Should I end a 2 year relationship before or after we eat tacos?

I strongly believe you should have the tacos first. And please understand, you’re not the only one who’s had this problem, wondering if they should have their delicious tacos before breaking off their two-year relationship.

Tacos are the perfect meal, in fact, because they’re lightweight and their ingredients are brightly colored, so they can easily be found scattered around on the floor, and the taco can be put back together later.

But be assured, it’s perfectly normal for you to be wondering whether you should have tacos before or after the breakup. Some people won’t have tacos, because their mate really enjoys tacos, and they feel they don’t want to give him such satisfaction, however this could work to your advantage, as he may secretly decide to date the tacos, which gets you off the hook. Look carefully in his eyes while he takes his first bite.

Some other great meals to have before breaking off your two-year relationship include angel hair pasta, pancakes and waffles, and chicken fried steak. It really just depends on how hungry you are, and how dirty you want to get your hands. Take my advice and avoid hot soups, crab and lobster, and sticky foods, especially desserts. You can have your dessert after the breakup.

Hope this helps! Good luck!

Original question: Should I end a 2 year relationship before or after we eat tacos?

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