Lockdowns: The American Economic System is Collapsing

America’s economy is balancing on lockdowns and civil unrest, dangerously leaning toward more civil unrest and a world economy run by Russia and China. That’s according to a recent post by economist Martin Armstrong (Armstrong Economics), who runs a predictive technology software system nicknamed “Socrates.”

Researching The Past to Predict The Future

Socrates, whose realm is world economics, not international relations or civil rights, is warning there’s clearly a risk of rising civil unrest and international war. The software is making its prediction, impressively, based on people’s moods. Socrates is a modeling system for economics and capital flows, which (apparently) can be used to determine frustration!

Armstrong’s site says “Ask-Socrates is an innovative, software-as-a-service platform offering unique perspective and tools intended to help individuals and organizations better research and interpret the global economic and political environment.” The platform is said to be “capable of observing every market around the world to track changes in international capital flows and concentration with indicators and analysis not found elsewhere.”

These days, it’s predicting an American economic Armageddon, more frustration in the streets, even war.

In this unique angle on chaos engulfing many countries, Armstrong says lockdowns are causing acceleration of civil unrest and increasing sizes of crowds. He says “The more you turn the economy down, the more frustration people are going to have, for a variety of reasons.”

In his September 9th video “How Was Socrates Able to Predict the Civil Unrest?” Armstrong says “In France they just passed a law, it’s about 150-Euros if you don’t have a mask on just walking down the street. The third time you don’t, that’s six months in prison, for not having a mask, which the CDC says doesn’t work!”

His view is a simple but well thought out look at the future, based on economics, showing the emotional toll of widespread changes like lockdowns. The connections, while maybe feeling loose, are surprisingly perceptive and valid. Armstrong discusses the “great reset” the World Economic Forum (self described as ” the International Organization for Public-Private Cooperation”) is pushing,  and says lockdowns are causing people to be upset, and available to protest. “They’re not going to sit home!”

Gleaning insight from Socrates, which compares models and trends to history: “They can’t create a great reset without also subjugating Russia and China, and that’s just not gonna happen.” which is why he’s suggestion international conflict is imminent.

“This seems to be more of government realizing they’re in trouble that social programs are failing. Everybody has deficits year after year after year and they never have any intention of paying anything back! So, what we’re looking at is the economic system itself is collapsing.”

He calls the great reset an “academic’s utopia,” adding “this is not the way things work, and you’re putting a lot of people out of work, and they’re going to get angry.”

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A sampling of YouTube comments:

“So the West gets a deliberate economic collapse, China and Russia become the new superpowers, the people who destroyed the West become wealthier than ever, and the rest of us starve. This plan does not work for me.”

“Can they investigate Bill Gates, and those deliberately trying to destroy people’s liberty and their economic and well being?”

“Hello from Boston! I appreciate all of your work. Thanks for never giving up.”

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