The Art of the Lie Revisited

There are many ways to lie, and each will kick you in the ass as time goes by.

If you’ve been following politics, deep enough to hear differing points of view, you might suspect the Democratic party in the United States has mounted a campaign around upcoming elections based on intentionally lying. Bold-faced, without explanation, as if the crowd were entirely zombies.

While extreme liberals have already begun changing the meaning of words in the dictionary, along with an unknown basket of other “little things” none of us may notice for years, politicians are leading the way, and have recreated the art of lying. It’s now done with much more confidence, and paid actors who will actually create fear and injure people who don’t go along with the lies. Masses of people are targeted as easy pawns and the chess board is constantly morphing with new rules made up on the fly.

It’s at the point where whatever they say, the opposite is true.

Are you firmly standing on this new ground, where you, if you’re a Christian, are a bad person; if you love your children you’re a domestic terrorist who wants to ban books; if you say “all lives matter” you’re a racist? This isn’t the real world; it’s a made up concoction invented to make you react.

At its simplest, it’s an ungodly and often hysteric gathering of human minds for mass gaslighting (to manipulate someone by psychological means into questioning their own sanity), a world-scale effort dreamt-up by people of wasteable means, to make lying a regular part of life.

I don’t think it’s for your or my benefit.

It is, though, fascinating.

The US has a leader who’s clearly not capable, and so everyone knows the entire system can’t be trusted. It’s as if they put a Pinocchio marionette up, said he’s “the leader,” and we can see the strings but no-one challenges it. The stage is set.

For a face, amidst an increasing exodus of employees, find a cute redhead who lies with a straight face, and never put the puppet on the stage for regular press briefings. When she, too, quits, find another curvy liar and dress her like a little negro Barbie doll. At this point it won’t really matter what she says.

If a representative from the media doesn’t follow the rules, like Peter Doocy from the number one television news program in the country, that little bit of sanity won’t last long, as the news cycle hasn’t even started yet, and many in the industry have drunk the Kool-aid. They don’t touch Hunter Biden or Hillary Clinton’s lies, and most of the effort of writing news these days is editing out things harmful to big news industry donors. It’s corruption come full circle, with more momentum every morning cup of joe.

As we wait for elections, hoping for a turn toward fairness and dose of reality, we can fill what feels like an eternity with learning! Not every statue has been toppled; not every child’s mind raped. We still have the fabric though it’s dirty, torn and missing big pieces. If we’re ever to put it back together we’ll have to unravel the lies, ’cause there are layers of misconceptions, some of which will reveal their unwelcome selves, but others which will hide and survive, obscuring the truth down the line.

A society can not survive without communication, and the incessant ruining of perfectly good cultures and languages by a tiny minority who’s ability to yell loud has the support of the government, will fail to materialize long-term. Today’s tyrannical government is a distracting part of your life, but will be nothing more than a memory in the future. We’ll put a few of the statues back up, accept a few of the new words, and even begin understanding, being compassionate towards and trusting strangers again, though some of us may be doing so with a new vision of mankind’s flawed nature and ability to harm itself.

And with a new respect for the true artists of lying.

Be clear it’s a weak position. Layers of lying, while seeming to patch things up for liars, build up to eventually create a bigger kick in the ass. It’s my firm belief no lies can live among good people, and we’re generally good people. This will all end, within the next two years, and while every lie won’t be brought to justice, America will wake up. Adolph Hitler pulled off historic genocides while maintaining public support by controlling information. If today’s globalists imagine the world will be upended so countries like the US, China and Russia can all happily join the WEF and bow to a new world government, the holes in the plan are easy for a level-headed person to see right away, the biggest being the fact that back then we didn’t have the history of Adolph Hitler to show us how it’s already been tried. Today we do.

There’s no winning argument for a liar, and time is his enemy.

The disintegration is already happening.

For example, a new group has emerged, “Gays against Groomers.” They posted this week: “After being banned by PayPal and Venmo less than 24 hours ago, We have JUST been banned by Google! Big tech is coordinating a massive attack on our organization for trying to protect children. THIS IS INSANE.”

It’s not a big leap to imagine a few weirdos, some even given jobs by the US government, claiming men can have babies while cross-dressing for a day in the office, don’t speak for everyone.

Still, of course, be careful with the truth. If you call out obviously strange behavior, you may be banned … and worse … fact-checked. This new thing, “fact-checkers,” really illustrates the separation of men from boys in this new world. It’s idiocy to imagine there’s a pure, unbiased, honest source of the “real deal” truth, which happened to emerge right in the middle of one of the most argumentative periods in human history. But some people have firmly rested their hats there.

Or should I say their hats, scarves and face masks?

We can’t talk about lies without mentioning the Prince of Perjury, a well-paid doctor whose bedside manner includes unfiltered, common, random lies, and who always mixes politics with medicine. He’s been uncloaked. While the truth lingers in the air, we can start to see the fringe, an enormous fringe, a group of potential soldiers for the truth, people who’ve been lied to back and forth then back again, so much they’re simply “not sure.” Americans today “don’t know” what to think, as a result of the government’s campaign of mass lying. It’s the opposite of leadership.

Anthony Fauci may, in the end, be our friend. His face will never represent good medicine nor real statistics, but history has a fault-free way of creating documentation when people care about an issue. Fauci might be responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths as the face of the corrupt medical industry. When this all falls apart, there will be more than one movie about the so-called doctor and his massive, multilayered failures. Fauci will own every issue caused by careless overconfidence and lies.

We can hope for an indictment. Many are due.

But it’s my view we should be happy when the far-left stops attacking comedians, stops pretending to speak for the downtrodden, most of whom would never identify as such, puts down the mystery needles and allows people to run the country by staging elections that don’t raise big red flags.

Oh, and we’ll be keeping our guns.

Maybe a world of skeptics will be a good thing.


Mark Urso

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