84), has authored five books and writes daily at

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