The My Pillow Guy, Monetizing Fluff

It’s about time somebody said something about the “My Pillow” guy. I’m a radio announcer by trade, and I find it easy to criticize what we call professionals on TV and radio.

The “My Pillow” guy  is not … an announcer. He sounds like what a pillow would sound like if you squeezed it, pushing sounds out of its mouth. A little overweight, a little out of breath. But I bet he knows how to sleep!

This guy’s become famous telling us what pillow we should use. His pillow! But he doesn’t call it his pillow. The real problem with the my pillow campaign is the my pillow guy isn’t an expert on anything. He pretends to be, while telling me about the most personal thing in my life, my pillow!

Just watching one episode of this guy’s commercials is exhausting! He takes fluff and makes money off of it!

It ‘s intriguing, but in a tiresome way; the one thing I’m sure of is, he doesn’t know what kind of pillow I want!

I bet his pillow is filled with my money!

Now pay the man!!

Goodnight, and God bless America!


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