People Are Dying From Vaccinations

Unpacking Reality

People are dying from vaccinations.

Some are just getting injured but they survive.

And now, people are testifying about it, and the grey area is disappearing.

If you doubt vaccine misinformation being broadcast by the Biden administration, you are not alone. With every report of healthy soccer stars dying and people dropping dead right after getting jabbed, the collective conscience of reality grows larger, while the sphere of influence of the wrong-minded grows smaller.

If you haven’t exercised your brain, and I mean really taken it out for a good, long jog, in awhile, this article is for you! Thanks for joining me!

People Are Talking

People have lots to say about the current vaccinations and booster for COVID being forced on Americans and people around the world. A nurse on Twitter experienced heart problems with the vaccine, and asked others if she should get another jab. The answers went on for days (and are posted below). They are 100 percent against the government’s make-believe narrative. The comments outline real life factual information that shows the vaccines are dangerous, and if they don’t cause health issues right away (or kill you), they don’t actually do what they’re supposed to do as vaccines anyway.

The sheer quantity of comments in the Twitter thread below, with so many describing various bad vaccine outcomes, is foreboding.

The Media is Dancing

The media teases but doesn’t help. This article, titled “Betty White’s cause of death revealed, agent denies she got booster days before,” quotes a close friend of White’s, who simply avoids the question of if she got a booster two days before she died, but also refuses to deny she did. It’s important to note the headline is wrong (the article does NOT support the headline), which I’ll show you.

Why? The question rings!

Think about what he’s saying in the quotes below, and ask yourself why? Why does this person, White’s agent, feel it’s his obligation to pretend to understand medicine? If you look carefully, he never denies she got a booster shot three days earlier. He does not. He simply says “it’s not related.”

I find that disturbingly strange. Why the dancing around?

“Betty died peacefully in her sleep at her home,” the agent, Jeff Witjas, who was also White’s close friend, said in a statement to People.

Witjas also shot down a debunked report that claimed White had just gotten a COVID-19 booster shot on Dec. 28.

“People are saying her death was related to getting a booster shot three days earlier, but that is not true. She died of natural causes,” he told the magazine. “Her death should not be politicized — that is not the life she lived.”

He does not say she didn’t get the shot. That’s strange, because that was the question! All he did was very carefully manipulate language.

You’re not a doctor! Why not let us draw our own conclusion if we want? All we want to know is did she get the shot? All you did was deny it was related!

What’s going on? Why can’t normal information make normal sense? You’ve taken it upon yourself, agent person, to shield Betty White from the public, in a scenario where she could never possibly be considered complicit, which, frankly, makes you complicit, based not on your needing to be involved, but just on your not wanting to raise the ire of those in charge.

It’s mind-bendingly stupid, nonhuman and frankly, dangerous.

What’s Going On?

Why is the question!
I can’t get it out of my head, and you shouldn’t either!

Malone is Key in the Long Game

It’s the damn government! And it’s happening worldwide!

I’d love for an expert to just make sense.

Maybe here’s one!

This appears, day by day, more and more, like a population diminishing effort on the part of the government, when superpowers at Twitter this week banned Dr. Robert Malone, a famous vaccinologist, (self-described on LinkedIn as “inventor of the core mRNA vaccine technologies”) for telling the truth. The Atlantic wasted no time publishing a strange article to defend the lie …

See Twitter for the latest breaking hypocrisy related news!

Author Tom Bartlett, who’s described as a “writer in Texas” by the publication, but not as an expert in medicine, claimed right out of the box the entire interview in question was “premised on misinformation.” How does one get past that? That’s not fair play! Credentials, Tom! He’s the one with the credentials! Not you! The media is assuming we believe them, and that’s key to the unraveling you’ll see of the smoke and mirrors game.

And why is the media taking sides, anyway?

I’m an expert; I say something;  you’re the media; you don’t want anyone to hear what I have to say; you say “the whole thing was premised on misinformation!” It’s downright stupid! Tom, take a break! Take off your mask and take a breath of fresh air.

Do we have only Fauci? He’s the only one, I suppose Bartlett would have us believe, who can talk? The only one to be believed, despite that he makes no sense when he does talk? I posted two videos of Fauci on Youtube this past week where he says masks are not needed (at all!), but YouTube deleted my videos. Fauci literally conflicted with his own advice. Information that conflicts with Fauci is not allowed on YouTube. It’s true! At least they’re consistent!

But they are losing this game. Their own game. If it looks and feels stupid, we should expect that to become more and more common.

I proceeded to cancel my relationship with YouTube, as you will see when you browse this blog. I’m in the process of taking down 250 videos which have gotten over 30-million views.

More and more, day by day, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook are alone in their contention that there’s only one opinion.

It could not be fishier.

Vaccine Hesitancy is a Thing

Be prepared for a VERY long thread, below! I don’t actually expect everyone to read the whole thing, but scanning through it will give  you a good idea of how many people are worried and hesitant about the vaccines. This is a very long part of the jog! Stay with me!

From Twitter, January 3, 2022:

A Very Long Thread from Twitter

At least those comments will live in perpetuity.

Score Update: Zero

In the end, we are nowhere. We have made zero progress, though now we know the truth. If we say the truth, though, we risk being banned and censored. It’s alarming and dangerous.

Bruce Y. Lee penned one of the poorest-written articles you’ll ever read (about Malone, the vaccinologist) for Forbes; it’s not his fault; he’s stuck in the narrative, and so if you point out the narrative to him, he responds like a brainless robot.

Here’s an outtake of Lee’s article. Keep in mind Malone’s credited with literally inventing MRNA vaccines, and that’s not disputed.

Malone continued with “When you have a society that has become decoupled from each other and has free-floating anxiety in a sense that things don’t make sense, we can’t understand it, and then their attention gets focused by a leader or series of events on one small point just like hypnosis, they literally become hypnotized and can be led anywhere.”

This is what Lee wrote next:

Hmm, by “can be lead anywhere,” did Malone mean like believing conspiracy theories like those about Covid-19 and Covid-19 vaccines?

The article delves into doubt but makes not a single statement.

Really bizarre writing.

If a journalist, for some reason, challenges an expert, shall I ask “why?” I’ll spare you and won’t suggest you try to make sense of the article snippet from “Dr.” Lee above. It really hurts my brain. Lee is like a wounded dog snipping at someone for no reason. It’s literally an act, pretending he has a bunch of people who listen to him without even thinking about it because he’s so smart. All he is doing is not listening to the point the expert is making.

The media is painfully trying to decouple itself from reality. Unfortunately, real doctors like Lee, along with our Vice President and members of Congress like AOC, have already been fully indoctrinated into lying by the same universities we have trusted to teach our children (our whole lifetimes). This, now, today, friends, is the culmination of purposefully distorted teaching by Marxist wannabees on college campuses.

Keep up the faith, stay away from the colleges, and read the whole story. I’ll try to help. Feel free to comment!

In Conclusion

There’s the update on unpacking reality. It’s not a pretty picture!

In my opinion, eventually someone will be going to jail.

I don’t think it will be me!

If your shameless mode of operation is to go with the crowd, it’s turning! Come along!


Mark Urso

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