Putin Kicks LGBTQ Butt

What’s a good thinking world citizen to conclude, when a recent FTX funds scandal points to money laundering through Ukraine to benefit US politicians, at a time when Americans are wondering why we’re sending billions of dollars to Ukraine; why we’re involved at all?

You’re about to see how a good narrative … falls apart!

If it’s a fake narrative. I suspect this one is the kind strewn together on-the-fly. The whole war, but particularly the picture drawn for us, the impression made for our benefit. Vladimir Putin is evil. Why? I’m not sure. Trump got along with him well enough it seemed things were under control. But now he’s the bad guy, as if everyone already knew it, and why? Why is because so say the same people, the same government, who during my entire lifetime of 60-years taught us to vehemently believe communism was evil.

It does seem to already be falling apart.

Our whole lifetimes communism is bad. But not anymore, ’cause Kamala and some bartendress say so. But Vladimir Putin fits into the story a different way. He used to be a square peg, now he’s round. You put him in the bad guy category, ignoring that the only reason he’s bad, according to any narrative, is because he’s a communist.

It’s tiresome! Let’s get to the meat of things.

At 3PM eastern time, Nov. 24, ’22, Reuters reported “Russian parliament passes law banning ‘LGBT propaganda’.”

“Under the new law, which still needs the approval of the upper house of parliament and President Vladimir Putin, any action or information that is considered an attempt to promote homosexuality – whether in public, online, or in films, books or advertising – could incur a heavy fine. Previously, the law had outlawed only promotion of LGBT lifestyles aimed at children. The new bill also bans the “demonstration” of LGBT behaviour to children.”

The Christian punch line: “Lawmakers say they are defending traditional values of the ‘Russian world’ against a liberal West they say is determined to destroy them.”  The story gets very USA-specific. The site “Insider Paper” reports “the speaker of the Duma, Vyacheslav Volodin, said the bill ‘will protect our children and the future of our country from the darkness spread by the US and European states.'”

Makes one’s heart go pitter pat. Imagine, Christian values, and someone with an army to defend them.

So I’m back to square one … where I started … What’s a good thinking world citizen to conclude?

Then I hit up the comments on Twitter; I was suddenly a kid in a candy store. My values were no longer lonely.

“Well done!” “Brilliant!” “God Bless Russia!”

The forum really came alive, with voices that seemed, though as if calling out by the thousands from deep within a dark forest of confusion, still confident and oddly proud. Pride we’ve been missing from the American voice; from the world’s voice!

Somehow, amidst endless conservative affirmative thread posts, one after another, there seemed to be no opposition.

What is the truth? How many people value LGBTQ and what it represents as depicted by the former incarnation of Twitter and the media? Is it simply that Putin has courage? He isn’t afraid of Oprah?

The only real grip we have on the reality of the situation comes not from mainstream media nor government, but from a few rogue celebrities who support conservative principles … and foreign countries who are observing us.

American citizens, even gays, have no good way to judge if there even is a big gay rights movement going on, or if the Internet has simply allowed us to be told there is. Twitter hosts nearly every viewpoint these days, and only recently has a group called Gays Against Groomers arisen and become well known. I believe most gays are embarrassed at extreme shows of false pride by mentally compromised people who get boosted by algorithms.

We all know the real players; your friends and associates; everyone around you. That’s the fishbowl, and for most people the TV news is the scariest part of their day, not reality. Something was askew, and with Musk whittling away at carving some principles for Twitter, a glance at the thread that started on Thanksgiving, 2022, I think represents a reality that will demonstrate the false narrative is eager to be cracked and spoilt, spilled onto the ground and swept away like a slippery blue bird’s egg.

Our vision has been skewed and we couldn’t prevent it.

But now we can begin to see.

And the bird can fly.


Mark Urso

Mark Urso is a former hippie who sees ideology today is divided not by political party or leaning, but by right versus wrong, and modern progressive-types have ruined hippie. A 1984 graduate of Boston College, Urso wrote local news daily for 25-years, contributing stories regularly to AP, and hosted a live one-hour radio show with daily guests ranging from the annual cat show organizer to senators and celebrities. He can be found at Quora (3.7m views) and markurso.com.

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