The Monster That Is Government Spending

I don’t think people really absorb the concept of 1.7 trillion dollars. It’s way too much for helping other countries while we have plenty of real issues at home. Congress this week passed a four-THOUSAND-page, $1,700,000,000,000.00 bill that one congressman voting “yay” admitted he didn’t read, and many said they weren’t given time to read, as it was purposefully pushed through too quickly by Nancy Pelosi as a deliberate swan song “crunch” in the few remaining days before Christmas. Despite there is no accountability, no logic, and we can not afford it. Whatever it is. At four-thousand pages, it would take weeks to scrutinize. Congress no longer bothers. They have interns read these novels, then fill them in.

US government is spending to support border security in countries on the other side of the globe, while millions of illegal aliens have entered unhindered through our southern border, an “issue” that either doesn’t exist (depending on how gullible you are), or is “under control,” being managed by VP Kamala Harris, who in her entire tenure has not once visited the southern border to assess the situation. In these mad times … Nancy sucks 1.7 trillion taxpayer dollars into the magic money laundering machine. The size of the number is simply staggering.

They’re doing trades and deals that make it seem the government is trying to go bankrupt (ask the WEF, the one-world organization that has its own police force), or, a lot of people in US government are being blackmailed for embarrassing or illegal activities. Hunter Biden carelessly abandoned a laptop computer riddled with self-created pornographic videos and proudly-posed evidence of illegal drug use. From what we’ve seen, the son of the current President-Pretend was not shy to create a vivid video archive of sin. US taxpayers are willfully paying for Hunter Biden’s habits: whores, crack, and shady billion-dollar deals with Ukraine that have been going on for years.

Beyond that, we’re literally funding a war and sending weapons to a foreign country we as citizens have zero investment in – Billions of dollars, like it was candy. Why is that? It’s not goodwill; that makes no sense. Bad management has us teetering on world war three, and US citizens aren’t even paying attention enough to ask why. Billions. And now trillions! We’re in enormous debt we may never solve, and that is real debt that has to be paid! It’s time to wake up!

As Shawn Waugh perceptively writes in an article titled “The Monstrosity of the Omnibus Spending Bill”: “Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky visited the White House dressed like a strip club owner. He then delivered a speech to Congress demanding more money from American taxpayers. Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) went so far as to say Ukraine is “‘the number one priority for the United States right now.'”

The future is ominous on every level this government has touched.


Mark Urso

Mark Urso is a former hippie who sees ideology today is divided not by political party or leaning, but by right versus wrong. A 1984 graduate of Boston College, Urso wrote news daily for 25-years, contributing stories regularly to AP, and hosted a live one-hour radio show with daily guests ranging from the annual cat show organizer to senators and celebrities. He can be found at Quora (3.8m views) and

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