From Invisible to OnStage (“I’m Invisible!” Music Video!)

How do you spell … Mademoiselle?

There are lots of ways to be invisible!

My cat, Penelope (wherever she is …), is invisible whenever I can’t see her! And she’s well aware of it! I’ve learned in business you can be invisible even when you try to call attention to yourself! Being invisible sometimes has nothing at all to do with the invisible one!

This is a new song, “I’m Invisible.” It’s a fast thing, a little different than my regular country-cursed fare. Though I only have my guitar for you today, my vision is for this one to have a full band.

In a recent article, I told you I couldn’t teach you how to write a song because everyone does it differently. “I’m Invisible!” is the song lyric I used for the example in that article.


This is a vision of “Invisible,” a demo, so you can get a good feel for it and the folks I collaborate with can hear it. While the complete vision is more of a club dancer (in my mind), as part of showing you the process of idea-to-stage, at some point you’ve got to record the thing to show other musicians and hear it yourself. This is this song’s first life!

The demo will help others learn the song, of course, but it’ll also help me learn it! Listening to this recording I’ll memorize it much more easily.

If you use demos this way, don’t worry if it’s perfect; you might change it after you record it, but just lay it down anyway. Singing along to yourself in the car is a great way to tweak the song, and even though you might end up with something a little different after you tweak it, the recording will still reinforce the “new” version, as your brain makes the “corrections” as you sing along.

It’s a great way to get a song to the next level. Every time you sing along to the un-tweaked song, your mind will make the corrections and you’ll never forget them! You end up with the best version in your head, ready to go! That’s despite the fact you listened to the pre-tweaked version over and over! It doesn’t matter – give it a try!


"Invisible cat picture"
“Invisible cat pictures” is a thing!

I’m happy with this so far … the best thing about this song is its hook! I was going for repetition and catchiness! If this song gets stuck in your head, please notify me immediately (or notify Katy, Adam or Ariana)! As always, if you’re an artist and like my music, I’m happy to talk with you! Contact me!

If you are a talking cat, please be very quiet and listen, okay? This is a song you’ll appreciate … wherever you are!

The lyrics are visible HERE.


The guitar in the video is a Seagull Maritime Burnt Umber, which I purchased in Mystic, CT at a great small shop. Randy, the owner, is knowledgeable and knows what you’re looking for! Somehow he pointed me right to this guitar. Granted, I walked in asking him to show me mahagony acoustic guitars, but not only did he have one, it sold itself in about five minutes. I had never owned this brand, though I played one in Carlos Diaz’s “GT Music World” store in Westerly, RI many years ago. These days the Canadian company Seagull is making very impressive instruments. Get your paws on one!


So stop by Alpha Audio Works in Mystic if you want to find the instrument that belongs in your hands! Both Randy and Jim who work there are super-schooled and the prices are great too! This Maritime has a “blemish.” It’s an invisible blemish it’s so insignificant, but I got a nice discount because of it! Invisibleness is a great thing!

I also purchased my black Hagstrom HL550 at Alpha. They have a great selection! Here’s me with the Hagstrom!

Do me a favor; when you visit Alpha, ask if you can look at the air guitars! That way they’ll know I sent you! Oh, and one more thing … a request from my cat; please DON’T tell your dog about the invisible fence! Wink wink!

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