Testing: Rode Stereo Videomic X

It’s probably best to listen to the video below with headphones or big speakers to get an idea of the Videomic X’s sound; out of small speakers the mix sounds thin – I did not add any compression to the file – this is a raw video file out of a Canon XA-30 camcorder with a a Rode stereo “Videomic X” via XLR to mini-XLR cables.

Camera audio inputs are set to “auto.” Next test with drums I’ll use the manual setting, which, on this camera still provides some Auto Gain Control but I imagine might sound less severe. In this test you’ll hear the drum beats are not distinguishable, as the drums get squished out by the camera’s “auto” setting very easily in a small space.

Canon XA30 with Rode Videomic X
Canon XA30 with Rode Videomic X

The microphone is sensitive and does just what it’s supposed to do. In a test like this it’s most likely you’re going to learn something needs to be adjusted but the microphone is faultless.

I’ll also move the guitar amps out so the mic can hear them directly. I have high hopes for this portable high-definition video setup!

Conclusion so far for the “Videomic X”:

Good sturdy design, allows for no-battery use, beautiful sound capturing with no undo emphasis on any part of the audio spectrum; audibly perfect.


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