Proof That Nothing Is Good For Your Health

We’ve gone black! And we’re not going back!

This is it! The new color scheme!

lamborghiniAnd not only is it cool, and features a lack of complicated, emotionally-draining, computer-intensive color, it’s good for you!

Amidst the many worthless wannabe blog websites out there that are mostly white with little, tiny black letters, this blog is all black, much easier on the eyes! It’s sure to become a hugely-successful blog, too, so after some time, when I’m pulling in enough dough to buy a Lamborghini my eyes will still work so I’ll be able to drive it!

This website is actually GOOD FOR your EYES. Keep looking at it daily for the next couple years. When you get older and can’t see any more, you’ll know it wasn’t me!

And I, already being older … can see it! What a great blog!

Not yet available on mobile devices. I don’t know why, but probably because black and white is SO cutting edge!

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