The New Twitter: Who are the Real Losers?

Have Republican voters been disenfranchised?

Many observers of races in Pennsylvania and Arizona would say yes, suspecting widespread organized cheating by Democrat government officials. If Democrats are cheating, one might say Republican voters have been ripped off, some standing in line for hours to vote for Kari Lake, only to finally give up when they were told all the machines were broken and they had to wait MORE hours. Votes that disappear while you’re watching the count – happens only to the GOP candidate, a phenomenon that started with the Biden vs. Trump election.

The come-from-behind-win after days, even weeks of “counting” never goes to a Republican.

Disappearing votes seems to be a clear ripoff, and the opposite of the traditional election-season advice “every vote counts!” They’ll tell us a single vote could make a difference, then in Arizona officials admitted the ballot staff mistakenly mixed counted votes with uncounted votes, all together in one big box. Nothing to see here!

In the end, who’s being ripped off?

Republicans are being ripped off of votes, one at a time. But many Democrats have had their brains hijacked. At the cost of their personal reputations, they utter official talking points, having arrived at a place where their minds are devoid of logical ammunition for a “cause.”

The curtain is falling.

Stubbornness makes them seem like eternal fools, ignoring that Katie Hobbs directed Twitter to silence her opponents, using her clout as a government official, while running for Governor of Arizona. To a skeptic, the spit can be seen coming directly from Hobbs into our faces. But all a stubborn Democrat has left, is to do his best to be disrespectful. That’s what it amounts to.

Many of the stubborn threatened to leave Twitter after someone promised it would be run more fairly. Some stayed, and appear like wilted Fall leaves in a dry wind, with little gusto to hang on. One-time actor Rob Reiner’s only argument is he hates Trump; he tries to get creative, but has no army of bitter robotic “influencer” fake accounts behind him, and it shows!

Hobbs herself attempts to appear proud of her “win,” but in the new Twittersphere her rally for support quickly turns into a thread of real humans bashing her for cheating and being arrogant. There’s a glaring lack of support for Hobbs, making it painfully obvious her Twitter fans were fake, the purging was real, and accusations of cheating are valid.

The strongest liberal accounts on Twitter are floating in dark matter. Bette Midler, whose career was built on sympathy and woman-power, reduced herself to shouting the f-word in frustration.

Bette Midler fans lose.

The one-time proud red-haired liberal spokesmodel found out the hard way what she does matters not. “I have done my part, and I have done YOUR part. I have done geothermal, solar, hybrid, electric cars, composting, recycling, I bathe once a month! Fuck you!” … Midler desperately tweeted, to make it clear, whatever’s happening, it’s not her to blame. It’s you.

Alyssa Milano loved her Tesla so much, she announced many times her fondness for Elon Musk. Oh well. Once he opened Twitter to free speech, and Milano no longer had an audience, she changed her tune fast with no brain engagement whatsoever.

In 2016 Milano was in Tesla heaven, bragging “Dear @elonmusk, My @TeslaMotors model x just arrived. Thank you for being a genius. I appreciate you. Respectfully, Alyssa.”

Milano will jump on any bandwagon to remain in the spotlight. It’s appropriate her new book is titled “Sorry, Not Sorry,” which she explains by simply saying she “will not apologize.” She would, though, state her new utter hatred for the free-speech-loving Musk, getting rid of her Tesla to buy a Hitler designed Volkswagen, a decision that appropriately kindled a firestorm of fun, fair, fact-filled Musk love. Her only gripe was against free speech. Mind-boggling.

Milano fans lose. She’s a money-grubbing puppet who wants you to buy her book while she visits “The View” with her non-expertise, to share eyes-closed hatred with the girls, while they still can.

What’s the protest about, you may ask? It’s not easy to see. It used to be a storm of feelings, an emotional bout of correctness, intended to happily push the world in the direction of faux-open-minded, playful indulgence. You could do or say anything you wanted, as long as it made Republicans look bad. But with an enormous piece of the game taken away, fake accounts that trolled Twitter like an army of purple-heads, what’s left for the Midlers and Milanos of the Twitterverse to talk about without appearing alone and desperate?

Apparently nothing.

But what’s much worse?

The average Democrat has lost.

Every good-thinker who’s gone along with the “mostly-peaceful” fun, ignoring 80-billion in weapons abandoned for the Taliban, ignoring Biden’s daughter’s fear of her father when she showers, ignoring Biden’s son’s embarrassments, is left to deal with reality, and that won’t feel good! They can swipe back with perfectly good arguments about how the FBI guy working for Twitter was “just doing his job” by vetting documents before releasing them for his boss, but there will be no joy. Only a month ago it would have appeared an army of users were on the FBI’s side, but that no longer happens, and logical, well-meaning, dedicated Democrats are feeling real weakness.

The vastness of the wrongdoing creates endless fodder for skeptics.

While a new lack of support for the wrongdoing has created a zone of confusion for stubborn defenders of the left, regardless of whether they have anything valid or important to say. There’s a whitewashing going on, and had it been the other way around, conservative voices would be victims of gaslighting. This time, though, the left has been purged and the right-wingers are chatting up the remaining lefties, finding there’s nothing to them.

The “smart” liberal can still find good arguments. I’m all ears. But it’s hard to listen to someone talk about specific laws regarding the FBI attorney’s job, when you know the talker, who has a good point, is intentionally ignoring a hundred examples of the moral stranglehold his party has on the world.

When the President showers with his daughter and she complains she’s scared of him (publicly), the voice of the little guy on the left, urging us to listen to his subspecific legal take on the FBI, sounds like ignorance.  Any smart guys on the left have lost their voices almost completely, to lack of credibility and perspective.

This world evolves at a tech-driven pace, and the ball is lingering in the GOP’s hands, which may feel wrong in the minds of those who enjoyed having an unfair playing field. It’s gonna hurt. There will be losers. Welcome to Neverland, those who formerly basked in the warmth of a fake sun.

My father clarified all of it once for me, before his recent passing at 93. We talked often about politics, and when I expressed frustration, he advised me “It’s hard to be right.”

It’s a new day! I got five new followers while writing this!

And Kari Lake isn’t giving up. Her latest post: “We just had an election here Nov. 8th which was run like they run elections in banana republics. And this is why I’m going to be contesting the election later this week.”

Conservatives need to keep the ball in their court as much as they can.


Mark Urso

Mark Urso is a former hippie who sees ideology today is divided not by political party or leaning, but by right versus wrong, and modern progressive-types have ruined hippie. A 1984 graduate of Boston College, Urso wrote local news daily for 25-years, contributing stories regularly to AP, and hosted a live one-hour radio show with daily guests ranging from the annual cat show organizer to senators and celebrities. He can be found at Quora (3.7m views) and

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