This One’s For You (or, Thank You For Feeling Good About Yourself!)

This article is just to say thank you for subscribing to my newsletter!

dragonYou are part of a small, elite group who’ve chosen to take the plunge and voluntarily read the words of the future. I promise to provide a high quantity of words and put them into a logical order.

Seriously, though. I really do only have a few subscribers to my newsletter (which, in a short and sweet way, makes you feel good while telling you the latest blogs) and every time a new person signs up it makes me feel good!

So tell your friends, if they want to make someone feel good, they can feel good themselves while doing it (and afterwards for many days), by just signing up!

Now, while I don’t have any free beer to give you (“free beer” is an example of a good combination of words), I do have something for you I think you’ll like! It’s a song I wrote called “Friends!”

Muchos Gracias! See you again soon!

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