A Sunday Night with Kari Lake

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One-time Governor candidate Kari Lake roused supporters and discussed her election, during a “Save Arizona” rally Sunday night at the Orange Tree Golf Club in Scottsdale.

Wearing a red dress and sans podium, Lake spoke before a full house of several hundred supporters with just a microphone. The evening felt intimate, sometimes awkward, and far from rowdy, though Lake isn’t shy to speak her mind. At times it felt like the former news reporter is over her head, pressing issues that have been fumbled by the best, but willfully and fearlessly like there’s no tomorrow.

I am not backing down, not one damn inch!  We have amazing attorneys. One is an army veteran and one is a former Navy Seal! Those guys have a steel spine and they’re not afraid of anything and they’re patriots, and I thank God for them every day.” Continue reading “A Sunday Night with Kari Lake”

Never Forget (Election Primer for the Nearly Aware) – It’s Time to Take Your Shot!

Midterm Elections 2022

Today’s article is best enjoyed on election day morning with a bowl of uterus-shaped breakfast cereal. This new product is a symbol of unabashed progressive boldness, and will create a perfect setting for election research.

Now I’ve got your attention, let’s talk! The cereal is real; it’s available in Sweden.

Please Participate!

It’s not too late to brush up your election knowledge with this article, intended to put things in perspective. It’s up to you to decide, not Democrat or Republican, but to decide what this election is about, what it’s for!  Is it about stigmas, reparations and unexplainable swells in racism?  Or, an exercise in understanding a cluttered landscape and fixing problems in government via change?

For some of us, this moment couldn’t have felt farther away. Up for grabs is the peace of mind that comes with knowing elections are secure; however I don’t expect we’ll win that victory. We might have to settle for Continue reading “Never Forget (Election Primer for the Nearly Aware) – It’s Time to Take Your Shot!”

Time To Kiss YouTube Goodbye – Censorship is UnAmerican

They haven’t done me any favors.

Communists at YouTube banned me a long time ago from monetizing videos. Since then I’ve gotten as many as 28-million views on a single video, but not a penny from them. Now, after I put up a video of Fauci saying masks don’t work, they decided they’re doctors and gave me a (second) strike.

It was a VIDEO. He really said it. It was a fact. True. Video footage of it.

I believe strongly that censorship is unAmerican and dangerous.

Goodbye YouTube!

While I remove every video I ever posted to YouTube (over 250), and place them here on my site, this is Continue reading “Time To Kiss YouTube Goodbye – Censorship is UnAmerican”

The Most Depressing Movie Ever Made ~ Highlights of Two Years of Stupidity

The Mystery of Joe Biden
The Presidency That Keeps On Failing

I do a lot of research.

I spend a lot of time with my dad, who doesn’t tolerate if I don’t know what’s going on. He’s tough. I’ve got to deal with it.

Don’t get me wrong, I like to know what’s going on, and I don’t mind if my dad insists I do. He’s been in politics, business and law and is a great sounding board and place to learn. But I have to know what’s going on! It’s on one hand a game we play, the two of us … but on the other hand it’s life or death.

This is a game I’m more than willing to discuss with someone who thinks, someone who cares. But it’s odd, and can be insulting for me to run into a random person who claims to “care,” but they obviously don’t know what’s going on. You don’t want to get into it with me, or my dad. Some of my “friends” on Facebook; where do you live, in a hole?

I can’t spoon feed the information Continue reading “The Most Depressing Movie Ever Made ~ Highlights of Two Years of Stupidity”

Rules for Non-Radicals

Rules for Non-Radicals
by Mark Urso

  • To “hate the haters back” is being complicit in someone else’s plan.
  • Climate change is the biggest “fuck science” ever.
  • If you believe there’s a fact checking industry, you deserve one.
  • Facebook and Twitter promote hate.
  • There’s no cure for the common cold or flu, but we all still go to work.
  • Some people just believe the first version of any story.
  • Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the US House, gets drunk at work.
  • The New York Times lies, then admits it, without breaking stride.
  • Andrew Cuomo is a mass murderer.
  • Time magazine exposed election fraud, but it was still somehow more like praising it Continue reading “Rules for Non-Radicals”

Untouchable or Innocent? The Legacy of the Greatest President in US History

The Democratic Lie

Members of the US Congress are lying, looking you in the eye and spending millions of dollars of your money to support their lies.

The following was penned by an anonymous user on Quora.
It’s on point and has a sense of flow, grace and sensibleness.

It was written on the same day Donald Trump was found innocent in an impeachment trial, for the second time, an historic first that reflects a political atmosphere spoiled with bitterness and unfair treatment of the public by a conspiring, complicit mainstream press.

The Question:

Why does Donald Trump seem so untouchable?

The Greatest American President

The answer: Because he hasn’t done anything wrong. I mean, come on. They tried to impeach him for calling on a crowd to proceed “peacefully and patriotically” to “make their voices heard” and “cheer on” legislators who were willing to contest electoral votes. Democrat after Democrat stood on the floor of the Senate in 2016, accused the Trump administration of stealing the election, and demanded that the Senate reject the electoral votes. Trump encouraged Republicans to do the exact same thing, and the Democrats put him on trial for “inciting an insurrection.”? It’s ridiculous.

Did you expect a conviction? Trump’s legal team opened on Friday by showing a video of the Democrat impeachment manager himself demanding that the Senate reject the vote of the electoral college and overturn Continue reading “Untouchable or Innocent? The Legacy of the Greatest President in US History”

Democrats Want a Fight? Okay! (in their own words) With Video!


If you’re looking for some good 2021 hypocrisy, to confirm you’re not crazy, but they are … skip to the middle, where Kommie says “FIGHT” about a million times. Hillary yells FIGHT. Everybody’s in here. What a ride – Great mashup! – it should probably be rated “R” for violence.

Kommie actually says “We will fight the fight!” Madonna and Maxine Waters are equally ugly. Hypocrisy is the great equalizer.

Now they’re criticizing Trump for using the word once Continue reading “Democrats Want a Fight? Okay! (in their own words) With Video!”

The New, Improved New Greene Deal – Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Weapon is Hope

Who to hate? Who to believe?

The Truth

US Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) held a news conference the day after the House voted to remove her from her committee assignments. She defends our military and unravels one lie after another. She’s survived being targeted by the same liberal conspiracy plot she has dedicated herself to uncovering.

“I have a message to other Christians in this country: Don’t be lukewarm. That’s not what your faith is for. Our Savior died on a cross so your sins can be forgiven and He doesn’t want you to be quiet about it. He wants you to share the Gospel, and share it with everyone!” Continue reading “The New, Improved New Greene Deal – Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Weapon is Hope”

Rand Paul vs George Stephanopoulos, The Zombie/Human Cage Match You’ve Been Waiting For, on ABC

From ABC News – Election Fraud is the Topic

Somehow ABC anchor George Stephanopoulos feels compelled to disagree with US Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), despite opposition from the majority of citizens. The number of US citizens who doubt the election was legitimate will inevitably only increase from this point forward, as the Biden administration continues to show its cards, falling on false promises, placing poorly-credentialed people (some real weirdos) in staff positions, flubbing in public and lying.

There are some people, like Biden’s own wife, who may be less invested (or maybe I’m wrong, I know!); some people in peripheral places who’ve been tagging along but aren’t passionate about the current situation … but the more invested people like Stephanopoulos get as time rolls by, the deeper he’ll get into this mud. He’s clearly driving the car. This is not normal journalism. But it is major mainstream media, ABC news, and it’s not pretty.

Paul: “Where you make a mistake … you immediately say everything’s a lie, instead of saying there’s two sides to everything. Historically what would happen is, if I said that I thought there was fraud, you would interview someone else who said there wasn’t; but now you insert yourself into the middle, and say the absolute fact is that everything I’m saying is a lie.” Continue reading “Rand Paul vs George Stephanopoulos, The Zombie/Human Cage Match You’ve Been Waiting For, on ABC”

Propaganda Wins – A Deep Look at The New Swamp Creature

Welcome to the New World Order. It’s scheduled to be made official today. We’re all anxiously awaiting an event most Americans have come to doubt, if not shudder thinking about, if not despise … and it’s today! Justice is still waiting in the wings, and all day millions of American patriots who’ve been stolen from will be wondering if she can come out and play.

Maybe a surprise appearance.

It would have to be a very broad, clean sweep. A total washdown. This swamp is getting deeper Continue reading “Propaganda Wins – A Deep Look at The New Swamp Creature”

The King of News Speaks the Truth, Posting 2017 Inauguration Violence Footage

BLM and Antifa Violence in the Streets

This should kick some memories in.

While you’re watching, be careful if you’re leaning to the left.

This’ll make you fall over.

The whole “King of News” post from YouTube, including “read more” details and video footage, is below. It highlights the energy in 2017, which was freely allowed. Many who were arrested during this event and over the past four years, were protected and released by police. The treatment of the entire group of leftists, violent protesters, antifa and BLM scum has been the polar opposite of the treatment of conservative voters and protesters.

Today’s inauguration prep in Washington DC looks like a dictatorship. All we’d need is unfair treatment of the opposition and secretive behavior by the media.

Welcome to YouTube Mister King, and we wish you a long and fruitful Continue reading “The King of News Speaks the Truth, Posting 2017 Inauguration Violence Footage”

Attempted Coup Details Reveal Bad Actors

The Bad Coup

Remember in Austin Powers, how Doctor Evil pretended to be evil, but he was sort of a pushover? He loved his cat more than he wanted to really take over anything. And he enjoyed being in the limelight!

That happened in Washington, DC, for real!

It was earlier this month at the Capitol! But the violent insurrection went wildly wrong when some behind-the-scenes footage was released on the dangerous information-sharing venue known as “Twitter.” The platform’s irresponsible management has once again dropped the ball, letting this Continue reading “Attempted Coup Details Reveal Bad Actors”

All Hail the Media! God Save the Sheep!

State of the State

The Prince of Darkness has nestled himself into your home.

He canceled Christmas, after setting fire to random public property in all his glory. He announced his arrival with stones, fireworks and baseball bats, forcing his way into homes where he’d never be welcome. He set up a castle, hired help and immediately set sights on the biggest house on the block.

He’s a monster with many arms. The passionate and still mighty arms of his foes wrangle in darkness, each attached Continue reading “All Hail the Media! God Save the Sheep!”