The Most Depressing Movie Ever Made ~ Highlights of Two Years of Stupidity

The Mystery of Joe Biden
The Presidency That Keeps On Failing

I do a lot of research.

I spend a lot of time with my dad, who doesn’t tolerate if I don’t know what’s going on. He’s tough. I’ve got to deal with it.

Don’t get me wrong, I like to know what’s going on, and I don’t mind if my dad insists I do. He’s been in politics, business and law and is a great sounding board and place to learn. But I have to know what’s going on! It’s on one hand a game we play, the two of us … but on the other hand it’s life or death.

This is a game I’m more than willing to discuss with someone who thinks, someone who cares. But it’s odd, and can be insulting for me to run into a random person who claims to “care,” but they obviously don’t know what’s going on. You don’t want to get into it with me, or my dad. Some of my “friends” on Facebook; where do you live, in a hole?

I can’t spoon feed the information Continue reading “The Most Depressing Movie Ever Made ~ Highlights of Two Years of Stupidity”

Climate Change Fact Article

Climate Change is Real

Fourteen billion here.

Thirty six billion there.

1.2 trillion for some other stuff.

I didn’t read the stories; just wanted to grab a few dollar values …

It’s OBVIOUS what they’re going to do with all the money – BILLIONS of dollars given to the EPA and organizations that promise to fight the demon CLIMATE CHANGE, and foreign countries, of course, who are scared as well.

I may be the wrong person to ask; I’m smart sometimes, but other times I’m so dumb, I don’t even know what they’re going to do with the money. Maybe build a really big ladder and go up there and fix stuff. Or a big protective blanket of some kind. Once, again, I’m no expert, but if YOU think about it … I’m sure YOU know – it’s easy, right? The strategy … the solution to CLIMATE CHANGE – I mean, they don’t just give out shitloads of money to people who wear a label that says “climate change bad?” That would be weird.

The Experts Know

So I have to defer to the experts, who know for certain the climate is changing, and AOC, who told everyone the world will end in ten years or so. It’s a very exact science, but since we don’t understand the issues Continue reading “Climate Change Fact Article”

US Navy VS the Jetsons; UFOs are Everywhere! (with video)

Well, Friends, it’s UFO Time!

Time to forget about international terrorism!

Time to stop worrying every day about domestic terrorism!

Let’s just hope the Jetsons are friendly these days!

Look to the Sky and Say Hello!

You’ll never think about Tic Tacs™ the same way!

George and his family have finally arrived!

The bottom line is, we may have extra terrestrials who’ve tricked us by bypassing the terrain altogether. There may be aliens colonizing our planet’s vast oceans. The good news is, we’re finally being shown real information, and it’s been going on for many years, so at least there doesn’t seem to be any reason to worry. For the time being … Continue reading “US Navy VS the Jetsons; UFOs are Everywhere! (with video)”

How to Fight Back in an Unfair, Fiery But Mostly Peaceful Game of Politics

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Cancel Culture

Polls don’t mean anything! Comments are all turned OFF on mainstream media websites. Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube are doing the Dominion cheaters dance …

I feel like I could scream and no-one would hear me! 

Is There a Way to Crack the Shield of Censorship?

What do we really need? What are our goals? Very specifically, would one be something so simple as a true display of the characters in Washington and around the Biden administration? Wouldn’t it be worth having a view portal that was publicly understood and available and widely used and trusted? Could we come to a place where no more explaining would have to be done because people would be able to see what’s actually happening? Hard to believe, but that’s what we’ve lost!

So, if we want to send a message to Washington, we should focus on free speech, and even more specifically, free speech done intentionally, aimed at the guy on the fence. We need targeted, good writing based on valid research. We need an army of authors and creators. And they all should have the same goal, same intention, same target audience, which is the guy on the fence.

There are millions of people “ready” to listen.

There are millions of people who will understand Continue reading “How to Fight Back in an Unfair, Fiery But Mostly Peaceful Game of Politics”

All Hail the Media! God Save the Sheep!

State of the State

The Prince of Darkness has nestled himself into your home.

He canceled Christmas, after setting fire to random public property in all his glory. He announced his arrival with stones, fireworks and baseball bats, forcing his way into homes where he’d never be welcome. He set up a castle, hired help and immediately set sights on the biggest house on the block.

He’s a monster with many arms. The passionate and still mighty arms of his foes wrangle in darkness, each attached Continue reading “All Hail the Media! God Save the Sheep!”

The Free World Supports Donald Trump, While The City That Never Sleeps … Sleeps!

Welcome to 2021 my friends!

You are not alone.

These posts speak for themselves!

As Americans watch a domestic Congressional election and anticipate someone being chosen as US President, the world is also on the edge, and crowds have been gathering to show support for Donald Trump. In many countries he’s considered a savior from an otherwise-inevitable fall to socialism and communism.

Thanks to Nicholas Clamorgan (@Nick_Clamorgan) for his post “The Free World supports @realDonaldTrump!” which is what led us Continue reading “The Free World Supports Donald Trump, While The City That Never Sleeps … Sleeps!”

Witch Loves Warnock – Will Alyssa Milano Ever Get Her Head on Straight?

She really is a witch … and loves warnocks.

Popular actress Alyssa Milano won’t be able to cast a spell on The Post Millennial, after today’s article titled “Alyssa Milano Ditches Me Too Movement to Boost Alleged Abuser Raphael Warnock,” in which the 8-year Charmed star digs a deeper hole with her intolerant shovel of hypocrisy. Milano has been unpopular, especially among supporters of Donald Trump, for outspoken, sometimes senseless announcements of loyalty and virtue.

She tweeted today to Democratic Senate candidate Raphael Warnock, who’s hoping to spoil a Republican Senate majority: “How’s our fundraising goal looking?” Somewhat ironically, Warnock’s pinned post today Continue reading “Witch Loves Warnock – Will Alyssa Milano Ever Get Her Head on Straight?”

YouTube Restores Nurse Passing Out Video

Youtube is bucking the trend of complete unreasonableness when it comes to hushing free speech in the US. The popular web hosting service flagged a video this past week of a nurse passing out after taking the COVID vaccine, but about one day later, the video is back, after I appealed it.

YouTube Logo

Censorship in America Has Momentum

While Twitter and Facebook have much less effective process, YouTube seems to have actually reviewed my appeal. The appeal only allows me to write a couple sentences. As I remember, I told them this didn’t violate their opposition to videos that are critical of vaccines (which they admit Continue reading “YouTube Restores Nurse Passing Out Video”

I’m Worried About Terry! (Gun Control in America and The Right To Defend Yourself)

Gun Control In America and
How To Aim Too Far Left

I’m worried about Terry. I don’t know her, but I’ve heard about her, and I may have even played a role in what I think could become a problem for her! She doesn’t know about it, which is good. For now.

Proud to be Crazy

What happened was, Terry (born Thresa Meza, 71 y-o) is a Texas Democratic State Rep. … Say that three times fast … “Thresa Meza, Thresa Meza, Thresa Meza” … maybe that’s one of her problems. In any case, she does seem to have a problem on her hands. She’s concerned about burglars.

Terry (don’t make fun of her name anymore!) is an outstanding American. She’s concerned about burglars, not at her own home, but at YOUR home. She’s SO thoughtful, she’s not even concerned about YOU, in the event of a burglary, but she just wants to make sure the burglars are not hurt.

So she’s super nice, and virtuous.

Thresa Meza
Lezza biana thesbiana
You are my champiana …
Thraisey you hazy lazy daisy … Continue reading “I’m Worried About Terry! (Gun Control in America and The Right To Defend Yourself)”

The Vision of Division

just words

The fabric of society is being unwoven by technology and lockdowns.

We already had smartphones to keep us from getting together with our friends; now we have lockdowns, too, and it could get worse. The impact on society is significant, and change is foreboding.

What’s real? What’s “normal?” Shall we be casual about it? I believe there are two ways of feeling out the world, and it’s always done through face-to-face contact. Some people are casual, others are skeptical. From the eyes of a young person, say a 20-something, the world is a place where smartphones always existed. That’s an extreme angle, but sociologically, the process of growing up for someone today is vastly different than when I was in my 20s, when we couldn’t get a paper airplane to fly right! Continue reading “The Vision of Division”

List of 24 Weird Things (or, What Did You Do on Your Saturday Night?)

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List of 24 Weird Things

These things are weird. They’re all related to historic preparedness, mostly via Obama and Missus Clinton, to change the world, along with a big swell of “the desire to appear good.” The liberal tide of spreading hate began taking a visible form many years-ago, though the visible parts were difficult, if not impossible, to connect to any nefarious purpose, and were always cloaked as “doing good.” These things are all generally Continue reading “List of 24 Weird Things (or, What Did You Do on Your Saturday Night?)”