The Black Plume of Trust

Do you trust the Government?  Trust worldwide is suffering, as the US Biden administration has made transparency non-existent, while we watch mysterious balloons being shot down and the so-called President is AWOL on the subject. While we hear the FBI found sensitive documents after they allowed Biden’s personal lawyer to search and conclude there weren’t any.

While we evacuate our homes under fear of death while a black plume of smoke rises from the Ohio/Pennsylvania border, and decision makers have done extraordinary things to treat the cause, a railroad accident, but nothing to quell concerns over the dangerous situation.

Poison smoke, and the visible emergence of a problem with trust.

At risk of sounding daft, I’m not a chemist. The long-named chemicals involved in the OH/PA train derailment, the poisons, their volatility, how it happened; many details I don’t know. But in a nutshell, fire containment crews didn’t contain anything; they blew holes in the rail cars, purposefully letting deadly chemicals flood the area, then they intentionally set those chemicals on fire.

They blew holes in the rail cars, explaining it’s the best thing to do, the lesser evil. It’s because the rail cars had caught fire and might explode at any moment. They took a hard look at the volatile chemical-filled rail cars, knowing they may blow up any moment, and detonated explosives. Perfect logic. The incident, competing for ears and eyes with alien balloon news, has people upset and curious.

According to some, it was necessary, for reasons I’ll have to ask you to trust, reasons from experts who don’t care enough to explain the hard-to-believe situation. It was serious enough for Ohio Governor Mike DeWine to tell residents six days-ago “You need to leave, you just need to leave. This is a matter of life and death,” while, to add to the confusion, Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro told residents they could stay home, just close your windows.

This is 2023. We have phones and radios. These people don’t care. They probably don’t know or care about the seriousness of the issue. What do you think? Who do you choose to trust, DeWine or Shapiro, it’s a toss up at this point. Life and death? … sure!  Whatever!

The governors commented without even getting on the same page!

Why bother? It’s only one of the largest spills of its kind in history! Surely people will happily cooperate when police come to their door and insist they leave with their families immediately or face arrest!

Let’s not let it get out of control with too much explaining!

“Some nights, resident Eric Whitining told The (Washington) Post, the air smells like an ‘over-chlorinated swimming pool’ and his eyes burn. He returned to his house the day authorities lifted the evacuation order. He can’t move his family of five out of their home, so he says he has no choice but to stay put and follow authorities’ instructions. ‘For a small town, we have to trust them, because what else do we have to do?’ Whitining said.’We have to trust that they are not lying to us.’”

Trust is no longer currency used by politicians. They have grown too comfortable not answering questions, like the ostrich Katie Hobbs hiding in the nearest available dark corner ’till the questions go away, using police force to arrest and intimidate, but feeling certain they’ll serve another day and get re-elected. No trust needed.

“We came together as a community and put safety first, avoiding what could have been a tragedy of epic proportions,” Keith Drabick, East Palestine’s fire chief, told a press conference. The Pennsylvania Department of Health told Newsweek it “remains committed to working with colleagues in Ohio as well as federal officials from the EPA and Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) to provide residents with additional information and updates in the days and weeks ahead.” That was four days ago. It’s been radio silence since, as a flurry of more important emergency-level events blitzed news desks staffed by the compromised and incompetent.

Fish are dying. They admit the air may have some poison in it.

The story will fade into the grossly contaminated soil that is the mainstream media, never to be explained.

And millions of Americans will continue to accept the confusion, reinforcing their trust of the government.


Mark Urso

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