The Most Corrupt Family in American History

Trump’s namesake son says the Biden family is the most corrupt family in American history.

It’s worth knowing.

Are you too busy to read the news? Too lazy? Not interested? Makes you upset? I’m here today to help. You don’t have to read much. In fact, you’re almost done.

This is what it’s all about. Just turn up the volume! Easy street.

Please open your eyes, Trump-haters. You are dead wrong, and our country needs your brain for a minute or two.

Thanks for considering being responsible with your vote.

Did you listen? Good. You’re doing your job. Glad to help.

Just in case you’re wondering what the options are, if there’s a guy the complete opposite of the nutjob Biden family … I can help there, too.

While Joe Biden slurped on a milkshake, receiving national televised media coverage while he visited a little ice cream shack, causing tears to flow from the softest liberals who held their tears back long enough to Tweet nonsense about their emotions, regarding the six people in attendance, including the cameraman, mic boom guy, and a female family member who probably is confused about exactly how she should kiss her relatives … there’s another candidate you may not have heard much about: Donald Trump (aka “dad”).

He got another good crowd. This is normal. He’s doing this EVERY DAY, well, since he was stranded in a healthcare snafu with COVID for three days with no significant symptoms. Today’s big event was broadcast by Right Side Broadcasting Network on YouTube. If you’ve got time, that’s worth watching, too, though it may be information overload if you’re just getting home from a hard day at work and don’t have lots of time for the news.

My mission is to prevent your hard work from making you a fool.

You need to know some stuff. Just some. Just a little bit of stuff. The news media, you may not have heard, gives you nothing. Trust me!

Here’s a quick clip so you can see who America loves, an honest, hard-working citizen who qualifies for the office by actually being born in America and not making illegal trade-for-favors deals with America’s arch enemies. This is Nevada, a blue state!

Video courtesy of Josh Wingrove (@josh_wingrove) for Bloomberg

The Gateway Pundit: “Today the President entertained around 25,000 event goers in Florida before flying to Georgia to speak in front of another 20,000”

It’s enough to make you dizzy. Add some flashing lights … and …

Make America Great Again! Please vote responsibly!

Mark Urso

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