Scream And Shout (a poem)

A poem about Facebook, one of my favorite topics!

Scream And Shout

I’m gonna tell you all about
A Facebook thing we’re doin’- You’re gonna scream and shout!
It’s gonna be a lot of fun
With music art and information!

Repost me all the way to President Trump
Add a little bait to give it some thump
Maybe a video of kittens with cute little rumps
It’s time now my friends to clean up this dump!

Everybody we got to make some noise
Post your artwork to counter this tedious poise
We’re all gonna die of something someday after all
Time to join in my chorus and help sing my song!

You know I got this friend don’t want to mention any names
Then another who’s upset about the ozone layer
I don’ wanna impeach ‘em – they’re just really scared
‘Cause Facebook has turned into a veil over our ears

Let’s turn it our way, turn it into a good thing
Let’s show ‘em we want to see artwork and sing
Someone said “time to act” and that time is now
Time to turn Facebook into Picasso!

It’s all in good fun isn’t it after all
I didn’t sign up for a bathroom wall
This is my place too so get out of my way
We’re comin’ for you if you’re sayin’ doomsday!

Can’t believe Dylan won a Nobel Prize
I hear the bookstore downtown is alive!
And the only apology I’ll be makin’ to you
Is you’ll see more kittens than you’ll know what to do …


pic of a cat


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