Share The Moon – Episode 2: Esteban Escobar – Chapter 3: The Scarf Gift

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… continuing the novel “Share The Moon, Episode 2, Esteban Escobar” … here’s chapter THREE, below!

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Ch. 3 – The Scarf Gift

Esteban was confident he could easily defeat the mouse. So much, that his hands appeared, well- but classically-lit, with Shakespeare-like long fluffy Renaissance sleeves, writing about it on a little pad. Even the scarf looked Victorian, the one he, in this quickly-moving dream, dreamer flying through the air, gently laid in a thoughtful gift box, destined to post to his friend the mouse, along with the note.

The note was refreshingly threatening, in contrast to the sophistication of the scene, which Esteban found unsettling. But gazing back at his dream-hands, right now it was like his inner cat was to be let off its lead!

The angry dreamer wrote: “Mouse, you are no threat to me during this lifetime, but if you keep annoying me I will burn you, and with an excess of zeal! You are a terrorist! I will put an end to your celebrating!”

He signed it “The one who lives.”

This wouldn’t be the only vow Esteban would make today, unconscious or otherwise. Being suspicious, superstitious, and maybe a little psychotic, Esteban sat tight when awoken upon landing, and during the whole London layover; for an hour he sat on the plane while it refueled, entertaining a stubborn fear he might see something, even just a mouse, or something Elizabethan, in the airport concourse that could throw him off his game. It was a cold, calculated move, but it appeared as if he was just sitting, alone, painfully waiting for time to pass. He felt a great relief when the plane throttled back into the sky, leaving London and its cheese shops behind.

This mouse … wasn’t going to get the best of him!

Esteban stayed awake for the final leg, and finally they touched down in New York. The drug warlord proceeded to a small shop in the airport, where he … as you probably guessed … bought a small note pad and a distinctly frilly scarf. And although he seemed to dialogue confidently with the cashier, he probably didn’t know, just like us, what address he would be putting on the package. In the end, this bittersweet man would get his gift off by U.S. post with the address simply saying “Mouse, The Terrorist.”

And oh, yes, it was definitely a scarf in the box – nothing that could get him in trouble, he thought, if the package were intercepted by nosey authorities.

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