Testing the DJI Osmo Pocket Gimbal Camera as a Dash Cam, Westerly, RI

Anybody want to go for a ride?
Got this new camera …
Counting the Padiddles!

Osmo Pocket Gimbal Camera Dash Cam, Westerly, RI

A short road trip to Walmart to pick up some wood pellets.

Come along!

This camera is more than sufficient as a dash cam. It’s a great option, based on how smooth it sits. It even smooths out the turns. When you turn left, it swoops right, then slowly pans!

Video  shot as the sun was going down, with the camera on auto settings, on both local and highway type roads. I’m in a black ’06 Audi TT. Windshield wipes by Invisible Glass. There are no effects or color correction added; video is straight out of the Osmo Pocket.

Recorded 1/23/2020.

Audio is also straight out of the Osmo. The original video of the Sugar Ray show can be found on my channel, Music Video Network, on Youtube, shot with Osmo using the internal mic.


Music by the great Sugar Ray Norcia with Doug James and Tom Ferraro, accompanied by the Ocean Mistics, at a recent gig at the Ocean Mist in South Kingstown, RI

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