The Garden of Life, Pt. 2

The Desire To Have Sex

Have you ever felt you wanted to be immortal? Ever thought, what would it be like to live forever?

God says we can’t. The bible essentially tells us we wouldn’t be able to handle it if we could live forever, if we didn’t die, if we didn’t have some sort of mysterious judgement day. So God has us die to keep us in line, to keep the upper hand on us. It’s the only way.

It may seem odd, but in order to make this plan of God’s work, he’s got to put a rocket in our pockets; the only reason we have what we call the birds and the bees, courtesy of God and Nature, is because we die; the connection being we need to reproduce in order to continue as a species to live.

So this may cause pause in your dream of living forever, being immortal, because essentially the immortal can’t have sex.

Theoretically, if God created a species and never intended any of them to die, then he would populate the earth once with that species and they wouldn’t have the function to reproduce. This would eliminate not just some physical parts on these people, but desire, sometimes a desire described as of the devil; desire to be with another person in the flesh.

This is part of being a mortal.

If you lived forever, you wouldn’t have the desire to have sex or reproduce! You would be a eunuch.

In God’s world, what could this mean?

In a typical Christian wedding ceremony, it’s explained to the participants that what they’re doing, joining as one, is what God wants them to do, their intention, the reason they are alive. The whole scenario suggests family and reproduction all by themselves are the reason for living, but also that living itself is designed around the fact that those who are living need to reproduce.

The garden is filled with berries and seeds, wild birds and bees, and all the necessary activity to create attraction, to create reproduction. The garden necessarily has temptation in it; it’s part of what makes it run. Just like on the dance floor, all of us need to dance within the garden, staying within its walls in order to show God our mission is true and real and that we want to be good people.

We need to be in the garden just to live, and the garden itself tempts us, and this is the garden God put us in. It’s essential in our lives, no matter what angle we look from, for us to dance with the devil.

For he takes the guise of temptation and throws it like a soft, barely visible veil over all the dancers, to fool them, to tempt them in his direction.

It’s no one’s fault, nor bad design. Perhaps Beelzebub is just being clever, taking advantage of the fact fertility feels good.

Always be aware, always be good.

Always be true, and see true!

Always understand the garden is like a razor’s edge. Our intuition is not just to reproduce to survive, and we somehow instinctively always know which side of the razor is the right one.

May you live in good perspective, and may God bless you!

“In the garden of life you’ll feel the pull

Your confidence comes from being vulnerable

Don’t you worry my dear, it’s a very safe place

You’ll be comfortably numb in my embrace”

The Garden of Life


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