The Secrets of Politics

It’s too easy to talk about politics.

Blah blah blah … politics politics politics!

I have rights! That’s a phrase I heard someone yell in a news video today, while she was being “taken away” by police. She was talking about politics (too easy) and her “rights.” I thought she should have also thought about other people’s rights, too, maybe avoiding arrest. People go farther than just declaring their misunderstanding of things by yelling at public meetings; now the privacy of members of the US Supreme Court has been breached. People yelling obscenities and flailing about with homemade signs with dramatic and vulgar messages … and the neat part is, kids … yes! You win! It’s easy! You don’t have to know what you’re talking about.

These days, the more drama the better! We’ve already seen, starting two years-ago, police officers murdered, taunted and disrespected while progressive-run cities continue to smell of burning human waste, literally self-destructing under the misdirected guise of saving the earth.

If Roe is overturned, the authority goes to the states. Just like the states do with pretty much everything else. That’s the general idea. It’s not hard to understand.

There’s no reason to think someone will be having a back alley abortion as a result of giving the authority to decide back to the states. Good things could happen; bad things could happen, each state deciding its own laws.

I know, it’s not very dramatic. I know, there are downtrodden. We need to fight for them. We need to acknowledge them, us, the majority of Americans, us, who far outnumber these downtrodden. In this light, it’s good they’ve come out of the closets, out of the woodwork, and we know who they are. The yellers. But what are they doing over at Justice Alito’s house tonight, spreading accusations and threatening violence!? They shouldn’t be there.

The problem is not, in this case, the news coverage. This one’s too obvious. Last year, you could show up with your little kids to the city’s weekly BLM protest in city square and have a grand old time, never needing to know one darned tidbit of information about … um … BLM. It’s for “blacks.” They’re important. Let’s go! You’d be supporting a group that wants to destroy America, that is, when they aren’t distracted spending your donations on things like personal ranches, but how were YOU supposed to know? Be a good pawn, go home, dinner, sleepy time.

But not this time.

This is clearly a case where you should have learned the basics. It’s a shame you didn’t already know.

Talking about politics is one thing. Listening to a fringe group blather about fringe opinions is a great exercise in open-mindedness. But with the BLM thing, you had a wall of bad news people protecting you from your ignorance, even allowing you to take action in public! With Roe/Wade, there’s just too many people who have a general understanding of the cause at hand, so it’s obvious your enemy is a figment of someone’s imagination. It doesn’t matter if it’s the coolest kid at the coffee house who invited you to the Alito bash, don’t go.

This is not going to be so easy!

Think about it for one second, my proud, keen-minded, too-often-impulsive, liberal friend.

BLM’s true purpose is illegal use of collected funds, and furthering causes for the communists in charge. Their purpose was intentionally kept secret from the most innocent green-haired followers of all things free and good. It was a big lie, and it worked wonderfully, resulting in huge rallies that ended up focusing on BLM’s violent side. BLM got their way. But this time the imagined injustice is completely made up. Fictional. There’s no-one trying to cover up the legal matter at hand, and most Americans understand the concepts. The arguments being tossed out by the impulsive make them appear to love abortions, while state autonomy is the only issue.

Stay home on this one.

There, are, still, bless your well-meaning soul, other causes which you can also enjoy misunderstanding.

For example, “Don’t Say Gay.” This is a great phrase to be overheard talking strongly about, but what does it really mean? Oh, heck, it doesn’t matter. It is fun to see the reputation of a strong, patriotic leader like Ron DeSantis appear to teeter, when you think about “don’t say gay” hard enough. With this one, your cause already lost (and didn’t exist), but feel free to, you know, dislike the guy, in your own way.

Public Schools are a misunderstood branch of government controlled by labor unions. You’d be surprised the secrets being kept!

Black Lives Matter are the masters at manipulating the current wave of popular guilt. What they really are is different than what you’re supposed to think. With admitted Marxists “running” a group everyone is supposed to think is about inequality, making enough money to buy houses costing over a million dollars, and currently being investigated for misusing funds, the whole time the group has not boasted about helping “black lives.” They have, though, represented … consistently in ways 180-degrees averse to what they preach. Sorry, BLM is yesterday.

And finally, Durham is a very difficult topic. For fans of gaslighting topics, this one’s for you. Unfortunately, millions were victims of the gaslighting. You have to, in that case, admit you, personally, were wrong. The ultimate secret of politics is that it’s really the citizens at fault, for not paying attention to what government is doing. Hillary Clinton should, in fact, be arrested. Not a secret any longer, but treated as such.

The good news is, it’s still easy to talk about politics! There promises to be a cornucopia of topics, ranging from space flight to cow farts to automatically-morphing Russian conspiracy theories, so whether it’s complicated or not, whether you understand all the details, whether you have the slightest clue about the issue, you can talk.

Please stay out of my yard. I trust you canceled the Alito gig.


Mark Urso is an author and musician in Rhode Island, who enjoys writing about a variety of topics including current affairs, pets and music. His blog is at

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