“Pimple Free Pop” Funtime, Ep. 1, Lavigne, My Happy Ending (Music Video)

Not to brag, but a lot of people like the way I perform in the bedroom. Often with my eyes literally closed, and often all by myself, as you can witness in the accompanying video.

I’ll admit, I’m a little older, and I know what I’m doing.

And I’m pretty proud of that.

Pop Music Funtime continues!

Come on in!

This week: Avril Lavigne’s “My Happy Ending”

Seagull Maritime Burnt Umber guitar,
Canon XA-30 camcorder,`
Rode stereo Videomic X
“Auto” setting on camera handle

Welcome to Wonderland!


Let’s play “Find The Chicken” with our friend Avril Lavigne!

I wasn’t going to put this out but changed my mind but I’m not going to edit it at all. Just a little ditty. Technically, this needs compression, it just begs for a little “Rough Rider” in the Reaper FX machine, a little punchiness, smoothing and size. But I can’t because my computer is being a bitch. So instead I decided to write an article on Apple computers.
It will be titled “MacIntosh is No Gala.”

Stay tuned!


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