Social Media Addiction is Real!

How do top students overcome social media addiction?
Mark Urso, Author of “A Candle Lit” (from Quora) …

They can take classes in programming social media applications!

Then they could become dealers, abandoning their morals and pushing social media applications on others, especially good-looking girls, to try to get them hooked, and turn them into pushers as well. If they can’t afford the classes, they should look into stealing money from strangers. Once they’re social media lord kingpins, they should learn Spanish, and go to some of the seedier parts of Mexico to pick up new social media applications and bring them across the border illegally. This can be extremely profitable.

Because of their high intelligence and ability to do homework, top students who get good grades have a clear advantage, as if they were born to do social media, and sell it to others. But still, this lifestyle isn’t for everybody. Your top student will probably meet a lot of other social media pushers, and eventually he’ll probably start carrying a gun to protect himself. Some of the other pushers can be very untrustworthy.

A lot of people wouldn’t be able to live, morally, with the thought that they’re getting other people addicted to social media, who’s lives could be ruined. Then again, some justify the scenario because they’re selling their wares for pennies, usually 99-cents, and most of the addicts out there think they can quit anytime.

It’s a dangerous occupation, because of the millions of addicts, each cyber-connected to the dealer’s central cash exchange system, where the money pours in, to the tune of millions a day. Some top students choose to get into the banking business, or other peripheral industries, but are still deeply involved with the the immoral pushing of social media, and they can become very wealthy too!

There are, of course, moral issues, but the business can be very lucrative, even though it’s extremely competitive. After all, pushers of social media are aware they’re taking people’s children, molding them into anti-social, depressed, needy burdens on society, contributing to overpopulations at mental health facilities, stressing the medical health insurance system, and usually leading to an empty life filled with trouble.

But for those with less of a moral compass, it’s like feeding candy to a baby!

It’s strange but true, social media addiction can be compared to pushing heroin, that is, if the heroin only cost 99-cents, you could buy it with PayPal, and it didn’t hurt anybody. Most social media addicts will try and gather their friends and get them to join, regardless of the health implications. They even create clubs, and boldly meet in public.

I’ve read case studies in detail, and have many friends who’ve struggled with addictions. The similarities are endless between social media and illegal drugs. But rest assured, your top student will navigate the law, and probably never get physically ill.

He’ll probably just enjoy the side effects, like fancy expensive sports cars and swimming pools. And all those people he got addicted, well that’s a different kind of addiction. You see they’re only sort of addicted. It’s not real. If they were really addicted, they wouldn’t be able to stop. But since it’s only social media addiction, they can stop whenever they want!

They could drop their phone in the bathtub, and probably breathe a sense of relief at first, the kind of feeling you get when someone slaps you hard in the face because you were behaving in an obsessed way. Then they could go about their lives, thinking they’re struggling with something, but never needing to know what real addiction is, or what it would be like had they really been addicted. It’s all in their imagination.

But that can be a very scary place, too!

In reality, social media addiction is about delivery of information over the Internet, having virtual friends, having virtual conversations, and playing games with other people. That’s not exactly an addiction. It could be a lot of fun, and take a lot of time, and some might even steal money from their mom!

But when they try to stop, they won’t be able to put a scary enough grimace on their face, they won’t be able to drum up a true, sincere, authentic upset stomach, balance and judgment problems, long lists of problems due to them shirking their responsibilities, even citations from law enforcement, for the addiction to qualify as an actual addiction.

They’ll probably have more friends, not fewer, as they would if they had been addicted to something. And after a couple days, they’ll simply breathe the air, look for new opportunities, and maybe get a new phone, but they won’t have experienced any withdrawal symptoms. I hope they never find out what addiction really is like.

But maybe I can go swimming in their pool!

That, my friend, is the reality of social media addiction!

It’s the easiest addiction to overcome, mostly because it doesn’t exist!

Original question: How do top students overcome social media addiction?

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