TAKE A BREAK AND BUILD SOME CONFIDENCE; MANDATORY SESSION (For Writers, Authors, Content Creators, Book Publishers, Self Publishers, Ship Captains And Their Cousins)

(or, The Little Blog Boat That Could, An Argument For Writing Good, *sung to the tune of “Ain’t Got No Eyeballs”*)

Selling Jewelry on the Beach in Mexico
The jewelry guy, who knows the parasailing guy.

If the Internet is a web, it’s a web of advertising. The Internet advertising industry is a blessing and curse, of course, but it’s become, oddly, embedded in everything, the Mexican referral service of the Universe. Everybody is not only selling something, but probably somebody’s cousin (you know what I mean). It’s a great system that works!

So true. Easy to forget we’re talking about the Internet, which, we quickly remember, shouldn’t be a web of advertising. We hate the idea. Almost forgot.

And the frustration goes both ways;  viewers are not digging your content while you’re wondering why it’s not getting hits.

It’s not the Internet’s fault! Or your cousin’s! It’s yours! Your content is not good enough, or you’re assuming people are interested when you launch it, overlooking simple things that can get quick and positive reactions, like you want.

Good Content is Valuable

When done well, content, including information, craft, images, sound and video, is like a missing puzzle piece. It’s what we want on the viewer’s side of the computer, and what can’t be robot-ized on the inside of the computer. We also hate Photoshopped stuff. Forgot to mention that, too!

When done well, content that’s readable and interesting is, though by default hidden, like a modern scroll in a bullet fallen to the jungle floor, ready to not only solve your problem with sales, but also, by being redeemed, viewership, like life, is given to the written words.

The content will live like a grand ship in a bottle if no-one reads it. If it is good, it is probably unique, as there’s not so much of that around. You can see how confidence plays a big role here.

ship-in-bottleAt some point, the launching of the little blog boat you love so much depends no longer on how pretty it is, but on how much you can sail it around and show it to everybody.

There’s often a lever that has a price on it, real dollars needed to tell everyone what you have. Your confidence will keep this process in check. It will have to, because at first you won’t be making any money from the great new content – it has to live within a flow, be presented logically and only to those interested, then, like any business, earn a good reputation.

And be sure to tell your cousins!

Welcome To Advertising

dragon flying
Ancient Butterfly

The cousin thing we don’t always like – the visibility of marketing on a personal level, like musicians, authors and actors; but we’re just sellers. But still, we’re all a little bit celebrity, because our job is now to call attention to ourselves. Don’t feel vulnerable being exposed on the Internet; it’s what you’re looking for.

If you find your confidence needs to catch up, get an editor. The personal touch, on our truly see-through Internet, is not escapable, but that can easily be seen as a very good thing when you simply do good personal-image marketing.

The work pushes out the little boat.

So best wishes to you if you’re launching some new content; let me know so I can visit!

I’ll leave you with a video of a recent very successful launch!


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