Stories Banned From Twitter Hot List

Stories Banned by Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Biden

I don’t endorse or dismiss these stories. I may not have read all of them. I will list them here, though, because it is unamerican for Twitter to censor them. It actually only makes people want to read them more.

And it’s not just that the stories are censored; by being hidden the perpetrators can, if they choose, pick and choose what Americans are able to see. That’s communism and I won’t play.

I’ll attempt to draw attention to this dynamic and ALL censored stories I run across. Feel free to add links in the comments on this page, and I will periodically share this page on Twitter. Until they censor me.

Whatever they ban, becomes of interest.

Once again, I’m not saying anything in these stories is true. That’s exactly NOT the point. I’m not an anti-vaxxer. I think the Pfizer vaccine is more untested than the rest, and all are untested and use unusual methods. This is not an endorsement or news editorial. It is a statement that Americans should continue to be able to read what’s published and make up their own minds about how they feel.

Twitter is crucifying free speech.

The two main issues the government and narcissists who control big media feel compelled to control are voter fraud and vaccines. The protagonists are Biden’s fake-administration, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. This dynamic works in tandem with legacy media like the New York Times picking and choosing what they cover, and spinning stories to intentionally corrupt public perception, like weaving a quilt each day over and over again, to deceive, and then cover up deception.

Entire websites are “cited” by Twitter thusly:

As of today, this site (, which you’re reading, has not been targeted. It’s not much of a boost, but conceptually feels like the right thing to do, to at least try to call attention to these unconstitutional events.

The links below are not vetted; they are simply free speaking opinions. You should expect to find broken facts and incorrect conclusions, although I guarantee while you’re at it you’ll meet people and hear things you’d never be allowed to. You’d never even be shown these stories. There is no benefit to America now, and never will be, to have fact checkers do our thinking for us. But more important, no-one would censor anything if they weren’t trying to cover something up.

America is being destroyed.

The List
Stories and People Banned

All information from US President Donald Trump

20+ countries suspend use of AstraZeneca vaccine, but regulators insist ‘benefits outweigh risks’

American taxpayer money funneled to Wuhan to build coronavirus bioweapon

Renaming the flu? UK health authorities find not a single case of influenza so far in 2021

Biden lies about coronavirus fatalities, claims his administration did more to combat the pandemic than Trump’s

REPORT: Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine killed 40 times more old people than the virus itself would have

The Free Thought Project

The Anti-Media

Press for Truth

Remember When Biden Admin Members Criticized Trump For Bombing Syria? (FB ban)

Project Veritas

Veritas Journalist Asks USPS Postmaster Rob Weisenbach About Alleged Ballot Back-Dating Scheme in Erie, Pennsylvania

Jim Hoft (@gatewaypundit) from the Gateway Pundit

Mike Lindell (@realMikeLindell), CEO of My Pillow

Michael Flynn (@GenFlynn), Retired US Army lieutenant general and former National Security Advisor under Donald Trump

Guy Verhoftwat, Babylon Bee Political satire account

Jarvis DuPont, Babylon Bee Political satire account

Journalist Excellence Worldwide (@journalistew), Babylon Bee Political satire account

Liberal Larry (@larrydaliberal), Babylon Bee Political satire account

Sir Lefty Farr-Wright (@supportourlefty), Babylon Bee Political satire account

Tolerance Police (@diversitypatrol), Babylon Bee Political satire account

Stop The Steal, a 350-member Facebook group

At least 18,300 Facebook profiles and 27,300 accounts on Facebook-owned Instagram for violating its policies against QAnon.

More than 70,000 Twitter accounts for promoting QAnon

Parler, a social media platform popular with conservatives banned from the Google Play Store

Youtube has banned Steve Bannon’s War Room channel for saying election fraud exists

Shopify removes Trump campaign and Trump Organization sites

Facebook removes Trump’s video addressing supporters storming Capitol building

Australian Navy caught in massive coronavirus vaccine side effects COVER-UP as sailors collapse into “critical condition” following vax jabs

Breaking: Aussie Navy in COVID Jab Cover Up After Mass Adverse Reactions?

British government now reports 524 deaths following COVID vaccination

Reports of deaths after COVID vaccines up by 259 in 1 week, CDC data show

YouTube suspends conservative network after streaming Trump’s CPAC speech

Facebook deletes another LifeSite post as part of its ongoing vaccine censorship

The list will continue to grow and be shared as it evolves and as I run into more of this muddy sinful shortsighted unconstitutional and childish behavior. I also strongly recommend buying real books, paper ones, which are actively being removed from libraries across the US. Maybe start with the obvious, the most dangerous books like Dr. Seuss’s “Cat in the Hat.” You can always use the hardcover to hit illegal aliens over the head when they move in to your house.


Mark Urso

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