The Share The Moon Story

Happy Halloween everybody! Here’s some scary video from me!

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Share The Moon

Standing too close to the edge of the stage
Creature of beauty, drama and rage
You kick me when I’m down, like you’re kickin’ a tire
I can tell you want to kiss me, but you’re breathin’ fire

I don’t wanna share my moon with you
It’s okay for most other animals in the zoo
But I wish a black sky, would be cast over you
When I catch sight of my moon’s sultry glow

You’re a dragon you know I just found out too late
Night time it no longer feels so great …
Me I’m runnin’ so fast I need roller skates
To go see my lawyer; gonna set up a case

You’ll regret it I promise; you’ll find out too soon …
My lawyer will put an end to this swoon
It’ll be clear sailing in the courtroom
Justice prevail! All I want is the moon!

I don’t wanna share my moon with you
Want something to gaze at? Go get a tattoo!
A lifetime of overcast nights for you
Enough with your wicked moonlight voodoo!

It’s mine, all mine, keep your greedy eyes
Out of my particular section of sky!
You and your vindictive dragon paws
Are violating my free sky laws

I don’t wanna share my moon with you
You’d be better off if you just withdrew
I’m not gonna start tryin’ to understand you!
Miles away … and you ruin the view!

  • Mark Urso

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